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Alafco loue un B 737-900ER à la Cie charter turque Sky Airlines.

Source : IntelliNews



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SUH s'adresse à Reuters.

Une petite info intéressante, la fenêtre d'annulations dans le contrat A 380. Mais il dit ne pas avoir l'intention....

* No plan to cancel, delay order for 10 Airbus A380s for now

* May change the deal with Airbus given economic environment

KUALA LUMPUR, June 9 (Reuters) - International Lease Finance Corp (ILFC) has no plans for now to delay or cancel orders for 10 Airbus A380s, its chief executive said on Tuesday, but may review the contract given the tough economic climate.

Steven Udvar-Hazy told Reuters that ILFC, the world's largest plane leasing firm, had the right to cancel or defer any of the orders for the A380 between January 1 and June 30 next year, but that no decision on cancellations or delays had been taken yet.

"We have to decide, do we change the deal," he told Reuters on the sidelines of the International Air Transport Association annual meeting in Kuala Lumpur.

"With the global environment and the financial stress in the industry, we have to be very careful. It's not about the aircraft, it's the economic environment, in the next few months, we will have better visibility".

Udvar-Hazy spoke to clarify comments attributed to him on the Web site of German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

Asked whether this was a negotiating tactic ahead of the Paris Air Show, he said:

"We're Airbus' biggest customer, it's up to Airbus to cook up something. This is not the time for Airbus to have cancellations."

ILFC, a unit of troubled insurance giant AIG, has never cancelled an order before, he said.

Airbus, a unit of EADS, has said it was unaware of any cancellations or moves to cancel. (Reporting by Sara Webb; Editing by Raju Gopalakrishnan)


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Aviation Capital Group, un coup de pouce à 850 millions USD de l'Eximbank : pour des Boeing bien sûr !

Pour Airbus, dont ACG est client, je peux me tromper, mais je ne vois rien des organismes européens de couverture de crédits. Ou EADS doit se "débrouiller" ?

De Businesswire :

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.-- Aviation Capital Group (ACG), one of the world’s top tier aircraft
leasing companies, announced today that it plans to use a new financing structure in conjunction with the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im) for aircraft
financing. This new structure taps capital markets that have been largely closed to commercial aviation since the credit market crisis began last September. The transaction provides for the capital markets issuance of more than $850 million in debt backed by Ex-Im to support the financing of 22 Boeing 737s to be delivered to ACG during the next two years. The transaction is a combination of Final Commitment and Preliminary Commitments and that the conversion of the Preliminary Commitment into a Final Commitment requires approval by Ex-Im’s Board of Directors.....


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Bonjour Prat

Airbus fait appel à Heuler, la Coface, ECDG pour garantir les prêts des banques auprès des compagnies clientes.

Pour 2009, c'est pratiquement bouclé, confirmation de F.Bregier, DG Airbus dans la Tribune.


Message par Invité le Dim 21 Juin 2009 - 19:34

Une nouvele de taille :Waha Capital prendrait 50% d'une JV avec AerVenture.

Waha Capital has agreed to buy a 50 per cent stake in a Dutch aircraft finance company with assets worth US$2.4 billion (Dh8.8bn), in an undisclosed cash transaction.

The holding company, backed by the Abu Dhabi Government, will take the stake in AerVenture from the parent company AerCap, a firm based in Amsterdam and listed on the New York Stock

AerVenture has a fleet of Airbus A320-family narrow-bodied aircraft, including 22 in service with airlines such as Air Arabia and Royal Jordanian. It has another 32 on order from Airbus.

Waha and AerCap have agreed to invest $135 million each into the venture. Waha has an existing portfolio of 47 aircraft worth $1.8bn.

“[The joint venture] significantly expands Waha’s footprint in the global acquisition and leasing sector,” said Salem al Noaimi, the chief executive of Waha Capital.

Although the aviation leasing market has suffered with the downturn in global air travel, “times of great challenges are also times of great opportunities”, said Mr al Noaimi. “That is what we are trying to capitalise on here.”

And while the economic slowdown has narrowed the list of banks and financial firms in the aircraft leasing business, Mr al Noaimi described AerVenture as a company with an
“extremely solid financial footing”. He said AerVenture had already arranged the financing requirements and the customers for the new A320s expected to be delivered in the next three years.

Klaus Heineman, the chief executive at AerCap, said his company hoped to benefit from Abu Dhabi’s “recent and growing commitment to the global aerospace sector”.
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Message par art_way le Lun 22 Juin 2009 - 10:07

Gulf Air plans to lease out two A340.

