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Message par Xmaad Ven 9 Jan 2009 - 21:20

GECAS prend les devants avec Sky Europe et récupère 6 B737-700 sur une flotte de 14
Article sur Flight, par Victoria Moores

Troubled central European
budget carrier SkyEurope Airlines has had six of its aircraft taken back by US lessor GE Commercial Aviation Services (GECAS), although the airline says it has struck two financial deals and is continuing to operate.

Last month SkyEurope said it was working to resolve a payment default with GECAS which, according to
Flight's ACAS database, owns most of its 14 Boeing 737-700 aircraft.

Today SkyEurope says GECAS terminated the lease of six aircraft with effect from 8 January. It adds:
"The aircraft have been returned to GECAS. The aircraft capacity has been replaced and SkyEurope continues to operate all scheduled flights."

GECAS was not immediately available to comment.
Whisky Charlie


Message par Beochien Mar 13 Jan 2009 - 13:27

Bonjour !

ILFC toujours à vendre ... et sans acheteur à l'horizon !
on ne parle plus de la tentative de SUH !
Le premier trimestre sera couvert ... aprés, l'argent pourrait avoir un coût trés différent ! affraid

950 Avions en location ... tentant quand même !
Valeur 50 Billions, et 35.7 de dettes !
Et prés de 17 Billions de commandes pour 174 Avions, chez A et B !
Bon, les Airframers aideront !

ILFC Quiquinenveut !

-------------------------- Extrait de AJCcom/ AP -------------------------

AIG fleet of planes draws no buyers
Debt concerns complicate sale

By Joshua Freed
Associated Press
Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Minneapolis —- There was a time when buyers would have lined up for a chance to buy one of the world’s largest aircraft owners.
But months after American International Group Inc. hung a “For Sale”
sign on its aircraft leasing subsidiary International Lease Finance
Corp., no deal has closed. AIG is trying to sell assets to repay the
$60 billion federal loan that helped it avoid collapse this fall. But
the same frozen credit markets that hurt AIG are making it hard to find
a buyer for debt-laden ILFC and the planes it values at $50 billion.

ILFC should be one of AIG’s most attractive assets, in part because
it has nothing to do with the troubled housing finance sector. Its 950
planes make up the world’s second-largest fleet, behind only GE
Commercial Aviation Services.
In the U.S., ILFC’s customers include American Airlines, Delta Air
Lines, JetBlue, and US Airways, although 90 percent of its business is
done internationally. That has insulated it from the ups and downs of
U.S. airlines. Its planes are locked into leases, giving it a steady
revenue flow.
Most travelers don’t care who owns a particular plane. But ILFC’s
fate is being closely watched in the aviation industry, in part because
of what it says about lenders’ appetite for airplanes, and in part
because ILFC is the biggest buyer of Airbus planes and among the
largest Boeing customers.
One key to ILFC’s success has been its ability to borrow cheaply to
buy all those planes —- in part because of AIG’s backing, said Fitch
Ratings analysts William Artz and Christopher D. Wolfe. Indeed, ILFC’s
bank debt has a covenant that says it must be at least 51 percent owned
by AIG. That brings the banks in as potential negotiators of a sale.
“If the buyer is weaker, they may have issues with it, and it may have some impact on the ability to sell ILFC,” Artz said.
ILFC’s debt stood at $35.72 billion as of Sept. 30

Whisky Charlie


Message par Beochien Mar 13 Jan 2009 - 15:08

Les nouvelles et leur contraire se succédent vite

UBS à travers de la Banque Moelis & Co mettent à la vente des Assets de AIG

Ils assurent recevoir les premiers "Bids" pour les assets de AIG, y compris ILFC estimé à 8 Milliards de $

Des consortiums pourront présenter des offres !
SUH va être content, il comptait former son propre groupe pour reprendre ILFC !

Mais, comme vu précédemment celà n'a quand même pas l'air de se bousculer, les acheteurs avec le potentiel !

