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Avic Y-30

Poncho (Admin)
Poncho (Admin)
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Avic Y-30

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Ven 14 Nov 2014 - 16:59


Un avion de 80 t avec 30 t de charge utile ?
4 turbo propulseurs ?

The Y-30 would have almost the same gross weight as the Hercules and Embraer KC-390, about 80 metric tons (176,000 lb.), but payload is intended to be 30 tons, compared with 19.6 tons for the U.S. aircraft. The high ratio of payload to gross weight implies a surprisingly large leap in efficiency over the C-130. Indeed, if the payload is achieved it will be comparable to the 37 tons of the Airbus A400M, an aircraft almost 80% bigger.

The proposed Chinese aircraft has apparently grown during the studies, since Avic previously mentioned plans for a transport aircraft of about 60 tons gross weight.

As displayed in model form at the Zhuhai Airshow Nov. 11-16, it has four turboprop engines, but many conceptual designs are under consideration, some with turbofan propulsion. A turboprop engine option is the WJ-16, say the officials. This new engine, at an unknown stage of development, is supposed to generate 3,782 kw (5,072 hp) (AW&ST June 16, p. 48). It would give the Y-30 a higher power-to-weight ratio than that of the Hercules. Conceivably, another new engine, the 5,000-kw WJ‑10, could be used, giving a much higher power-to-weight ratio, like that of the A400M.

If jet propulsion is chosen there will be two engines, say the officials. In that case, the aircraft would be comparable in configuration to the KC-390. No potential turbofan was named, but a likely candidate is the WS-20, under development for the four-engine Y-20 heavy transport, whose design gross weight is more than 200 tons. The jet option may not be promising, because other industry officials say the WS-20 in its current form is not at all an advanced engine.

The maximum speed of the Y-30 will be 600-700 kph (370‑440 mph), say officials close to the project. That range of values reflects the uncertainty over propulsion but cannot include jet or WJ-10 options, which would have to be faster. The aircraft would be able to fly 6,000-7,000 km with an unstated payload.

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