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C-17 Toujours en vie !


Whisky Charlie

C-17 Toujours en vie !

Message par Beochien le Sam 7 Fév 2009 - 11:53

L'USAF passe commandes de 15 C-17, à Boeing pour 2.95 billions $

La ligne de montage peut encore continuer qq temps, avec les cdes UK, Australie et Canada !

----------------------- Yahoo/AFP news L'article------------------------

WASHINGTON, (AFP) - The US Air Force has ordered 15 C-17 military transport planes from US manufacturer Boeing valued at 2.9 billion dollars, the Pentagon announced.

"The Air Force is awarding a firm fixed price contract to ( Boeing subsidiary) McDonnell Douglas Corporation of Long Beach, California for an amount not to exceed 2.95 billion dollars ... for the procurement of 15 C-17 aircraft," the Department of Defense said in a statement.

The statement had no information on the date of the delivery of the aircraft.

The contract revives the fortunes of the aircraft, known as the Globemaster III, a plane at the heart of the US Air Force's fleet of long-range transport planes. The C-17 can fly long distances and land on short landing strips.

Boeing had been on the verge of scrapping C-17 production in 2006 when orders for the plane dried up.

The move revives work at the Boeing plant in Long Beach which would otherwise have closed down by mid-year, directly affecting some 5,500 Boeing workers.

The US Air Force has ordered up to now 190 C-17s. Boeing has also sold six of the airplanes to Britain, four to Canada and four to Australia.


Whisky Charlie

Re: C-17 Toujours en vie !

Message par art_way le Mer 6 Jan 2010 - 16:04

Boeing : commande des Emirats pour six avions militaires C-17

Le constructeur aéronautique américain Boeing a annoncé mercredi une
commande des Emirats arabes unis pour six appareils militaires C-17
"Globemaster III", pour un montant non précisé.Les Emirats, qui
avaient annoncé en 2009 leur intention de moderniser leur flotte avec
le C-17, deviennent ainsi le deuxième pays arabe à s'équiper de cet
appareil conçu au début des années 1980 par McDonnell Douglas,
aujourd'hui fusionné avec Boeing, a indiqué le groupe dans un
communiqué.Boeing n'a pas précisé le montant de la transaction,
mais le prix de vente de l'appareil est évalué autour de 200 millions
de dollars pièce. L'accord prévoit en outre l'entretien des appareils
par Boeing.


Whisky Charlie

Re: C-17 Toujours en vie !

Message par jullienaline le Ven 8 Jan 2010 - 16:25

Bonsoir à tous,

Une confirmation d'une nouvelle datant de novembre. L'inde est en discussion avec Boeing pour l'achat de 10 C-17.

India Submits Letter of Request for Potential Boeing C-17 Order

LONG BEACH, Calif., Jan. 8, 2010 -- The Boeing Company announced today that the U.S. government has received a Letter of Request from India's Ministry of Defence (MOD) and the Indian Air Force regarding the potential acquisition of 10 C-17 Globemaster III advanced airlifters.
"Boeing is very pleased that the Indian government has expressed interest in acquiring the C-17 to modernize its airlift capabilities, and we look forward to working closely with them," said Vivek Lall, vice president and India country head, Boeing Defense, Space & Security. "We believe the C-17 can fulfill India's needs for military and humanitarian airlift to help it meet its growing domestic and international responsibilities."
The C-17 conducted demonstration flights in February at Aero India 2009 in Bangalore, where members of the MOD and Indian Air Force had the opportunity to see the aircraft's capabilities in action. The Indian Air Force wants to replace and augment its fleet of Russian-made AN-32 and IL-76 airlifters.
"Nations looking to modernize their airlift capabilities turn to the C-17 because it has the highest reliability and mission-capable rate of any airlift aircraft," added Tommy Dunehew, Boeing Global Mobility Systems vice president of Business Development. "It is available right now, without any development risk. Plus, the C-17 is an acquisition success story, with deliveries on or ahead of schedule for the past decade."
A tactical and strategic airlifter, only the C-17 can carry large combat equipment and troops or humanitarian aid across international distances and deliver them directly to small austere airfields anywhere in the world. It can land combat-ready troops on semi-prepared runways or airdrop them directly into the fight. The C-17's ability to back up allows it to operate on narrow taxiways and congested ramps. With a payload of up to 170,000 pounds, the C-17 can take off and land in 3,000 feet or less.
There are currently 212 C-17s in service worldwide, including 19 with international customers. The U.S. Air Force, including active Guard and Reserve units, has 193. Other customers include the United Kingdom (which recently announced a contract for a seventh airlifter), Qatar, the Canadian Forces, the Royal Australian Air Force, and the 12-member Strategic Airlift Capability initiative of NATO and Partnership for Peace nations. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Air Force and Air Defence announced Jan. 6 that the UAE has signed a contract for the acquisition of six Boeing C-17s.
A unit of The Boeing Company, Boeing Defense, Space & Security is one of the world's largest defense, space and security businesses specializing in innovative and capabilities-driven customer solutions, and the world's largest and most versatile manufacturer of military aircraft. Headquartered in St. Louis, Boeing Defense, Space & Security is a $32 billion business with 70,000 employees worldwide.



Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Re: C-17 Toujours en vie !

