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Olympic Airways (OA OAL) à vendre

Whisky Charlie

Olympic Airways (OA OAL) à vendre Empty Olympic Airways (OA OAL) à vendre

Message par Beochien le Ven 6 Fév 2009 - 22:09

Bon, fin de l'appel pour vendre Olympic Airways !
les réponses à la moitié de l'espéré €€€€€ !

Note, qq chose à du être déjà posté ... je ne le retrouves pas !

Le Govt Grec va probablement chercher des solutions de gré à gré !
Pas vraiment facile en ce moment !
HouHou AF, LHA, BA !

----------------- De Airwise L'article !-----------------------

February 4, 2009

"The tender was void and we are moving to a new stage for the sale of Olympic," -- Greek Development Minister Costis Hatzidakis.

A tender for the sale of Greece's ailing carrier Olympic Airlines failed and the government called on Greek businessmen on Wednesday to buy the carrier.

"The result of the tender was not what we had expected," Development Minister Costis Hatzidakis told reporters after a government's privatisations committee meeting.

The deadline for the submission of binding offers in Olympic's privatisation tender expired on Friday.

Greece has wrangled for years with Brussels over state aid to Olympic. The latest attempt to sell the carrier had been approved by the European Commission, which agreed to suspend action over illegal state subsidies if the sale went ahead.

"The tender was void and we are moving to a new stage for the sale of Olympic," Hatzidakis said. "We are addressing an open proposal to Greek business groups for the sale of Olympic through direct negotiations."

Greece split the loss-making carrier into three units -- flying, aircraft maintenance and ground handling -- last September in a last ditch bid to sell the airline after years of failed privatisation efforts.

Olympic Airlines unions, who have been opposing the plan, said the result of the tender proved the government's failure in handling Olympic.

"The minister has essentially admitted the failure of his plan," the head of Olympic Airlines employees' unions Markos Kandylakis said.

The Finance Ministry said in a statement Athens Airways-SkyOne and Chrysler Aviation submitted bindings bids for Olympic flight assets, while Swissport, a unit of Spain's Grupo Ferrovial, Hellenic Cargo Group, Goldair and Joseph in-Albon bid for the ground handling.

Swissport was the only bidder for the aircraft maintenance, the statement added, saying all the bids were too low.

Athens Airways-SkyOne submitted the highest bid of EUR24.5 million euros, about half of what the government had set as a minimum. The firm said it was still interested in the carrier.

"We will seek to take part in any further negotiations that will take place," Athens Airways CEO Sakis Andrianopoulos said.


Olympic Airways (OA OAL) à vendre Empty Re: Olympic Airways (OA OAL) à vendre

Message par Invité le Jeu 5 Mar 2009 - 9:32

Il fallait s'y attendre ?

Aegean soumet une offre pour la reprise d'Olympic Airlines, l'autre candidat restant,
selon Airwise, étant MIG ( Marfin Investment Group ).
" Il n'y a pas de place pour deux cies en Grèce " dixit le patron d'Aegean.
L'UE n'acceptant plus les subventions étatiques, est-ce le bon moment ?

Greece's private Aegean Airlines on Wednesday submitted a surprise offer to buy its ailing state rival Olympic,
outbidding the only other suitor, Marfin Investment Group (MIG).

The bid, about twice MIG's offer, comes a day before Marfin was expecting to clinch the deal and
substantially improves the state's options for the debt-ridden Olympic.

"There is no space for two airlines (in Greece)," Aegean Airlines chief executive Eftyhios Vassilakis said shortly after the bid.
"To compete successfully in Europe and internationally, Greece needs one strong airline."

An international tender that expired in January had failed to attract big players or satisfactory bids and the government was relieved to get a fresh offer on Wednesday.

"It's positive that there is more than one offer for Olympic," said Development Minister Costis Hatzidakis. "All will be done in the light of day, with respect to laws and transparency rules."

Aegean, which has been slowly eating away at Olympic's market share over the years, offered EUR90 million euros (USD$112 million) for Olympic's flying operations and EUR20 million for its aircraft maintenance base. It also offered EUR60 million to buy Pantheon, a company set up by the government as a successor of debt-free Olympic Airlines.

Aegean's offer tops MIG's EUR45.7 million bid for Olympic's flying operations and EUR16.7 million offer for the technical base.

"The main reason behind our offer for Olympic has to do with ongoing consolidation in Europe, where everything is merging and consolidating and forming larger schemes," Vassilakis said. "The current dynamics
ultimately will leave fewer but larger schemes in the airline space."

Also on Wednesday, US-based charter company Chrysler Aviation, which took part in the last tender, said it
had improved its previous bid for Olympic's flying activities to EUR46 million.


A deal to sell loss-making Olympic will end strains on the government's budget and wrangling with the EU
over illegal subsidies. The government appealed to Greek businesses last month to step in after a tender to privatise the ailing carrier failed to attract big names or high bids.

