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Emirates ! EK ! UAE !


Whisky Charlie

Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par Beochien le Ven 26 Nov 2010 - 14:07

Bonjour !

Tim Clark en remet une couche !
Les Australiens, bien sur toujours à l'affut de ce qui va loin ... normal !

Des 77W plus légers ...
Des 350-1000 plus gros et plus capables !
Bien, la shopping list de Tim Clark, le beurre et l'argent du beurre ...comme d'hab!
Mais sur le fond, le T.C;, il est bien informé des développements "Faisables", ou plus difficiles!
Par contre, même le plus gros client du monde, pour ce type d'avion, ne peut pas prétendre au "Sur mesure" non plus !

RR à bout de souffle pour les TXWB du 350-1000, ils n'iront pas beaucoup plus haut, et Airbus non plus à part un très hypothétique 350-1000 ER!

Et Boeing, pour un 777 NG, devra aussi trouver des solutions "Economiques"avant de refaire vraiment un autre avion !
D'aprés, 5 Tonnes, pour le 777 ce serait plus factible que 10 tonnes de moins, Al-Li à la vista, et une aile neuve ... bien, peut être, on verra !
Et GE, avec son 90-115, bof ... à revoir profondément aussi, côté SFC !

Des perspectives c'est normal, ...mais bien après 2016, 2018 peut être ... ou même plus !
Le droit de rêver et de planifier qq temps, T.C. est prudent ... de la place pour A et B ! On s'en serait douté !

---------- Va pour l'Article de Bloomberg / SMH Australie -------

Emirates, the world's biggest airline by international traffic, urged Airbus SAS to boost the range of the biggest version of its new A350 wide-body plane as Boeing ponders a redesign of the competing 777 model.

Emirates, whose outstanding orders for the 777 will make it the twin-jet's biggest user, needs higher-capacity aircraft for its longest intercontinental routes, Tim Clark, the Dubai-based airline's president, said today in an interview in Paris.

Clark has ordered 20 350-seat A350-1000s, a model he says can't reach Los Angeles from Dubai in the three-class layout that Emirates prefers. The Boeing planes that it currently uses on the route are based on a less efficient 20-year-old design, with the 354-seat 777-300ER at the limits of its range, curbing the payload, and the 777-200LR limited to 266 people.

"We're finding that the smallest aircraft that's useful to us needs to be 340 seats," Clark said. "We're trying to persuade Airbus to realign the A350-1000 more toward the ER, increasing both its capacity and its range."

With the A350-1000 still undergoing development and not due for delivery to Emirates until 2015, Toulouse, France-based Airbus may still be able to reconfigure elements of the design. Airbus spokesman Stefan Schaffrath declined to comment today.

Emirates has ordered a total of 70 A350s, including 50 of the -900 variant, which can fly 200 miles further than the -1000 but which carries only 300 people in the three-class configuration. The biggest Arab airline also has options on an additional 50 A350s and signed a letter of intent firming up 30 of those in 2008.

777 Revamp

Clark said Emirates is equally interested in a new 777 if Boeing revamps the model enough to deliver significant savings.

With its 787 Dreamliner yet to enter service, Boeing plans to decide next year whether to commit to a full redesign for the 777 or build a new wing to boost performance, something the Chicago-based manufacturer began discussing in June 2009.

"We would like to see an aircraft that's lighter, with or without composites, and more fuel efficient," Clark said, adding that the plane would need to fly from Dubai to Los Angeles in 16 1/2 hours with a payload of 35 to 40 metric tons, compared with a maximum 30 tons today. "It's a big ask. In the end they'll come up with something, but I doubt they'll quite achieve that."

'Room for Both'

Clark said Emirates may place more orders for both the A350 and the 777 for use on its longest routes if the competing aircraft are developed to its satisfaction.

"There's room for both planes, quite frankly," he said.

For Boeing, a revamped or all-new 777 would fill a gap in its lineup above the 290-seat Dreamliner. Emirates has about 90 777s in operation or on order, making it the model's top user.

Boeing is regularly seeking the input of Emirates and other customers and has the time "to make the right product decisions" that are aligned with available technologies and airlines' needs, said Jim Proulx, a spokesman in Seattle, home to the company's commercial headquarters.

"We are committed to maintaining our leadership in this segment and providing customers a product offering to do that for another 20 years or longer, whether it is a 777 derivative or possible new airplane," Proulx said.

