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Korea Air, Winglets et autres.

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Korea Air, Winglets et autres. Empty Korea Air, Winglets et autres.

Message par Beochien le Mer 14 Sep 2016 - 22:05

Un point sur Korean Air, meilleur fournisseur de winglets pour Airbus, et ... Boeing Razz
Une affaire de "Mass production" maintenant, fabriqué au Vietnam aussi, on a vu passer ....
Et pour les B737 Max aussi quant à faire ... Question

The Sharklet has a width of 2m by 4m length, created with high-tech material which will be installed on the end of the A330 NEO’s main wings. It plays an essential role in improving aircraft performance, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, air-resistance and improving fuel efficiency by 4%.

In February last year, Korean Air set up a task force of specialists to take charge of the project. This September, the team finished the development of the A330 NEO Sharklet and started commencement of its mass production. In addition, Korean Air has been delivering more than 1,800 independently re-developed A320 NEO Sharklets since 2009. Korean Air has also been carrying out the manufacturing of the A350 cargo door since 2008.

Furthermore, Korean Air has participated in the international joint development of B787, developing the rear fuselage and six other main components, producing more than 10 per month. After having delivered its first B737 MAX winglet in May this year, Korean Air is now mass producing them.

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