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Terrafugia, la drôle de bête


Terrafugia, la drôle de bête Empty Terrafugia, la drôle de bête

Message par Invité Sam 13 Juin 2009 - 14:21

Vu sur Avionews et Flight, un drôle d'oiseau Route / Air : "proof of concept"

Terrafugia reports that it successfully completed the first of four phases in its bid to produce a "roadable" sport light aircraft, the Transition. The company's proof-of-concept aircraft completed 28 flights over several weeks starting with first flight on 5 March, with test pilots probing the handling, performance, take off and landing, stability and stall performance of the unique pusher aircraft that can be driven home from airport and stowed in a normal garage.

The company says a Beta prototype is now being built, incorporating modifications learned in the first phase of the program. First delivery is set for 2011.
Whisky Charlie

Terrafugia, la drôle de bête Empty Re: Terrafugia, la drôle de bête

Message par jullienaline Mer 13 Jan 2010 - 16:37

Bonjour à tous,

Terrafugia va utiliser le systeme CATIA de Dassault Systèmes pour la suite du développement de son avion-voiture.

Terrafugia Uses Dassault Systemes to Create Street-Legal Airplane

LOWELL, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Dassault Systèmes, a world leader in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, today announced that its CATIA brand has been chosen by Terrafugia, creators of the revolutionary Transition®️ Roadable Aircraft, for 3D composite and finite-element modeling. Terrafugia will use CATIA Analysis and CATIA Composites Design (CPD) solutions to design and develop its beta prototype, with delivery expected in 2011.
After Terrafugia completed a successful Proof of Concept for the first version of its Transition Roadable Aircraft in early June, the design team began planning the vehicle’s second iteration. Having spent several years developing the initial Transition prototype, Terrafugia identified multiple ways in which they wanted to adjust the original design, including experimenting with alternate materials and sizing for the wings. In order to analyze the way different materials would bend or move under various conditions, the company required a solution with advanced 3D composite ply-modeling, dedicated part-modeling and material behavior simulation capabilities.
RAND North America, a value-added reseller of Dassault Systèmes PLM solutions and 2007 Dassault Systèmes North American Business Partner of the Year, recommended that Terrafugia adopt CATIA for its composite modeling needs. RAND chose CATIA’s composite solutions for their exacting technical features, which would help Terrafugia correct problems like wrinkles and bridges in the very first stages of design by visualizing ply characteristics and fiber behavior. They also emphasized CATIA’s value as an independent finite-element analysis (FEA) tool, thereby eliminating the need for a separate FEA investment.
Impressed by its success with Dassault Systemes’ SolidWorks 3D design suite, which it began using in March 2009, Terrafugia enthusiastically adopted CATIA Analysis and CATIA CPD as composite-focused complements to its existing SolidWorks infrastructure. According to Ben Zelnick, engineer at Terrafugia: “CATIA is a great complement to our SolidWorks solution. Being able to have a full digital model of a ply-by-ply layout will allow us to conduct accurate structural analyses, which is invaluable in reducing the weight of the Transition. In fact, we recently correlated an analysis of a CATIA model of a portion of the structure closely to a sample tested in our facility.”
Jacques Leveillé-Nizerolle, CEO, CATIA, Dassault Systèmes added: “We are pleased that DS SolidWorks’ design-centric customers can now benefit from CATIA’s leading composites virtual design and analysis applications to successfully meet their composites needs. This will complement CATIA’s full PLM strategy which is based on delivering a complete end-to-end PLM composites solution on a single platform, from design to simulation and manufacturing.”
For the upcoming second prototype, Terrafugia’s design team is using CATIA Analysis to create preliminary design simulations rapidly, easily and within a familiar CAD environment. The solution allows the team to optimize its designs based on product performance specifications and to quickly make updates after real-world testing. Moreover, the company is using CATIA CPD to build and test reinforcement spars on the prototype’s structural panels. CATIA CPD gives Terrafugia the ability to verify whether it can feasibly produce what is designed and the ability to perform simulation directly in the same environment.
The collaboration between Dassault Systèmes and RAND North America is representative of a long-standing, strong and active association between the two companies. Kendall Pond, vice president, Dassault Systèmes and liaison for its partnership with Terrafugia, discussed the role of RAND in bringing the CATIA deployment to fruition: “RAND has done a great job of getting Terrafugia up to speed on how to use CATIA very quickly and efficiently. RAND has been integral in helping us build a true relationship with Terrafugia.”
The Transition Roadable Aircraft can cruise up to 450 miles at 115+ mph, take off and land at local airports, drive at highway speeds on any road and fit in a normal suburban garage space. The two-seat vehicle has front wheel drive on the road and a propeller for flight, transforming from plane to car in thirty seconds. Both modes are powered by unleaded automobile gasoline. By giving pilots a convenient ground transportation option, the Transition reduces the cost, inconvenience and weather sensitivity of personal aviation.
For more information, images and videos of the “street-legal airplane,” please visit:

Terrafugia, la drôle de bête Terrafugia_TakeoffTerrafugia, la drôle de bête TransitionGasStation

Si vous êtes intéressé, vous pouvez passer commande ici !


Whisky Charlie

Terrafugia, la drôle de bête Empty Re: Terrafugia, la drôle de bête

Message par jullienaline Mer 7 Juil 2010 - 22:35

Bonsoir à tous,

Le constructeur vient d'obtenir sa certification auprès de la FAA : cet engin est bon de vol !

Terrafugia Transition : la voiture volante homologuée !

Terrafugia Transition, voici le nom de la future voiture volante conçue par une entreprise outre-Atlantique. Elle vient d'avoir le feu vert impératif de l'aviation civile américaine, la FAA.

La Terrafugia Transition est une voiture volante prochainement vendue aux particuliers, rendu possible grâce à l'homologation.

Sportive !
N'allons pas trop loin, la Terrafugia Transition n'est pas faite pour les pistes (de course...), mais bien pour celle de décollage, prenant le sigle LSA pour "Light Sporting Airplane". Sur route, elle est capable de rouler jusqu'à 105 km/h seulement, et possède une autonomie très correcte de 740 kilomètres, consommant 7,8 l/100km.

Seulement deux places, la Terrafugia Transition peut voler à 185 km/h, faire des rotations à 129 km/h, propulsé par un moteur Rotax 912S de 100 chevaux. Aussi longue qu'une Maybach 57, soit 5,76 mètres de long, elle est large de 2 mètres en mode route, et d'une envergure de 8,41 m en mode vol.

Astronomique !
Il n'est pas question d'aller dans l'espace avec ce genre d'engin. C'est bien le prix qui est astronomique. 194.000 dollars, ou 154.700 euros, c'est plus qu'une Porsche 911 Turbo ! Cela n'a rien de définitif, et il faudra un acompte de 10.000 dollars pour tout intéressé.

Quand ?
Si le premier vol a eu lieu l'an passé et que l'homologation de la FAA (aviation civile américaine) a été obtenue, il n'est pas encore question de vente pour le moment, mais le développement est très avancé. Disons deux petites années avant de la voir sur les routes, ou dans les airs. Et ne parlons pas de l'Europe, de l'intérêt moindre pour ce genre de véhicule et des problèmes d'homologations...

Alors, ce concept vous séduit-il ? Compte tenus des chiffres actuels, seriez-vous prêts à acheter un tel véhicule ?



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