Airbus's A380 superjumbo may also feature in Emirates' reckoning on very-long-haul flights as the aircraft's weight is gradually reduced, Clark said. The Dubai-Los Angeles route is within the model's range, according to the Airbus Website.

Emirates will introduce the A380 to Tokyo's Narita airport as soon as next September, when it begins taking the next batch of six to nine jets, due for delivery through March 2012, the CEO said. That will take the fleet to between 21 and 24 planes.

Bookings remain "very strong" on routes already served by the A380 and show no sign of suffering from the Nov. 4 engine blowout on a Qantas Airways Ltd. plane powered by Rolls-Royce Group Plc turbines. Emirates' superjumbos are equipped with engines from a General Electric Co.-Pratt & Whitney venture.



Whisky Charlie

Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par art_way le Mar 15 Fév 2011 - 12:15

Emirates trouve le 350-900 trop petit pour son business plan.
C'est très bien pour le 350-1000, par contre la pression est mise sur Airbus et RR.
Mais bon Tim Clark aime bien la provoc'

Emirates looking at skipping A350-900 for -1000
By Brendan Sobie

Emirates is considering swapping its order for 50 Airbus A350-900s to A350-1000s as Airbus works on finalising design of the stretched variant.

In November 2007, the carrier ordered 70 A350 XWBs, initially specifying 50 of the baseline -900s and 20 -1000s. But Emirates president Tim Clark says over the last three years the carrier's network has matured to the point where it "can no longer tolerate anything under 300" seats.

Emirates is slated to take 290-seat A350-900s from April 2015. The A350-1000s would be a better fit, but the longer wait must also be considered.

"It [the -900] is now appearing too small," says Clark. "So we may slip the order to the -1000, but the -1000 hasn't been frozen yet. We haven't decided quite yet which one we'll take. We're actually playing around with how this order fits."

The A350-900 is scheduled to enter service in 2013, while Airbus has provided a 2015 entry into service date for -1000 stretch. Clark says the only option if Emirates wants to take A350s in 2015 is to stick with the -900.

Delivery dates for the A350-1000 are not likely to be firmed up until the design is frozen, which could take time as airlines continue to press Airbus for changes. Clark says with the current design the -1000 will not have a range or payload comparable to the Boeing 777-300ER.

"Airbus compares the -1000 to the 777-300ER. I've told them in no uncertain terms it does not. I see it as a 320-, 330-seater which will be very economical on missions up to 10 or 12 hours," he says. "The notion that it would fly from Singapore to European gateways in the winter months with 100 knots on the nose is a bit of an ask. We've suggested they need to come to grips with that, which means they need to increase the takeoff weight and they need to increase propulsion."

The aircraft is slated to be powered by Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines but Clark is "not sure they will do the job

If its -900s are delayed beyond 2015 or it elects to wait for the -1000, Emirates can avail of the "safety net" of 30 additional 777-300ERs ordered last year. The airline's original thinking was for the A350-900s to replace its 777-200s, A330-200s and A340-300s, but it has the flexibility to retain these aircraft for longer.

In 2007 the airline ordered 70 A350 XWBs: 50 -900s and 20 -1000s

Whisky Charlie

Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par Beochien le Mar 15 Fév 2011 - 12:30

Merci Art-Way, désolé j'ai fait un doublon! Embarassed
Whisky Quebec

Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par aeroduO5 le Jeu 17 Fév 2011 - 16:33

Ca ressemble à un encouragement à RR et Airbus: "si vous travaillez bien, je vous le prend votre oiseau".
Whisky Charlie

Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par Beochien le Jeu 17 Fév 2011 - 16:46

L'oiseau, il est acheté ... formellement !
50 359, 20 3510, plus 50 options !
Mais les discussions ne sont pas terminées .., et avec ces commandes en cours, ben ça donne le droit de parler ...
Et des swap 350- 900-1000, doivent être en évaluation !

Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Jeu 10 Mar 2011 - 9:27


Ca va mieux pour l'A380... chez EK

Emirates' A380 fleet achieved 100% dispatch reliability last week
By: Kurt Hofmann
Emirates Airline President Tim Clark told ATW at ITB Berlin that all 15 of the airline's Airbus A380s operated for the first time with 100% technical dispatch reliability last week. "We have some hiccups sometimes [with the A380 operation] but the reliability is going up," he said. When EK's first A380 arrived about 220 post-factory modifications had to be made. "Today the number is about 60," he said.

