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Incident atterrissage A330 Cathay Pacific à HK


Whisky Quebec

Re: Incident atterrissage A330 Cathay Pacific à HK

Message par Vector le Jeu 15 Avr 2010 - 14:25

Bonjour à tous,
4-500 m de rab, c'est pas énorme sur une piste de 3800 m.

Whisky Charlie

Re: Incident atterrissage A330 Cathay Pacific à HK

Message par Beochien le Jeu 15 Avr 2010 - 14:35

Ben, plus de 160 tonnes à plus de 400 km/h faut ce qu'il faut ! affraid

Et plaquer l'avion à cette vitesse, n'a pas du être une mince affaire ! zen
Passer la reverse sur un moteur à 70% sans passer par idle non plus ! study

Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Re: Incident atterrissage A330 Cathay Pacific à HK

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Mar 27 Avr 2010 - 13:41

Bonjour à tous

Une première conséquence

Cathay Pacific has stopped refuelling its aircraft in Surabaya, pending an investigation into why both engines on one of its Airbus A330-300s experienced problems while en route from the Indonesian city.

The aircraft carried out a high-speed landing at Hong Kong on 13 April, with flight-data analysis showing the right-hand Rolls-Royce Trent 700 powerplant had been at idle thrust during the entire approach while thrust on the left-hand engine had "frozen" at 70% of maximum.

This higher thrust setting on the left-hand engine resulted in a landing at 230kt (425km/h), with an incorrect flap configuration. The high-speed landing led six of the aircraft's tyres to deflate and, after receiving indications of flames from the heated landing gear, the crew ordered an evacuation of the aircraft via the slides.

Cathay says aircraft on its Surabaya-Hong Kong flights will refuel in Jakarta while investigations continue. "Our decision doesn't mean that any conclusion on this aspect of the investigation has been reached, only that Cathay Pacific feels that it is a prudent measure that needs to be implemented in the interests of its passengers and crew," says the airline.

Hong Kong's Civil Aviation Department has said that its investigation would look into areas such as the aircraft's systems, the possibility of human error, weather conditions and the quality of fuel, according to Hong Kong news reports. It has sent fuel samples from the aircraft for testing and is analysing the flight data recorders.

R-R declines to comment on the precise circumstances of incident, saying only that it is "working closely with our customer and the relevant authorities to assist them with the investigation".

Ca ne préjuge en rien du résultat de l'enquête, mais plus de fioul à Surabaya
Uniquement à Jakarta...
Whisky Charlie

Re: Incident atterrissage A330 Cathay Pacific à HK

Message par Beochien le Mar 27 Avr 2010 - 14:04

Oui !
Depuis le 1° jour de l'accident ils ont (Cathay) suspendu les refueling à Surabaya !
Probable qu'ils ne sont pas trop clairs les Indonésiens !
Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Re: Incident atterrissage A330 Cathay Pacific à HK

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Jeu 6 Mai 2010 - 13:08

Bonjour à tous

Quelques nouvelles

The Cathay Pacific Airways Airbus A330-300 involved in a high-speed landing at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) on 13 April had issued a Mayday signal while preparing for landing.

The aircraft's centralised monitoring system had reported problems with the A330's twin Rolls-Royce Trent 700 engines at least five times throughout the flight, says a preliminary report issued today by Hong Kong's Civil Aviation Department.

Despite this, authorities say there was no engine or fuel system-related problem reported in the maintenance log of the aircraft, registration B-HLL, before it left Surabaya for Hong Kong at 01:24 GMT in an uneventful departure.

While the aircraft was climbing, the flight crew noticed minor engine pressure ratio fluctuations on engine no. 2. The other engine also had similar fluctuations "but within a narrower range", says the report.

At 01:58 GMT, the aircraft's monitoring system displayed the message "Engine 2 Central System Fault".

"As parameters on both engines were normal except the slight fluctuation of the engine pressure ratio indications, both the flight crew and the maintenance control [of Cathay's engineering department] were satisfied that it was safe for the flight to continue," says the report.

A similar message concerning engine no. 2 appeared on the monitoring system again at 03:16 GMT. At 05:19 GMT, the system displayed "Engine 1 Central System Fault" and "Engine 2 Stall" within "a short period of time", says the report.

The aircraft then sent an urgency signal to Hong Kong Air Traffic Control, advising that engine no. 2 was at idle thrust. The aircraft requested for priority landing, which was allowed.

While the aircraft was 45 nautical miles from HKIA and was about to level off at 8,000ft above mean sea level, the monitoring system displayed "Engine 1 Stall" at 05:30 GMT. A Mayday signal was declared at 05:32 GMT.

"During the final approach with both thrust levers at the idle position, No 1 engine was stuck at about 74% N1, and decreased to about 70% N1 during touchdown, and No. 2 engine was stuck at about 17% N1 throughout the approach and landing," says the report.

The aircraft landed at 05:43 GMT at a ground speed of 230kt with a landing weight of 173,600kg, with the pilot applying maximum manual braking before the aircraft came to a complete stop on the runway.

While landing, the lower cowling of engine no. 1 contacted the runway surface briefly, resulting in the automatic deployment of spoilers. Only engine no. 1's thrust reverser deployed.

Five main tyres of the aircraft were deflated, and there was fire and smoke on the main wheels, says the report.

The pilot then ordered an emergency evacuation of the 309 passengers and 13 crew members. During the evacuation, 57 passengers were injured. One of the 57 suffered serious injuries, adds the report.

An investigation team comprising officials from Hong Kong, France, UK, Indonesia and the USA is looking into the incident, with assistance from Airbus, Rolls-Royce and Cathay experts.

"The engines, their control systems and the fuel system are under detailed examinations to determine the possible causes of the abnormal engine behaviour," says the report, adding that engine fuel components and samples have been sent to the UK and USA for analysis.

Investigations are expected to take more than a year to complete, says the report.

A priori on va attendre 1 an
Pour savoir qui du système d'alimentation, des moteurs, de leurs systèmes de commande ou des systèmes de l'avion sont à l'origine de ce bazard.

Bonne lecture

Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Re: Incident atterrissage A330 Cathay Pacific à HK

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Lun 16 Aoû 2010 - 10:45

Bonjour à tous

Je mets ici une copie d'un message de Beochien

Bonjour !

La coupure des moteurs ... T700 du 330-300 de Cathay il y à qq mois à HK !
Ce serait la contamination du fuel qui aurait "Grippé" les distributeur ...

Sacrées particules ... il y à eu des travaux "Hors protocole" sur les centres de distridution de Fuel à Subaraya ...
Ou distributeurs assez peu tolérants ...
Et pas beaucoup de filtrages sur les Trent qq part, quand même !

But investigators discovered fine spherical particles - their nature is still to be determined - inside the fuel tanks, fuel system and several engine components, including the fuel metering units and stator vane controls.
While the inquiry has yet to reach any conclusions, suspicion has fallen on the uplifting of 24.4t of fuel to the A330 while it was parked at Surabaya's Juanda International airport. The hydrant refuelling circuit serving 10 stands at the airport had undergone extension work as part of an apron extension project.

-------------- Le lien Flightglobal ---------------

Bon, à suivre, ça reseemble à une enquête encore préliminaire !


Bonne journée


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