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Rolls Royce Tay

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Rolls Royce Tay

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Mer 10 Oct 2012 - 9:47

Bonjour à tous

Dans la longue tradition de l'amélioration continue :

Les Tay pour les F70 et F100 sont semble t'il couteux à entretenir ce qui conduit à préférer partir à la chasse aux moteurs d'occasion avec un peu de potentiel restant
RR semble proposer d'introduire du totalcare sur ces machines pour rendre cette machine un peu plus attirante et ne pas laisser filer ce marché

Industry sources say the new R-R program for Tay engines will be a Total Care arrangement in which maintenance costs will be calculated per flight hour. One of the sources says R-R has been developing the cost and format of the new program using one operator as a pilot. Once R-R completes the pilot, it will roll out the program offer to all operators, adds the source.

The managing director of Australian charter operator Alliance Air, Scott McMillan, confirms that his airline is the operator in the pilot program. Alliance operates 12 F100s and two F70s, according to the Aviation Week Intelligence Network fleet database.

An executive with an aircraft lessor tells Aviation Week that his company stopped dealing in F100s because “the aircraft were becoming too expensive and, to be honest, the number of Fokker 100 operators was dwindling. A lot of the costs have to do with the maintenance, and the biggest chunk of that maintenance cost is the engines.”

The fact that the F100 can be bought at “very reasonable prices” means that an aircraft lessor can offer a very competitive monthly lease rate for the aircraft, says the executive. But with the expensive engine overhaul, it means the leasing company has to charge a high maintenance reserve, he says.

Operators always ask what the maintenance reserve is on the F100, says the executive, adding that the type is usually the deal-breaker when trying to place F100s. Instead, airlines have been turning to newer aircraft, with lower maintenance costs, such as the Embraer 190 and the Airbus A319, the executive says.


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