Beginning this fall, delivery of its remaining 75 A380s begins at a rate of at least one aircraft per month. "It will start to get really busy," Clark said, but he added that every EK area manager is requesting the A380 and that EK could put the aircraft on daily service to every European point it serves without losing money because demand is so strong and customers still look to fly on the A380 if the option is there.

Asked how long it takes for a new route to be profitable, Clark said, "I get very upset if they are not in profit after 20 rotations. Ninety percent of new routes [achieve] this target." He expects the airline to hire 4,000 new flight attendants this year and carry 32 million passengers, up from 27.5 million last year.

Whisky Charlie

Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par Beochien le Mar 10 Mai 2011 - 13:09

Bonjour !

Pour Emirates tout va bien !
Pas d'IPO à la vista !
Des cdes cete année, oui ! Mais au salon de Dubaï !

---------- De AviationWeek le lien ------------------,%20But%20More%20Orders&channel=comm

Whisky Charlie

Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par Beochien le Mer 11 Mai 2011 - 9:34

Bonjour !

Je le passe sous Emirates ...

L'Australie qui arrive à héberger déjà 70 fréquences par semaine de EK, s'apprête à en recevoir une centaine !
Panique pour les cies locales, Qantas en tête !
Comment arrêter ce qui ressemble de plus en plus à une invasion irrésistible !

---------De Will Horton, dans son blog de FlightGlobal , le lien !-------------------

Et Virgin Australia réagit à travers des Alliances ...avec Delta !

----------- Par Ben Sandilands , Crickey , le lien -----------


Dernière édition par Beochien le Mer 11 Mai 2011 - 10:22, édité 1 fois
Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Mer 11 Mai 2011 - 10:14

Super merci

Moi je note : AirnNew Zealand qui se positionne pour le marché Asie / Amérique du sud... belle ambition

Pekin Santiago : 10271 NM
Pekin Sao Paulo : 9500 NM (route directe à travers vol vers l'ouest)

Via aukland toutes les distances se réduisent à moins de 6500 Nm

Whisky Charlie

Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par Beochien le Dim 24 Juil 2011 - 20:34

Bonjour !

Superbe reportage photo, sur le A380 de EK !
A voir, c'est rarement aussi détaillé !
Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Ven 5 Aoû 2011 - 9:55

Bonjour à tous

Emirates Airline President Tim Clark told ATW in Vienna that the performance of the carrier's Airbus A380s continues to improve, noting that its 15-aircraft fleet achieved 99% reliability performance last week.

From September through November 2017, a further 75 A380s will be delivered to the Dubai-based airline, and Clark said he would ultimately prefer an operating fleet of more than 90 of the extra-large aircraft. "If we could, but we can't," he elaborated. "Because by 2017, our first A380, 'Delta-Alpha,' which we put in service in 2008 … is then nine years old and three years after that we replace her. Unfortunately, many of our ordered A380s are planned as replacement aircraft. That's what we will do: 12 years [in service] and out [of the fleet] and then we buy more."

One reason the fleet has to be capped, he explained, is "real estate" at Dubai International to park and maintain the aircraft. Currently, EK dedicates 85% of its A380 flying to relatively short-haul routes. "So long as EK is flying to places like Munich, Rome, etc. and back to DXB in 14 hr. rotation—that brings the aircraft back far more [often] then you theoretically like," he noted. "If the A380 is flying to the US West Coast … this is a 35 hr. mission and you keep [the aircraft] away from DXB longer. Then the pressure of real estate at DXB is [lessened] … You have to make [the long-haul/short-haul ratio] 25% and 75%. If you do that, then you could bring in more A380s."

Even though longer-haul flying will comprise a minority of EK's A380 flights, it plans to dispatch the aircraft all over the world. But there is not always room for the A380 at various airports. For example, EK had planned to operate an A380 on the DXB-Sao Paolo route, but there was no space at the Brazilian airport to park the aircraft during a 6-hr. layover. "We're working on it," Clark said.

EK's newest A380 destination will be Munich, scheduled to start by the end of October, followed with Kuala Lumpur and Rome.

