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ACTUALITE Aéronautique

ACTUALITE Aéronautique : Suivi et commentaire de l\'actualité aéronautique

Joe Sutter

Poncho (Admin)
Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Joe Sutter Empty Joe Sutter

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Mer 31 Aoû 2016 - 9:36

On n'avait rien sur Joe Sutter

Donc il est mort à 95 ans...
L'inventeur du 747

Sutter will be best remembered, however, for leading the design of the 747 from 1965 onwards. It was Sutter who led the design away from the initial concepts of full-length double decker to the very wide single deck with twin aisles—the first widebody. The cross-section, which was large enough to seat 10 passengers across with two aisles, was drawn around the space required to accommodate two freight pallets on the main deck.

Chapeau !

Et bon voyage


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