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An 2 MAX (ou NEO) ;)

Poncho (Admin)
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An 2 MAX (ou NEO) ;)

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Jeu 27 Sep 2012 - 14:10


On parle de cet avion de 65 ans d'age (cela dit les KC135 vont vers les 100 ans si ça continue, tout comme les B52...)

L'avion indécrochable, qui reste un pilier de l'aménagement du territoire en russie
Il aura finalement la peau de l'An-3 ....

Donc voilà l'An-2 NEO ou MAX

Avec une jolie turbine TPE-331 et une belle hélice 5 pales

he Chaplygin Siberian Aeronautical Research Institute's re-engined Antonov An-2 made its public debut last month at the Gelendzhik air show on Russia's Black Sea coast.

The Novosibirsk-based institute has replaced the single-engined aircraft's ASh-62 nine-cylinder radial engine with a Honeywell Aerospace TPE-331 turboprop and a Hartzell five-blade propeller. The upgrade is designed to breathe new life into the 65-year-old design by cutting its operating costs and boosting its performance characteristics.

Sergey Mikheyev

The institute completed flight testing last month after a six-month programme. It says the new engine offers equivalent power to the Ash-62 but with less weight and drag. The TP3-331-powered An-2 also has a shorter take-off run and is steadier and easier to control, the institute says.

Russia's trade and industry ministry is seeking clearance from the government to modernise the utility transport bi-plane with new engines and avionics, to help address the chronic need for a new generation of regional aircraft to service remote communities in areas with poor road and rail links. The An-2, which first flew in 1947, is the most widely produced aircraft in history, with more than 20,000 built.

A suivre,

A noter qu'il décolle encore plus court ... sachant que l'An2 peut déjà faire des choses en moins de 200 m !


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