Clark tjs content de ces A380 ...
Il en veut tjs plus mais pb de places à dubai lié notamment au fait que les A380 font pas mal de moyen courrier avec temps de stationnement relativement long

Fin de la première commande en 2017
Et comme EK garde ses avions 12 ans on va trouver des A380 EK sur le marché en 2020
Conséquence :

- le plus fidèle client de l'A380 devrait placer une nouvelle commande d'A380 pour livraison à partir de 2020 ce qui est un timing idéal pour une évolution (mineure / majeure ?), et peut-être le fameux A380-800R ou A380-900 ?
- Des A380 vont apparaître en occasion vers 2020 également -> programme P2F ? ou alors de cies charter vont les prendre en charge
On saura en 2020 si le marché des A380 usagés existe.

Whisky Quebec

Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par aeroduO5 le Lun 8 Aoû 2011 - 22:27

Je pense que d'ici 2020 le marché de l'occasion pour l'A380 se sera éveloppé.

Surtout en Asie où des compagnies en auront besoin pour faire des vols pas très longs.
Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Mar 9 Aoû 2011 - 9:39

Salut Aerodu05

Il va être intéressant de connaître le potentiel de la cellule... parce que les vols de 2-3 h vont entraîner une rapide accumulation des cycles

Whisky Charlie

Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par art_way le Ven 26 Aoû 2011 - 13:12

La compagnie aérienne de Dubaï a annoncé l’augmentation de ses vols vers le Japon avec deux vols directs supplémentaires sans escale verts Tokyo-Narita à partir du 1er novembre.

Les vols supplémentaires partiront les mardi et mercredi de Dubaï à
2h50 pour atterrir sur l’aéroport de Tokyo-Narita à 17h35, le retour
décollant du Japon à 22 heures pour arriver à 3h50 du matin le jour
suivant. Le nouveau service autorise des correspondances pratiques vers tout le réseau d’Emirates, en Europe, Moyen-Orient, Afrique ou Amérique du Sud. Les vols seront opérés en Boeing 777-300ER
configurés en 8 sièges Première, 42 sièges en affaire et 304 en classe
économique, soit 352 places au total, auquel on peut ajouter le
transport de marchandises (composants électroniques et automobile…) pour
23 tonnes
Emirates vole depuis son hub de Dubaï vers Tokyo depuis le 28 mars 2010
cinq fois par semaine (les lundi, jeudi, vendredi, samedi et dimanche). «
La demande continue d’être forte depuis que nous l’avons lancée l’année
dernière », a expliqué Emirates.
Depuis 2002, Emirates a transporté 1,3 million de personnes au Japon et 60 000 tonnes de marchandises.

Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Ven 9 Sep 2011 - 17:29


L'A350-1000 revient au centre du débat
T Clark estime avoir été mis devant le fait accompli et avoir perdu de la communalité ...

Emirates president Tim Clark has reacted angrily to Airbus's plan to revamp the A350-1000.
The airframer revealed a revised specification for its largest A350 variant at the Paris air show, which will result in a two-year delay.
It centres on a modified, more powerful variant of the Trent XWB engine, along with increased weights.
The move sparked an angry response from A350-1000 launch customer Qatar Airways, with chief executive Akbar Al Baker expressing his displeasure during the show.
While Airbus's official line was the revisions had been introduced to boost payload and range, ­industry sources have speculated there may also have been a need to address weight or performance issues that had emerged with the original design.
Clark said the revisions were implemented without any dialogue: "If they had talked to me, I would have said: '[The improvement is] not good enough'," he added.
Although Emirates has only 20 A350-1000s on order, it had been considering switching its 50 -900 orders to the -1000. However, this is unlikely following the revisions.
"On paper, the old -1000 was hugely economical - it was a 777-300 classic replacement," Clark said. "That's why I talked about ­converting my -900 orders." He added the decision to revamp the A350-1000's engine by incorporating a new core has had an impact on commonality. "I had 70 aircraft with the same engine. I don't have that any more," he said

Il se disait donc content de la version initiale !

Whisky Quebec

Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par aeroduO5 le Lun 12 Sep 2011 - 17:40

Il commence à gonfler le monde.

C'est bien beau de faire un avion pour les compagnies du Golfe mais si elles en commandent une centaine ou deux ce sera le maximum.

Par contre si ça fait perdre d'autres clients, il faut peut-être s'interroger.
Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Jeu 29 Sep 2011 - 9:26

Bonjour à tous

The actual announcement from Emirates was modest by its standards. It would start daily Dubai-Dallas Fort Worth flights on 2 February and daily services to Seattle from 1 March, both initially with either Boeing 777-300ERs or -200LRs. It already has A380s and 777s to New York City, and other 777s to San Francisco and Los Angeles.

