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Attention au bug


Attention au bug

Message par Invité le Ven 22 Mai 2009 - 2:41

Les compagnies à la merci d'un bug sur le GPS. Le GPS qui permet de rajeunir !

Pas cool la vie parfois ! Enfin une compagnie avertie en vaut deux.
A software bug resident in a wide range of multi-mode GPS receivers (MMR) built by Rockwell Collins could cause datalink and other problems during the chronological transition from 20 to 21 June, cautions the European Aviation Safety Agency.
In a safety information bulletin (SIB) published 20 May, the regulator "strongly" recommended that operators with the units, which fly on practically all Boeing and Airbus models as well the Bombardier CRJ series, develop mitigation plans to deal with the potential problems, which were brought to EASA's attention by Rockwell Collins.
EASA says the error "may cause the MMR to compute a date that is 512 weeks or approximately 19.5 years in the past" unless the unit is powered on during the transition between the days (at 0000h GMT) or if an onboard source such as a flight management system or flight deck clock is set up to provide time to the MMR instead.

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