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Red lights for takeoffs
Posted by Michael Mecham at 11/16/2009 11:02 AM CST

In the And-I-thought-I’d-seen-it-all category are these photos from Gibraltar, forwarded to me by my colleague Neelam Mathews in New Delhi

They are of the airport runway in Gibraltar, the tiny British enclave where space is precious. I’ve not been to Gibraltar, but it reminds me of provisions Singapore has taken to use the main highway between the central city and Changi Airport.

Opposing traffic is separated by planters that can be shoved aside to clear a landing strip, should a national emergency require one.

Small cities frequently have to make do. Hong Kong’s old Kai Tak Airport required a sharp right turn on approach and produced wonderful pictures of aircraft on final flying between high rises. I always wished I could have sat in the jump seat to watch. Moving the international airport onto an expanded Chek Lap Kok island in the bay took the drama away

Une photo

D'autre dans l'article

Intéressant n'est ce pas comme concept d'utilisation de l'espace Wink

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