But it is what Clark said in supporting interviews that grabbed the US headlines. From 2013 it can start replacing 777s with A380s to California because of further improvements to the big Airbus in terms of range and payload, and based on demand, growth and the fact that it makes money out of every flight why wouldn’t it use the cost advantage of the giant Airbus against its competitors.

Clark’s comments help us understand what Emirates plans to do with up to 90 A380s, bearing in mind that some of that total order book is for replacing the early A380s, as this is an airline with a fleet that has a unit average age of six years and two months.

Déploiement massif d'EK sur les etats unis, dans un premier temps avec des triple 7, puis avec des A380 en 2013 avec cette fameuse version optimisée de l'A380-800 qui fera DXB-LAX à pleine charge PAX

EK content de l'A380, vraiment content en fait

Whisky Charlie

Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par Beochien le Lun 24 Oct 2011 - 11:23

Bonjour !

Une longue interwiew de Tim Clark, EK, chez FlightGlobal ! Il existe des versions video !
Intéressant et à lire !

Noté , le refus des Alliances, liberté absolue !
Et une obligation de cie "Mondiale" induite !
Pas d'intérêt pour racheter des Airlines ! Niet pour BMI !

Son rêve ...
Un Bi avec 50T de charge pour DBX - LAX !
Ben ça n'existe pas et ce n'est pas pour demain ...
Manquerait 13 tonnes aux 77-300ER !
Et l'A350 sera loin ...

---------------Extrait et lien de FlightGlobal --------------

Alliance Agenda

However, one aspect of modern competition he cannot abide are the
global alliances, whose behaviour he likens to global “gang warfare”,
threatening to stifle competition and prevent it being nurtured. “I’m so
opposed to alliances because I believe they distort and channel and
direct for the greater good of the alliance thing, rather than the
consumers that are driving it all.” Clark says the alliances –
particularly Star – have created “a fairly difficult, vicious structure
internationally” and is concerned about how much of a threat Emirates is
perceived to be. “We have learnt that we are considered to be the
single largest threat to the Star Alliance group on the Planet today.
While I’m hugely flattered by this, it is also a worry because it
shouldn’t be that. There is actually room for us and our way of doing
things, and the way they do. I don’t spend my time trying to take down
Star Alliance. I’d rather work with all these airlines on an independent
basis, and that’s what we do. Because I’ll always give business to the
partners that we have relationships with.”

Emirates recently published a paper entitled Aviation at the
Crossroads – Safeguarding Competition and Consumer Choice, in which it
highlights recent tactics by the alliances that create a “join or
perish” commercial incentive for non-aligned airlines. “The emergence of
three mega-alliances presents public policy concerns that merit careful
attention”, and could “harm consumers”, Emirates says in the paper.

Unsurprisingly, Clark says the thought of joining an alliance is
“anathema” to Emirates. “There’s no point in even going there. You must
have total command and control of what you do. You can’t allow yourself
to be subjected to the whims of an amorphous board, like the Star
Alliance, saying ‘you can’t do this, you can’t do that; you’ve got to
buy this aeroplane; you’ve got to fly this route’. Not in the world as
it is today. We want to move rapidly where we have opportunities, for
example, to second or third-level airports. I don’t want to be told ‘you
can’t go to that hub; I’m going there so you feed me’. Forget it.”

This sort of independent thinking has been central to Emirates’ early
and continued success. “When the global economy took off, because we
were totally focused on what we do, because we were not
alliance-affiliated, we had nobody else to answer to and we did things
the way we wanted to. We recognised in the mid-1990s that the world was
changing rapidly and we had to adapt our business. We exploded the
growth of Emirates, took on huge numbers of orders that shook the
industry. We did that because we could see [demand for air travel] was
going bananas.”

Fleet Forward

By comparison with the Emirates buying frenzy last year – that saw it
order another 32 A380s and 30 777-300ERs – this year has been fairly
quiet for the airline, so far. However, Clark already has his eyes on
the next potential acquisition – a successor for the airline’s huge
fleet of 777-300ERs.