Middle Eastern carrier Gulf Air is intending to lease out two of its
Airbus A340s under a long-term arrangement, although it has yet to
secure a taker.
Gulf Air chief executive Bjorn Naf disclosed the plan during a briefing at the Paris Air Show.
He says the carrier, which has been planning to phase out its A340
fleet, is "looking at leasing out two units" and is "optimistic" of
identifying a "long-term" lessee soon.
Gulf Air is still intending to phase out the A340s - of which it has
nine - but it has reconsidered its plans to lease Boeing 777-300ER
It plans to return all the 777s to India's Jet Airways by about October, having opted not to pursue a dry-lease.
Naf tells Flightglobal sister publication Air Transport Intelligence that
the A340s are "still fit for purpose" but admits that the impact of the
economic slowdown over the past few months has forced the carrier to be
flexible with its plans.
"We couldn't afford to go to dry-lease on such a big ship," he says,
referring to the 777s and adding that Gulf Air could not allow itself
to be "too proud" to return the twin-jets as the business case changed.



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Une légère clarification concernant Aercap et Waha Capital.

Aerventure fut créé par Aercap ( Debis Air Finance auparavant ) avec comme business case de base un portefeuille d’Airbus de la famille A 320, de Boeing 737NG,
Puis de MD80 et 737 Classic.

Les gros porteurs sont également au catalogue comme les B 767, A330 et MD11.

Aercap fait aussi de la location séparée de moteurs ( asset de 70/80 turboréacteurs )

Aercap fait aussi bien de l’operating lease que du sale & lease backs sur avions neufs ou d’occasion.

Le portefeuille total déclaré au 31 mars 09 atteint 295 avions civils commerciaux.

Waha a donc pris 50% d’Aeventure dont l’ « Asset » pris en compte dans la transaction se compose pour l’instant d’A 320. Ce NJL a toujours 32 A 320 en commande ferme. D’après les infos dispo à l’ ADX emirati, deux institutionnelles sont au CA de Waha : Mubadala Development et Abu Dabhi Investment.

Le Headquarter d’Aercap est aux Pays-Bas et des bureaux sont en place aux Etas-Unis, au Royaume Uni, à Singapour, en Chine et en Irelande.

Les tous récents échanges entre Aercap et Waha portent sur quelques A320.

Whisky Quebec


Message par alain57 le Lun 29 Juin 2009 - 13:54

Bonjour, merci Nils pour ces éclaircissements.....

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Message par sevrien le Lun 6 Juil 2009 - 11:05

Bonjour, chers tous.

Petite nouvelle intéressante, qui pourrait passer quasiment
inaperçue !

Lien : SOURCE:Air Transport Intelligence news
Biman Bangladesh looks to lease three 777s in October
By Leithen Francis

Bangladesh's flag carrier is looking to lease three Boeing 777-200/200ERs starting this October so it can resume services to New York and other destinations.
A senior official in corporate planning at Biman, who wishes to remain anonymous, says it wants to lease three 777-200/200ERs starting in October and for the aircraft to be on wet-lease for the first six months, he says.
Pas fou ! Il connaît les membres fiables et valables de la famille B777 !
The carrier then wants to transfer it to a aircraft, maintenance and insurance (AMI) lease for another six months and then have a three year dry-lease, he says.
Il a bien réfléchi à son problème !
April last year Biman ordered four Boeing 777-300ERs and four Boeing 787-8s but first deliveries for the new 777s will be in 2013 and for the 787s it is 2019.
Il va se rendre compte vite de la mort commerciale lente des B777-300ER ! Et en 2013, cela devrait être l'arrivée des premiers A350-XWB-900 ! Pour les B787-8, 2019, ...... semble être plus sage ! Et d'ici-là, la ressource "trésorerie" chez Biman Bangladesh pourrait être plus abondante ! Wink
The carrier needs 777s in October because it plans to resume services to New York JFK and re-open some other routes, he says, adding that routes it closed in recent years are those to Paris, Frankfurt, Mumbai and Tokyo Narita.
In 2007 Biman had to scale back its international operations because some of its aircraft, such as McDonnell Douglas DC-10s, were grounded for maintenance.
It did have five DC-10s but the official today says it now only has four but all are operating.
If Biman succeeds in getting 777s on lease then the phase out of the DC-10s is a possibility, he says.
The airline is also negotiating to lease a third Airbus A310 and hopes to conclude a deal in the next two to three months, he adds.
Pour l'essentiel, voilà le squelette du "Business Plan" de cette compagnie !

Whisky Quebec


Message par alain57 le Lun 6 Juil 2009 - 19:43

15/06/09 07:02 Aéronautique : ILFC réfléchit à se diversifier par rapport au duo
Boeing / Airbus

Petite révolution en vue dans le monde de l'aéronautique commerciale ? Le loueur ILFC, le plus gros acheteur d'avions du monde, pourrait acheter d'autres appareils que des Boeing et des Airbus à l'avenir.
Son président Steven Udvar-Hazy a indiqué que sa firme évaluait actuellement plusieurs avions régionaux, dont le nouveau CSeries de Bombardier et l'appareil MRJ conçu par Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, tous deux sur le segment des avions régionaux (96 places pour l'appareil de MHI et jusqu'à 130 pour celui du canadien).

