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MRO joint venture Airbus THAI

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MRO joint venture Airbus THAI Empty MRO joint venture Airbus THAI

Message par c.foussa le Lun 25 Juin 2018 - 8:40

MRO joint venture Airbus THAI 180625084246687587

Signature le 22 juin d'une joint venture entre Airbus et la Cie THAI pour un gros centre de révision et d'entretien situé à U-Tapao (sud est de Bangkok, ancienne base de B 52 et devenu aéroport proche des sites balnéaires)


The new MRO centre will be one of the most modern and extensive in the Asia-Pacific region, offering heavy maintenance and line services for all widebody aircraft types.  The facility will feature the latest digital technologies to analyse aircraft maintenance data, as well as advanced inspection techniques, including the use of drones to monitor aircraft airframes.

The MRO complex will also have specialised repair shops, including for composite structures, as well as a maintenance training centre offering extensive courses for technical personnel from Thailand and overseas.


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