His deep understanding of aircraft performance means he was never
slow in getting stuck in with the design teams in Toulouse and Seattle
as they developed their recent large widebody types. It is no different
now. Clark has been quick to express his displeasure at the way Airbus
has messed around with the design of the A350-1000 – for which he holds
20 orders and could potentially take more if the aircraft’s
specifications meet Emirates requirements – and is pushing Boeing as it
develops a 777-300ER successor, with the view to being a potential
launch customer.

Airbus unveiled a revised specification for the largest A350 variant
at the Paris air show in June, along with a two-year delay to service
entry from 2015 to 2017. The changes centre on a modified, more powerful
variant of the Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engine, along with increased
weights to provide additional range capability. But Clark is not happy
the revisions were implemented without any dialogue with Emirates. “If
they had talked to me, I would have said: ‘[The improvement is] not good
enough’,” he says.

“On paper, the old -1000 was hugely economical – it was a 777-300
classic replacement. That’s why I talked about ­converting my -900
orders.” But that possibility has dimmed with the changes, and Clark
hopes Airbus’s US rival could hold the answer. “There’s a lot of work
going on [at Boeing on the new 777], and we’re involved in it.”

Clark has informed Boeing that Emirates needs a twinjet capable of
flying a 50-tonne payload – by its rules – between Dubai and Los
Angeles. Today that route is operated by a 777-300ER, with a payload of
about 35-37 tonnes. “I keep telling Lars Anderson [head of Boeing’s 777
Advanced Product Development team] that I’m already flying the -300ER
there, so give me an aeroplane that can do it reasonably so I’m not
shedding payload to get us there,” he says.

Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Lun 24 Oct 2011 - 12:32

Salut Beochien
A mon avis, sur cette étape l'A350-1000 est mieux en termes de charge utile que le 777-300ER
Reste, la répartition charge PAX / Fret peut être pas aussi idéale
Depuis le début TC voulait un A350-1000 long range économique et non pas ultra long range... un remplaçant des 777-300 par exemple, un fuselage de -1000 avec des ailes et des jambes de -900 par exemple ? à 268 t, ça reste une machine apte à 6000/7000 Nm un peu comme le 787-10 que tout le monde appelle de ces veux...

C'est Enders ou Williams qui disait cette fin de semaine dernière que les produits n'évoluaient pas assez vite
Il y a de quoi faire un beau mécano avec l'A350, encore plus rigolo qu'avec les A330/340

2 ailes
2 moteurs
2 trains
3 fuselages
2 MTOW "seuils" 268t et 308t

Whisky Charlie

Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par Beochien le Lun 24 Oct 2011 - 13:11

Bof, Poncho sais pas !

Les derniers miles quand on échange la charge contre le pétrole, ça coûte vite cher !
Et DBX- LAX contre le vent, ben ça tape sévérement dans les réserves des avions désignés à 8000 Nm 777-300 ER et A380 !
A ce stade avec le 1000, je ne sais pas trop ce que cela donnera vers LAX !
Pour le reste, on peut tout imaginer entre range et MTOW réduits aussi !
Souviens toi, le projet existait ... sauf que Airbus , avec 3 modèles, ils n'y arrivent déjà pas en ce moment... hum !

Le A350, restera toujours un avion plus petit que le 777W (Qui peut grandir encore un peu ) !
Pourquoi le transformer en "Eléphant" on stéroids ?
Playing catch-up avec le 777, hum ..; Pour faire plaisir à EK !
Je crois que ça coûterait à peine plus cher de refaire un nouvel avion ... de 400 tonnes et d'une bonne foi !

Un A350, avec encore 20-30 tonnes de mieux ou plus, de MTOW pour faire plaisir à TC, le 350-1100 de fait, avec une nouvelle aile, un train rehaussé, et la longueur d'un A346 avec des moteurs de 100 000lbs + ?? Pour en vendre une centaine ... hum !
Avec 3-4 millards au compteur vers 2018 ??
Et pourquoi pas un quad !

Le modèle actuel proposé du 350-1000 consommera 20% de moins qu'un 777-300 ER et transportra 40 et qq tonnes vers LAX je trouve que c'est plutôt bien équilibré !!

Par contre pour le 777 un programme "modernisation" moteur à 4-5% d'écos, et une tonne de moins, (2x500) ... et 6-8 tonnes de moins sur la cellule, c'est du trés possible dans 5-6 ans !
Et le compte y sera, le 777 est plus gros ! Les consos, c'est autre chose !