------------- Un Article court ---------------

AIG receives first bids for aircraft lease unit

American International Group Inc (AIG) has received opening bids for its aircraft-leasing business, Reuters reported.

embattled insurer received bids for its International Lease Finance
Corp unit. The sale is being handled by investment bank Moelis and Co,
it reported.

AIG has retained UBS AG to sell its asset-management business and the books are expected to go out as early as this week.[/size][/size]

---------- Et un extrait d'un dév Reuters de 3 pages -------

AIG has said it plans to sell everything except its U.S.
property and casualty business, foreign general insurance, and
an ownership interest in some foreign life operations.

Blackstone Group LP (BX.N) is the global coordinator for
the sale of AIG's assets.

Last week, a source said AIG was close to a deal to sell
its Canadian life insurance business and an announcement could
come this week. And last month, the insurer agreed to sell HSB
Group to German reinsurer Munich Re (MUVGn.DE) for $742


AIG has started selling assets, but is doing so at a
difficult time as the financial crisis crimps the ability of
any would-be buyers to complete deals.

"There are not a lot of firms that are awash with cash,"
said Donald Light, an insurance analyst at Celent. "The
strength in negotiations lies with the buyer, and there are
fewer buyers out there."

The HSB sale came under fire from Maurice Greenberg, the
former AIG chief executive, who said the price was "distressed"
and sought an explanation from the AIG board for the sale

Edward Liddy, AIG's CEO since the bailout, has said the
company will not sell assets at fire-sale prices. The terms of
the revised bailout package also gives AIG more breathing room
to pay the back the government.

Still, selling ILFC, one of the world's largest aircraft
leasing companies, could prove to be a challenge. Analysts have
said the business could be worth as much as $8 billion.
The possibility of forming a consortium to buy the unit is
being looked at, the sources said.

"Figuring out the funding is the key part here," one source

ILFC, run by Steven Udvar-Hazy, who is considered the
godfather of the civil aviation market, owns about $55 billion
worth of planes and is one of the biggest customers of both
Boeing Co (BA.N) and Airbus, a unit of EADS (EAD.PA).

ILFC relied on AIG's blue-chip credit rating for access to
cheap capital for buying planes, but was locked out of the debt
market in September due to the insurer's troubles.

Whisky Charlie


Message par art_way Mar 13 Jan 2009 - 17:05

Gulf Air leasing four 777-300ERs to replace A340s

Middle Eastern carrier Gulf Air is to acquire four Boeing 777-300ERs which it will introduce on routes including London Heathrow from March. The Bahrain-based airline had been considering introducing larger-capacity types such as the 777 or Airbus A340-600. Speaking
to ATI at a briefing in London today, Gulf Air chief executive Bjorn
Naf said the carrier would take all four 312-seat 777s this year, and
lease them for around three years. While Naf declines to identify the source of the aircraft, Gulf Air has already leased two Airbus A330s from India's Jet Airways, which has also been seeking to lease out several 777-300ERs. The
777s would potentially serve as a replacement for a few of Gulf Air's
current A340-300s. Naf says, if that option is pursued, some A340s
could be removed from the fleet this year.
Air will put the 777 into service on the Heathrow route and Naf says
the airline is considering using them on other popular routes such as
Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. It is also looking at the possibility of
serving the US east coast with the type. Naf admits that the fleet plan for the airline is "in flux" and that fine details are still being worked out. Gulf Air expects to receive five Airbus A320s this year, which it expects will replace at least four of its current A320s. It
will also acquire four A330s - one new and three ex-Middle East
Airlines airframes - of which two will replace current jets and two
will be used for expansion. In total the airline expects to receive 13
aircraft over 2009, primarily for replacement. Gulf Air has 20 A330s on order as well as 15 A320s. Naf
says the carrier will take its first ordered A330 in the third quarter
of 2010, giving the company about 18 months to improve cabin seating.
But he adds that the airline is in discussions with Airbus to bring
later widebody deliveries forward. Gulf Air also has up to 24 Boeing 787s
on order. While 787 deliveries have "moved", Naf says Gulf Air is
hoping they will be brought back on track by the scheduled arrival date
of 2016.

