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GE Honda HF120


Poncho (Admin)
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GE Honda HF120

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Mer 30 Sep 2009 - 22:11

Bonjour à tous !

GE starts HF120 certification tests
By John Croft

Certification tests of the GE Honda Aero Engines HF120 turbofan are imminent, with the first certification engine delivered, instrumented and installed in a full-altitude test cell at GE's Evendale, Ohio facility.

Readying the engine was no small task, as the amount of instrumentation required by engineers weighed more than the engine itself, says Brad Mottier, vice-president and general manager of GE Aviation's business and general aviation operation.

The initial engines are being built in GE's Lynn, Massachusetts facility, with production later to be moved to the Honda Aero production plant in North Carolina.

"It was a challenge to get the type of instrumentation that we typically use with commercial and military engines to extract as much data as we'd like," says Mottier. "Per pound of thrust, this is the most-instrumented engine ever."

Set for use on the $3.9 million HondaJet and the Spectrum Freedom, the HF120 is controlled by a dual-channel FADEC and will produce a take-off thrust of 2,050lb (9.1kN), weigh less than 181kg (400lb) and have an industry-leading 5,000h time between overhauls, up 40% from similar thrust-class engines, according to GE Honda.

The certification campaign follows eight full engine builds and testing of 10 cores, both on the ground an on the company's Cessna CJ1 flying testbed. In total, GE Honda expects to have about 15,000 of ground and flight test hours on the engine when it is certificated next year. Honda expects to fly its first conforming aircraft in January and deliver the first customer aircraft in the fourth quarter of 2011

Petit moteur (181 kg) moderne !

Bonne fin de journée


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Whisky Charlie

Re: GE Honda HF120

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Mer 30 Sep 2009 - 22:14


Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Re: GE Honda HF120

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Mar 11 Oct 2011 - 9:28

Bonjour à tous

Pb lors des tests d'ingestion de glace sur le fan
A revoir avec effet boule de neige sur le reste du moteur
Sachant que le fan est monobloc "blisk" du moyeu aux pales, il n'est pas possible si je comprends bien d'augmenter les épaisseur des pales sans modifier le profil de l'aube... (ça doit être plus simple avec une aube creuse)

Certif repoussée à la seconde moitié de 2012 avec pour conséquence + 9 mois dans la vue pour le Hondajet

Ca peut être l'opportunité pour intégré les besoins pour les dérivés allongés ?

Le Powerjet avait subit des déboires lui aussi

eliveries of the HondaJet will be delayed until at least mid-2013 because of a late-stage redesign of the GE Honda Aero HF120 engine that powers it. The engine fan has undergone the redesign following a failure during an on-ground ice ingestion test, Honda Aircraft president Michimasa Fujino revealed at NBAA 2011 in Las Vegas today. Fujino said he expected the revamped engine to be certified sometime in the second half of 2012. He called the delay “regrettable.”

A spokesman for GE Honda Aero said the redesigned fan blades are slightly thicker, but that the redesign would force a considerable portion of the “air work” performed on the original design to be repeated. Also complicating the redesign is that the fan is made from a blisk or single forging that includes all the blades and the fan hub.

La page de Ge Honda sur le HF-120

Qui fait le fan ?


Whisky Charlie

Re: GE Honda HF120

Message par Beochien le Sam 14 Déc 2013 - 7:36

Ca finit par avancer cette foutue certification du HF-120 !
Ca devrait se terminer dans les premiers mois de 2014 , ouf !

GE sort de la glace pour le HF-120
Ils y retournent pour le GEnx !
Quid pour le LeapX ?? Bon, ça doit être chez Snecma, la partie avant !

De Stephen Trimble, FlightGlobal
Un extrait !

GE Honda Aero Engines has cleared the long-awaited airworthiness milestone for the HF120 turbofan, allowing aircraft maker Honda Aircraft to accelerate efforts to certificate the HA-420 HondaJet and enter operational service next year.
The US Federal Aviation Administration awarded Part 33 certification to the 2,095lb-thrust HF120 programme, according to the joint venture between GE Aviation and HondaJet.
The award follows several years of testing that revealed problems with the original design, especially for how the engine handles ice ingestion. Design changes finally met the FAA’s standards after a testing programme that involved 13 engines and 14,000 cycles on 9,000h of testing.

“This is just the beginning for our team, which has worked tirelessly to demonstrate the technologies in our engine,” says Terry Sharp, president of GE Honda.

The next step for the HondaJet programme is for the manufacturer to receive from the FAA a type inspection authorization, which establishes a baseline of performance to receive airworthiness certification.
HondaJet plans enter service with the first production HA-420 in late-2014, or roughly a year after engine certification.

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