Bien, on attend les chiffres du A350-1000 et de son moteur ... et des +/- 8000 Nm ! clown alien
En attendant que Boeing bouge pour le 777! (Ils doivent aussi attendre de voir où va Airbus)


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Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Lun 24 Oct 2011 - 13:46

TC veut un avion qui fasse DUB-LAx avec 50 t de CU
Il aura ses A380 pour le faire dès l'année prochaine à pleine charge PAX, dont avec les 50t... bon ce n'est pas un bi... mais c'est déjà ça, puisque les 777-300ER ne peuvent même pas être remplis en terme de PAX
Il aurait voulu un A350 économe et non pas très long courrier
Il voudrait un triple 777 amélioré
Mais qui a dit qu'il voulait un A350 au niveau d'un 777 amélioré ? Pas lui en tout cas

Pour le reste je te remets le lien
C'est quand même plus ou moins une source Airbus non ?
Charge utile supérieure au triple 7... y compris si je comprends derrière le "systematically" en terme de charge utile structurale
Le pb de TC c'est que pour lui le nouvel A350-1000 va trop loin...

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Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par Beochien le Lun 24 Oct 2011 - 14:28

Ben, TC, il veut 50 T, sur LAX, ce sont 15-20T de fret !
Et c'est un 777-300 ER amélioré, et il l'éspérait avec un A350 ... (Ou pas loin) pour remplacer ses 777 .... dans qq années!
Et je doute beaucoup que John Leahy se soit engagé à ce niveau !
Bien, qu'a force de claironner le 350-1000, comme remplaçant du 777, certains l'ont pris "Au mot" le JL tongue
Ce serait déjà bien si le 350-1000 pouvait prendre 40 Tonnes sur LAX en 2016-17!
Faudra voir ce que RR sort du chapeau, et s'ils ont gagné en SFC ?
Ca peut leur coûter 3-400 millions pour commencer, ce redésign avec peut être une grosse re-certification

Et TC, il a exprimé son déplaisir ... ben, désolé ... !!
Et Airbus en restera là aprés les expériences A340-5-6 !
Ou refera un A350 "Scaled up" No pour aprés 2020 !

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Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Lun 24 Oct 2011 - 14:37

je me partage pas ton analyse

TC veut un 777-300ER amélioré, indépendamment de ce airbus propose
Et il veut un A350-1000 économique
Et perso je pense qu'on va avoir de bonnes surprises sur l'A350

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Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par Beochien le Lun 24 Oct 2011 - 14:51

Ben si TC voulait des 350-900-1000 économiques, ça fait longtemps qu'il les a ... ! 25% de gains annoncés... on verra!
Je crois (Et j'interprête perso) qu'il voulait le remplaçant du 777-300 ER dans toutes les conditions ...
Ce que n'est pas le A350, en charge et en volume ... effectivement la différence est encore plus importante dans le "Medium haul " Mais je crois que TC focalise en plus sur le long haul !

Bon, pour RR , tout le monde compte dessus, faut pas qu'ils se loupent cette foi !
Mais l'intérêt de RR exclusif serat' il à la hauteur du challenge !
Je l'espère, ne serait ce que pour flinguer le 777-300 ER d'ou ils ont été virés !

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Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Jeu 3 Nov 2011 - 14:19

Bonjour à tous

Résultats semestriels

Baisse du taux de remplissage
Impact du coût des carburants

Tjs des profits néanmoins

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Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par Beochien le Mer 16 Nov 2011 - 22:31

Bonsoir !

Une interwiew intéressante de Tim Clark CEO de Emirates !
Par Geoffrey Thomas de ATW online !

L'achat des 50 777-300 ER est dû aux doutes sur les retards des A350 ! Méfiant le TC !
Mais ça paraît quand même beaucoup d'avions pour une simple précaution concernant ses 20-A350-1000 !
A moins qu'il ne croie pas non plus aux A350-900 !
Il râle car Airbus ne lui demande pas on avis sur les modifs du 350-1000 !
Hum, jaloux de l'influence de Al Baker ! Wink
Il apprécie le futur 777 revampé !
Il a besoin du 380-9 et il pousse Airbus ! Holé ! HouHou Louis Gallois ! affraid

---------------------- Le lien et l'article complet --------------------
Emirates 777 order was insurance against A350 delays; urges A380 stretch

By Geoffrey Thomas | November 16, 2011

Emirates 777. Courtesy, Boeing

Emirates (EK) president Tim Clark confirmed to ATW that its order for up to 70 Boeing 777-300ERs was an insurance against late deliveries of the Airbus A350 (ATW Daily News, Nov. 15). “We do not want to be caught out with a capacity shortfall,” he said.