Whisky Quebec


Message par pascal83 Mar 13 Jan 2009 - 22:30

Dans les obligations AIG , ils seront obligé de vendre ILFC pour commencer à rembourser le pret octroyer par l'etat.

MAintenant ils ne le vendront pas pour rien

Mais je pense que les acquereurs actuelles sont plus des gens des Emirats et de chine que des americains ou des europeens.

Et cela ne peut interresser l'etat federale, laisser ILFC au mains d'actionnaires non americains (arabe ou chinois) n'est pas concevable.
Ils faut se rappeler du port de NY.
Whisky Quebec


Message par Vector Mar 13 Jan 2009 - 23:07

C'est quoi l'histoire du port de NY?
Whisky Charlie


Message par Beochien Mar 13 Jan 2009 - 23:58

De mémoire ...

Des repreneurs du Golf n'ont pas eu le droit de racheter la société du port de NY pour des raisons de sécurité !
Et c'est dans la loi Américaine (Sécurité nationale qq part)
Un peu comme si l'on vendait JFK à Al Quaida What a Face

Bon celà a été refusé ! Point !

Juste de mémoire !
Whisky Quebec


Message par elmer Mer 14 Jan 2009 - 15:11

SkyEurope suite.

Selon plusieurs sources (ATDB et Skyliner), ce sont les 9 737-700 appartenant à GECAS qui ont été saisis. Restent donc seulement les 5 exemplaires appartenant à SkyEurope.
Whisky Charlie


Message par Beochien Mer 14 Jan 2009 - 23:02

Air France, BA, LH !
Au secours Sky Europe se noie !
Whisky Charlie


Message par Beochien Mar 20 Jan 2009 - 21:26

Bonjour !

Superbe article de Flight Global sur les Lessors !

Le marché en bas de 10 à 20% (Valeur) ... ca va être dur de bien vendre ILFC !
De plus, Bankruptcies à la vista !

Et les intérêts, le Libor ! Facteurs déterminants de négoce de Lessor !
javascript:emoticonp('Evil or Very Mad')
Bon, les intérêts sont trés bas, mais qui veut prêter !

--------------------- Flight Global Extraits, c'est long ! -----------------

Lease rates vary not just by aircraft type but by the nature of the transaction, explains Bob Genise, chief executive of Dubai-based DAE Capital. "If you have to place aircraft in today's market you definitely will see a significant drop in lease rates, and that's probably on a magnitude of 20% in some cases, [but] if you are doing sales and leasebacks with airlines who need to get aircraft financed and who need some liquidity, it's the other way round. I think you'll be able to push lease ­factors and returns up on those types of ­transactions."

What is important to lessors is not lease rates in absolute terms but what AerCap chief executive Klaus Heinemann calls "net margin", or the aircraft's earnings contribution: lease rental minus direct interest cost. He points to the impact of the 300 basis point decline in London Interbank Rate (LIBOR) between the first and fourth quarters of 2008, which would bring a monthly interest saving of $100,000 on a $40 million ­aircraft.

"We find there is over 70% correlation between lease rate movements and interest rate movements," says Stephen Hannahs, chief executive of Aviation Capital Group. "Even though lease rates have come down, our yields haven't been compressed that much... because my corresponding borrowing costs - these are highly leveraged transactions - have also come down," he says.

According to Hannahs, lease rates on three- to five-year-old Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft fell by 10-12% ­between mid-2007 and December 2008. "If a plane was leased 18 months ago at $400,000 a month, it's probably going to be $365,000/$370,000 [now]," he says. Even sharper falls have been observed on older narrowbodies. He estimates that the rates applying to 1990s-build 737s are down by 25-30%, while rates on classics built between 1983 and 1990 have plummeted by as much as 50%.

Trends in lease rates over 2009 will depend partly on rates of airline bankruptcy and/or lease default, which carry the potential to flood the market with unwanted aircraft.

