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Xian Aircraft Y-20

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Xian Aircraft Y-20 Empty Xian Aircraft Y-20

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Mar 22 Déc 2009 - 23:25


Back in 2005 two Flight colleagues -- Brendan Sobie and Andrew Doyle -- broke the story that China's Xian Aircraft Corp was developing a four-jet freighter sized between a C-130 and a C-17.

Well, four years later, the always fantastic China Military Aviation site has posted the first images of the Y-20. Does anything about this model strike you as, you know, familiar? It's perhaps worth noting that a California jury in July convicted Dongfan Chung, a former Boeing employee, of selling secrets about the C-17, among other things, to ... guess who?

Xian Aircraft Y-20 Y-X3-thumb-560x357-57229 According to the Chinese web site, the Y-20 will weigh more than 400,000lb, placing the transport in an interesting gap between the 585,000lb C-17 and the roughly 311,000lb A400M. Xian Aircraft Y-20 Y-X-thumb-560x293-57231

Placé en terme de taille entre l'A400M et le C17.
Environ 180 t au décollage (ce qui donne un gabarit de 767 environ)
4 moteurs ... est ce qu'on rentre dans la gamme de poussée du futur SF-A ?

Quel horizon ?

A noter quelques histoires d'espionnage en suivant les liens

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