Clark also said he was bullish on Boeing’s plans for further
development of the 777. “It is looking very good. Mind you, it is one
thing to talk about what you can do another to guarantee it,” Clark said
at the Dubai Airshow.

Boeing is reserved on details of 777 development, but analysts said a
composite wing is a certainty along with weight reduction of up to
20,000 lbs.
“They have learned a lot from the 787 program, which will be
incorporated into the next upgrade of the 777,” one analyst said.

Clark, meanwhile, is cautious on the A350 program slippage. “Our A350-1000 order is in limbo—we want the original specification,” Clark
said (ATW Daily News Aug. 11). “We were not consulted on the changes.”

Clark also told ATW he was urging Airbus to go ahead with a stretch A380 that would seat up to 670 in a three-class configuration.

“We would want an additional 120 to 150 seats and would use it on
medium-range missions to cities such as Bangkok and Beijing,” Clark
said, noting that passengers will drive many miles to take an A380 flight.

“Our Manchester [A380] service is drawing passengers from all over the
north of England. Passengers will drive to Manchester rather than our
other cities such as Birmingham to pick up the A380,” he said.

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Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par Beochien le Jeu 15 Mar 2012 - 18:34

Allez va !
Tim Clark et Thierry Antinori... se roulent par terre et réclament des indemnisations, pour les criques dans les ailes du A380 ! ...
Peut ëtre même avant les premières interventions sérieuses ? 5 A380 de révisés ! Sur 31, anticipant d'ailleurs que toute l'année de prod sera à revoir (Possible !)

Et on sale un peu l'addition, des fois que ... Airbus soit assez mou pour tout payer !

-------- De Jens Flottau, un relais utile chez AviationWeek le lien ---------
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Re: Emirates ! EK ! UAE !

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Jeu 14 Juin 2012 - 13:00

Celle là je la place chez OK

Dubai-based Emirates Airline (EK) is experiencing “enormous” operations problems and has lost nearly $100 million from necessary modifications to repair wing rib cracks on its in-service Airbus A380s.

Speaking on the sidelines of the IATA annual meeting and summit in Beijing this week, EK president Tim Clark told ATW the situation has caused the airline “great difficulty” and has affected its expansion plans.

The cracks issue, discovered early this year, resulted from use of a material known as 7449 that was used in A380 wing rib feet construction (ATW Daily News, May 25). The European Aviation Safety Agency issued an airworthiness directive, extended to all in-service A380s, ordering mandatory inspections of the wing ribs (ATW Daily News, Feb. 9).

EK had to ground six A380s while the inspections/modifications were performed. “That means 30% of our A380 fleet stopped flying. Each one [was] flying 15 hours daily, [with a] 90% load factor,” he said, adding the aircraft were replaced with Boeing 777-300ERs.

“We have to handle it, because we have no choice,” said Clark. “It [the A380] is a hugely successful airplane for us.”

Clark said that in the last quarter of the financial year, “nearly $100 million was hit [to] our bottom line as a result [of] not having [these] six A380s in service.” Aircraft had been grounded for eight weeks “and we had thousands of crews sitting there doing nothing. Is there compensation possible? No one is paying anything at the moment,” Clark said, adding that “John Leahy [Airbus CCO customers] said there is no compensation. We have a different view.”

He said the aircraft took longer to repair than Airbus originally stated. “The problem was Airbus said it [could be] easily fixed in six to 10 days, then it took longer, on average it was 35 days,” Clark said, adding that it really took “30,000 manpower hours per aircraft, [and] you got to do 120 aircraft at $100/hr. [for] manpower.” Also, he said the stranded A380s took up a lot of hangar space in Dubai, impacting MRO work on EK’s remaining fleet.

Airbus will do the retrofits, which will be performed from early 2013 at four MRO facilities worldwide. “We start in the third week in March 2013 until Nov. 14,” Clark said. “There will be always be four A380s out at one time.”

The A380s delivered from early 2014 will have a new all-aluminum rib design.

However, Clark said, “All this wouldn’t stop our interest in getting more [A380] or -900 aircraft. They [Airbus] will fix it. I hope they learn from it.”


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