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Crash MD11 Avient Aviation au décollage de Shanghai

Whisky Charlie

Re: Crash MD11 Avient Aviation au décollage de Shanghai

Message par jullienaline le Sam 28 Nov 2009 - 11:52

Bonjour à tous,

Un MD-11 cargo de la compagnie Avient Aviation s'est crashé au décollage de l'aéroport de Shangaï.
3 membres de l'équipage seraient décédés et 4 bléssés dont un très gravement.

Un avion cargo s´écrase à l´aéroport de Shanghaï

Un avion cargo immatriculé au Zimbabwe s'est écrasé à l'aéroport de Shanghaï Pudong lors de son atterrisage. Une équipe de 7 membres se trouvait à bord.
L'accident a eu lieu à 07H40 ce matin. Selon les équipes d'urgence, trois personnes ont trouvé la mort et quatre ont été blessées, dont une est dans un état grave. Une fumée noire épaisse s'est répandue au dessus de la piste d'atterrissage. Les pompiers sont immédiatement intervenus pour porter secours. Les autorités aéroportuaires ont décliné tout commentaire à ce propos mais ont signalé des retards de vols en partance de Shanghaï. L'ambassade du Zimbabwe est injoignable pour le moment.


Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Re: Crash MD11 Avient Aviation au décollage de Shanghai

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Dim 29 Nov 2009 - 23:15


Quelques compléments

Crash: Avient Aviation MD11 at Shanghai on Nov 28th 2009, overran runway on takeoff

By Simon Hradecky, created Saturday, Nov 28th 2009 07:49Z, last updated Sunday, Nov 29th 2009 16:09Z
An Avient Aviation McDonnell Douglas MD-11 freighter, registration Z-BAV performing flight Z3-324 from Shanghai Pudong (China) to Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) with 7 crew, overran runway 35R (4000 meters/13123 feet long) on takeoff and burst into flames at about 08:12L (00:12Z). All occupants received injuries and were taken to local hospitals, where three died. Three of the survivors received serious, the fourth received critical injuries but is in stable condition.

Pudong's runways 35L (third runway built) and 35R (first runway built) had to be closed, runway 35L could be reopened 6 hours after the crash. Runway 34 (second runway built) continued to operate all time. About 50 fire engines were at the scene to extinguish the fires.

There are reports, that the airplane had already rotated for takeoff but failed to become airborne resulting in at least one tailstrike.

A Shanghai based pilot witnessing the crash said, that the main gear left the ground just before the end of the runway, the airplane however did not climb more than 10 feet, impacted approach lights and antennas and fell back onto the ground.

Photos (see second image below) support the observation of the Shanghai based pilot showing some tops of the approach lights being damaged and subsequent gear tracks on soft ground until the airplane began to break up.

The three fatalities as well as the critically injured are US citizens, another Belgium, Indonesian and a Zimbabwean were on board of the airplane.

The hospital says, that the injured US citizen is currently stable suffering from multiple rib fractures, blast lung injury and pneumothorax. Doctors are hopeful to scale down the injury condition from critical to serious in about 72 hours unless complications occur. The other three survivors received injuries mainly to chest and limbs.

China's Civil Aviation Accident Investigation Board joined by the NTSB have recovered the black boxes of the aircraft.

Avient Aviation is registered in Harare (Zimbabwe). Z-BAV (msn: 48408) was formerly registered as N408SH, PR-LGD (Varig Logistica) and HL7372 (Korean Air). Avient Aviation had received the airplane just 8 days earlier. The airplane should have flown to Harare (Zimbabwe) via Bishkek.

ZSPD 280130Z 01008MPS CAVOK 12/07 Q1028 NOSIG
ZSPD 280100Z 01009MPS 9999 SCT020 12/06 Q1028 NOSIG
ZSPD 280030Z 01007MPS 9999 SCT020 12/07 Q1028 NOSIG
ZSPD 280000Z 36007MPS 9999 SCT020 12/07 Q1027 NOSIG
ZSPD 272330Z 01008MPS 9999 FEW020 12/07 Q1027 NOSIG
ZSPD 272300Z 01008MPS CAVOK 12/07 Q1027 NOSIG
ZSPD 272230Z 02009MPS 9999 OVC040 12/07 Q1027 NOSIG
ZSPD 272200Z 01008MPS 9999 OVC040 12/07 Q1026 NOSIG

En recoupant donc à priori

- Rotation effectuée
- Mais Tailstrike
- Pas de prise d'altitude

Pour le reste, je ne suis pas metar compatible.

En complément, dans les commentaires

this was the airframe that tipped on its tail at Sydney Airport (SYD) while being unloaded at cargo stand on JAN 09 2002, flying as HL7372 Korean Air Lines

Un petit passé pour cet avion... mais il y a pas mal de temps.

Bonne soirée

Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Re: Crash MD11 Avient Aviation au décollage de Shanghai

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Lun 30 Nov 2009 - 9:02


En complément :

A priori interdiction des MD11 sous immatriculation chinoise en chine

Bonne journée


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