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Ven 8 Jan 2010 - 23:02

Finalement 212 C17 en service à comparer avec un jour peut-être 180 A400M... la série initiale est assez similaire...

J'essayer de regarder un peu les prix des différents avions

220 m$ indiqué sur Wiki pour le C17

Ici je trouve

140 m€ pour l'A400M soit au cours du jour 200 m$

Oups !


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Whisky Charlie

Re: C-17 Toujours en vie !

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Mar 27 Avr 2010 - 8:17

Bonjour : des nouvelles de l'inde C-17 Deal with U.S. Advances &channel=defense

Moving a step toward a U.S. foreign military sale, a prerequisite to negotiations, the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency formally notified Congress on April 22 of the possible foreign military sale (FMS) of 10 Boeing C-17 Globemaster III aircraft to the Indian Air Force.

India’s Defense Ministry had sent a letter of request to the U.S. government for the C-17s via the FMS process (Aerospace DAILY, Jan 11). Boeing’s Jan. 8 statement followed immediately after an United Arab Emirates announcement of plans to purchase six C-17s.

While the official notification to Congress lists the potential value for the deal as $5.8 billion, the actual cost will be based on Indian Air Force requirements. The amount represents the highest possible estimate for the sale to include all potential services offered.

While the final figure has yet to be negotiated, the Indian sale may also include training for air crew and maintenance personnel and training equipment, spares, test and ground-support equipment, technical assistance, engineering services, specific modifications and logistical and technical support.

In November 2009, the U.S. Air Force flew the C-17 in Agra in a joint-lift exercise.

India’s current transport fleet has 40 Russian-made IL-76s and more than 100 Soviet-built AN-32 cargo aircraft. Six Lockheed Martin C-130Js are on order to be delivered in 2011. The AN-32s are currently undergoing midlife refurbishment under a joint program with Russia’s Irkut.

With a payload capacity of around 160,000 lb. the C-17 can take off from a 7,600-ft. airfield, fly 2,400 nm, and land on a small, austere airfield in 3,000 ft. or less. It is equipped with an externally blown flap system that allows a steep, low-speed final approach and low-landing speeds for routine short-field landings.

“The potential sale of C-17s strengthens the growing partnership between our two countries, and demonstrates our enduring commitment to sharing the world’s best technology with India,” U.S. Ambassador to India Timothy Roemer says about the potential deal. “India is a leading partner in our efforts to promote regional stability, peace and economic growth.”

The U.S.-India defense partnership is moving speedily with New Delhi having selected Boeing to provide eight P-8I long-range maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare aircraft to the Indian navy.

The C-17, the workhorse of the U.S. Air Force transport fleet, has proven highly reliable in the harsh environments of Iraq and Afghanistan. The Indian Air Force will use the C-17s to modernize India’s armed forces with new cargo capabilities.

10 C17 pour un montant maxi de 5.8 milliars de dollars

A suivre


Whisky Charlie

Re: C-17 Toujours en vie !

Message par art_way le Lun 21 Mai 2012 - 11:14

The UK Royal Air Force is buying an additional Boeing C-17
strategic airlifter, the company announced on 28 March, with the move to
bring the service's total fleet to eight.

"This C-17 will be a welcome addition to the RAF fleet," says Robin
Philip, the UK Ministry of Defence's head of commercial for air support.

Philip praised the US government and manufacturer Boeing for their
work in securing the contract so quickly after the UK decided that it
needed an additional aircraft. The requirement was announced by prime
minister David Cameron in early February.

© Sgt Ross Tilly/Crown Copyright
"We understand the need to move quickly to bring this contract to
completion," says Liz Pace, Boeing's C-17 UK programme manager. "This
additional order is a testament to our strong relationship with the UK."

The RAF's 99 Sqn flies the UK's current seven C-17s out of Brize
Norton in Oxfordshire. The aircraft are primarily used to support
Operation Herrick - the UK's name for the conflict in Afghanistan.

Boeing has delivered a total of 241 C-17s around the world, with its
primary customer the US Air Force operating 216 of the type.

An additional 25 C-17s have been delivered to US allies including
Australia, Canada, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, the UK and the
12-member NATO Strategic Airlift Capability consortium.

Meanwhile, India has ordered 10 C-17s to be delivered between 2013 and 2014.


Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Re: C-17 Toujours en vie !

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Lun 21 Mai 2012 - 11:18

Merci Art_way

De toute manière il n'y a pas foule sur ce segment ... donc le C17 devrait rester en vie (ou sous perfusion) un long moment non ?


Whisky Charlie

Re: C-17 Toujours en vie !

Message par Beochien le Lun 21 Mai 2012 - 11:27

Le C-17, ils parlent tous les matins d'arrêter la chaine !
Et tous les soirs il tombe qq petites cdes, et à la fin le C-17 passe l'année !
Pas sûr que ça dure bien longtemps sans cdes majeures US ou EU !
Lui aussi mériterait une nouvelle motorisation ..; mais il faudrait 100-200 cdes à la vista ! santa

Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Re: C-17 Toujours en vie !

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Mer 19 Aoû 2015 - 15:14

Gros déterrage Very Happy

l'Indian Air Force approuve une commande pour 3 C17 ...............................

Mais Boeing n'en n'a plus qu'un seul en stock


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Re: C-17 Toujours en vie !

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