Selon Bloomberg, un A320 coûte 77 Millions de Dollars, un B737 69 M$, le CSeries 47 M$ et le MRJ 40,6 M$. Notons que les 320 et les 737 ont une capacité plus importante que leurs deux rivaux, mais le patron d'ILFC souligne que les nouveaux arrivants sont peut-être mieux dimensionnés pour certaines missions.
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Message par jullienaline le Mer 9 Sep 2009 - 15:17

Un peu de mouvement chez les lessors. Est-ce l'effet de la crise financière, qui comme chacun le sait, a touché de plein fouet RBS l'année dernière ? Des regroupements de lessors en perspective ? A suivre.

RBS cherche à vendre son activité de location d'avions /Source

LONDRES, 8 septembre (Reuters) - Royal Bank of Scotland

RBS.L a désigné Goldman Sachs pour étudier la possibilité de vendre son activité de location d'avions, RBS Aviation Capital, a-t-on déclaré mardi de source proche du dossier.

RBS Aviation Capital, dont le siège est à Dublin, est l'une des cinq principales sociétés mondiales du secteur.

Le processus en est à ses débuts et Goldman est chargé d'étudier la vente et d'autres options, a-t-on ajouté de même source.

RBS Aviation Capital a une valeur comptable de huit milliards de dollars environ, selon le Wall Street Journal qui a diffusé le premier l'information.

RBS, désormais détenue à 70% par l'Etat britannique après son renflouement par des fonds publics, a entrepris sa restructuration et cherche à se débarrasser d'actifs non stratégiques.


Poncho (Admin)
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Message par Poncho (Admin) le Mer 9 Sep 2009 - 22:09

Merci Jullienaline

Beaucoup de rumeurs aussi autour d'ILFC... et de SUH... il faudra que je cherche des sources....

Pas mal de mouvement à prévoir dans ce secteur probablement.

Whisky Quebec


Message par aubla le Sam 17 Oct 2009 - 9:51

Aerolineas Argentinas cherche à acquérir (en leasing) 6 B737-800 pour remplacer les 737-500 de sa flotte;
il a déjà mené la même opération en remplaçant les anciens 737-200 par des 737-700;
à noter : d'après Aerolineas, les nouveaux 737-700 volent 11 à 12 heures par jour contre seulement 4 heures pour les 737-200 ce qui montre bien les progrès réalisés en terme de disponibilité pour les 737 NG.
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Message par elmer le Mar 12 Jan 2010 - 17:49

Info intéressante dans ces résultats d'AerCap :

Les 6 A330-300 commandés par Virgin par conversion des A340-600 seront revendus à AerCap (opération de sale/lease-back).
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Message par Beochien le Ven 18 Juin 2010 - 14:18


Thai va finalement avoir recours au leasing pour
7 A333 , Leasing financier, juste bancaire on peut supposer !
8 B773 , via lessors !

Voir si cela se traduira par des cdes fermes chez Airbus ?
A surveiller pour Elmer !

---------------- L'article origine du Dow-Jones ---------------

UPDATE: Thai Airways Board OKs Plan To Buy 7 Airbus, 8 Boeing Planes To Modernize Fleet

By Phisanu Phromchanya


BANGKOK -(Dow Jones)- Thai Airways International PCL's (THAI.TH) board has approved plans to procure seven Airbus 330-300's and eight Boeing 777-300ER aircraft as the national carrier seeks to modernize its fleet which some analysts say now lags behind many of its regional rivals.

President Piyasvasti Amranand declined to provide a price tag for the procurement plan.

He told reporters Friday that Thai Airways will acquire the Airbus aircraft via financial lease--with two to be delivered in 2011, three in 2012 and two in 2013--and the Boeing aircraft by operating lease--with delivery of the first four in 2012 and the remaining four in 2013.

Piyasvasti came to office in October last year and has vowed to make sweeping changes in an effort to revitalize the airline, which has long been plagued by questions over its transparency and accused of rewarding politically-connected executives.

The airline will also spend millions of dollars to overhaul its seats and in- flight entertainment in an effort to keep up with rival Asian airlines, such as Singapore Airlines Ltd. (C6L.SG) and Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. (0293.HK).

Piyasvasti said the airline expects to complete its capital-raising plan by the end of 2010, but declined to confirm the size or any other details. The company previously said it had expected to finalize the plan in the third quarter.

Separately, Thai Airways' board also approved a THB8 billion, seven-year loan from Siam Commercial Bank PCL (SCB.TH), which will be used to refinance maturing debt and finance aircraft acquisitions.

Piyasvasti said shareholders also recently approved the issuance of THB11 billion in bonds this year, but added that the board is considering the terms and conditions, and might still consider opting for bank loans instead.

-By Phisanu Phromchanya, Dow Jones Newswires; 66 2690 4200;

(END) Dow Jones Newswires

Read more:

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Merci Patrick


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