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Biman! BG ! BBC !

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Biman! BG ! BBC !

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Sam 5 Déc 2009 - 22:55

Bonsoir à tous

Sur les ondes ce soir BBC !


Une petite flotte très diverse ! A priori encore des DC10-30 à l'inventaire en attendans les 787...

After Biman became a public limited company, renewed attempts were made to procure new generation aircraft to replace its ageing fleet. In November 2007, Boeing made an offer to supply Biman with four Boeing 777-200s (with options for two more) to be delivered by 2013 and four Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners (with options for two more) to be delivered by 2017 and provide similar aircraft on lease for the interim period beginning in 2009. The average price of these aircraft was quoted as US$165 million. Airbus also made an offer to supply four Airbus A320 or Airbus A330 series aircraft at a much lower price than that of Boeing. To manage the fleet in the short run, Biman again floated a tender in January 2008 to purchase/dry lease with options to purchase two used Airbus A310-300 aircraft.[103]
Finally, on 10 March 2008 Biman Management unveiled its plan to procure eight Next-Generation wide-bodied aircraft from Boeing Commercial Airplanes for a total cost of US$1.26 billion. The eight aircraft include four Boeing 777-300ER with an average price of US$182.9 million per unit to be delivered in 2013 (in the months of July, August, October and December) and four yet to be launched Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners with an average price of US$133.31 million per unit to join Biman's fleet in 2017 (in July, August, October and November). The Boeing 777-300ER will have a seating capacity of 463 while the Dreamliners will have a seating capacity of 294 passengers.[103]
A MoU was signed with Boeing Commercial Airplanes on 15 March 2008 with Biman paying US$1.54 million initial payment with the final agreement signed on 22 April 2008.[104] Of the remaining cost, US-based EXIM bank will finance 85%, while a syndication of local banks will finance the balance. For the interim period, Boeing agreed to arrange a lease of four Boeing 777-200ER aircraft to Biman with two to be delivered in 2009 and two to be delivered by 2010. Shortly after, Biman also signed a deal with Boeing to purchase two Boeing 737-800 aircraft for its domestic operations to be delivered by 2015.[105]
In 2008 Biman wet-leased a 542-seat Boeing 747-200 from Kabo Air of Nigeria for six months to operate flights to KSA and UAE.[106] Another 512-seat Boeing 747-300 has been leased from Orient Thai Airlines

Quelques contorsions pour Boeing pour permettre à Biman d'attendre les 777 et 787...
Des 777 en provenance de SIA sont en cours de livraison, dont le premier 9V-SRA à priori qui fait partie des 200ER qui sont opérés volontairement bridés (ce que je découvre !)

Le site officiel....

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