Greece has been warned for years by Brussels over state aid to Olympic. Its latest attempt to sell the airline was approved by the European Commission, which agreed to suspend action over illegal state aid if the sale went ahead.

"The Aegean bid advantage is that it will take over and operate Olympic immediately, saving the state a lot of money," said an analyst at an Athens securities firm, who declined to be named. The government says it loses about EUR1 million a day from Olympic.

Aegean said it can take over and operate Olympic within 60 days of signing the deal. MIG, whose main shareholder is Dubai Financial Group, had said it could take over after the summer tourist season, after September.

Another analyst said Aegean was prompted into the race late as it had not expected any interest in Olympic
after the failed tender, eventually leaving it the only airline in Greece.----------


Principalement, Olyimpic 4 A340-300 et 16 Boeing 737-400 et 1 -300 en plus des ATR 72
Whisky Quebec

Olympic Airways (OA OAL) à vendre Empty Re: Olympic Airways (OA OAL) à vendre

Message par pascal83 le Jeu 5 Mar 2009 - 9:39

en francais
Whisky Charlie

Olympic Airways (OA OAL) à vendre Empty Re: Olympic Airways (OA OAL) à vendre

Message par Beochien le Dim 8 Mar 2009 - 15:10

Bon, ça bouge en gréce, et pas dans le même sens ! Pour Olympique Airways
A vérifier ou attendre confirmation quand même ! Aegean Airways essayera jusqu'au bout de contrer
Ce serait pour MIG, pas les Russes, mais un conglomérat financier, Fond "Private Equity" Grec.

A 120-130 Millions € pour la part Airliner, une bonne affaire, si c'est 100% et sans PB EU !
En plus la Gréce pourrait s"avérer plus tranquille que Milan ou Vienne !

---------------------- l'Article le Figaro, court en Fr -----------------------------------

Group reaches deal with government for the airline, according to sources

Things are looking up for Olympic after a long period of uncertainty thanks to the reported agreement with Marfin Investment Group.


Marfin Investment Group (MIG) is the winner of the race to acquire Olympic Airlines, according to sources.

After long negotiations the group yesterday reportedly agreed with the government to buy out the embattled national carrier, putting an end to years of uncertainty about the private investor that would try to save Olympic from closure.

The deal provides for MIG acquiring the flight arm of the company along with its technical division, with Swissport, its partner in bidding, taking the ground-handling operations. The agreement is still subject to European Commission approval, although well-informed sources suggest that this will not present a problem.

MIG had issued an ultimatum to the government, saying that if a deal was not signed by yesterday, the deadline set for negotiations between the two sides, it would withdraw its offer. The government came under pressure as it tried to buy some time by requesting an extension until Monday, citing the fact that it had not yet received a response from the Commission.

At the same time, the government had to juggle with two more bids that came in late, one from Aegean Airlines and the other from Chrysler Aviation. The latter’s lack of capital adequacy virtually ruled it out automatically, while Aegean’s offer raised concern about a possible monopolistic situation. The risk of Aegean being the sole player left in the market, were it to buy out its rival, led to the political decision in favor of selling Olympic to MIG.

Marfin offered 45.7 million euros for the flight division of Olympic, plus a further 60 million euros for the share capital of Pantheon, the company set up to manage flight operations. It also matched the government’s valuation of 16.7 million euros for the technical arm. Swissport offered 44.8 million euros for the ground-handling operations, also matching the official valuation, by upping its bid from the original 33 million euros. In total the bid amounts to 177.2 million euros, which is 10 million euros higher than the official valuation.
Whisky Quebec

Olympic Airways (OA OAL) à vendre Empty Re: Olympic Airways (OA OAL) à vendre

Message par alain57 le Mar 10 Mar 2009 - 11:51

Olympic Airways devrait être vendu a Marfin

La première proposition déposée l’a emporté. Le gouvernement grec a conclu un accord avec le groupe
d’investissement Marfin le 6 mars concernant la privatisation d’Olympic Airlines. Il sera finalisé lorsque l’Union Européenne l’aura approuvé, la décision de la Commission étant attendue dans le courant de la semaine.

Marfin reprendrait ainsi les opérations aériennes d’Olympic pour 45,7 millions d’euros et les activités de maintenance pour 16,7 millions d’euros.

En ce qui concerne l’assistance au sol, aucun accord n’a encore été conclu. Les discussions avec Swissport se poursuivent et ont gagné une semaine de délai supplémentaire. Si elles échouent, Marfin reprendra également
cette partie des activités d’Olympic, pour le même montant que celui proposé par Swissport, à savoir 44,8 millions d’euros.

Le gouvernement grec a donc écarté la proposition formulée par Aegean Airlines le 4 mars, probablement par
crainte de la création d’une situation de monopole sur les lignes intérieures grecques que l’UE n’aurait peut-être pas approuvée. Ce qui aurait encore retardé la privatisation d’Olympic. Or celle-ci coûte actuellement un million d’euros par jour au gouvernement.

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Olympic Airways (OA OAL) à vendre Empty Re: Olympic Airways (OA OAL) à vendre

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