The attractiveness of aircraft as an asset class ­derives from their mobility, allowing them to be redeployed from economically distressed areas to those that are booming. The problem in 2009 is the apparent non-existence of that second category. "Unlike prior down-cycles where you always had pockets of strength in the market, I think the pockets of strength are few and far between right now," says Genise. "Even small quantities of aircraft being put in the market because of bankruptcies increased the supply at a time when there is not a lot of demand."


There appears to be a consensus among lessors that a spate of airline bankruptcies is imminent. However, the industry might not be as hard hit as in the post-9/11 recession. "The airlines - particularly the bigger airlines - learned from the previous downturn and got their costs into shape... and so going into this downturn they're in much better shape than they were before," says Martin. "But unfortunately they haven't had time to rebuild their balance sheets, and particularly the equity in their balance sheets, because they only had a small number of years of profitability in this cycle. There are two sides to it."

Whisky Quebec


Message par pascal83 Mer 21 Jan 2009 - 18:03

Kuwaiti Wataniya Airways takes delivery of first A320

Kuwaiti wataniya airways prends livraison aupres d'ALFACo du premier A320 sur les trois qui doivent arriver.
Whisky Charlie


Message par Beochien Jeu 22 Jan 2009 - 12:31


Mauvais temps pour les financements !

Les lessors souffrent, les demandes imprévues de lease back asséchent les marchés financiers, les banques sont peu motiviées pour accroitre leurs risques, surtoutavec les Airliners, et parfois ne suivent même pas les agences de garanties à l'export (Vu hier)
Les financements des Airframers, pourraient, malgré peut être 10 milliards mis sur sur la table par les constructeurs, ne pas suffire pour boucher les trous !
65-70 milliards de $ à trouver pour 2009 !
Et peut être plus de 20 milliards qui vont manquer à l'appel !

Nouvel et trés complet article de FlightGlobal !
Eclairant une situation, moins que brillante !

------------------ Flightglobal Extraits --------------------------------

Airlines and lessors face decreasing pool of capital
By Laura Mueller

Raising capital will be a major concern for the aviation industry this year as the financial crisis continues to weaken global financiers, leaving few available to fund the sector's stunning demands.

No doubt aircraft manufacturers, helped by European export credit agencies and the US Export-Import Bank, will provide financial support to the airlines. But they will also be called on to provide financial aid to the operating lessors and to a level perhaps never seen before. But even so, this support is unlikely to be enough to fund this year's $65-70 billion new aircraft financing bill as capital will also be needed for refinancings, used aircraft deals and various corporate purposes.


At the close of 2008 maybe a handful of banks were still active in the sector and even fewer were open to new business. This year 15-20 aviation banks and various regional banks should be available for funding but most market observers anticipate that number will shrink as the year progresses.

"Some banks could shut down if they are caught too heavily in a couple of airline or lessor bankruptcies which cause provisions or losses," says Calyon global head of ­aviation and rail Jose Abramovici. Also, he warns that consolidation could lead to fewer ­financiers, particularly "if some new buyers of distressed banks decide that aviation is not ­strategic any more".


Manufacturers say they will be available for customers who come to them cap in hand. Airbus anticipates that it will double the amount of vendor financing on offer to about €2 billion ($2.62 billion) to support commercial aircraft sales and maintain deliveries.

Boeing Capital plans on offering up to $1 billion in new financing this year. However, it has filed a shelf registration with the US Securities and Exchange Commission to sell up to $5 billion in debt securities, which suggests it is preparing to offer more than what it is saying. "That is a good start, but it won't be enough," says a banker, who believes a ­doubling of the figures suggested by the ­manufacturers will be necessary in 2009.


But Morin warns that banks could "price themselves out of the market" if they continue to raise pricing as the increased margins don't reflect the "underlying risk in an Ex-Im guaranteed transaction, which is the full faith and credit of the US government".

"Potentially these higher margins are transforming the banks' problems into Ex-Im's problems and the US taxpayer's problem. Banks cannot expect to keep pushing up margins, which are now at Libor plus 100 ­compared with Libor flat previously, because there are other sources of funding available," says Morin.

But even if Ex-Im does provide direct loans, there will still be a serious funding gap, according to McCormick. He anticipates a $70 billion financing requirement for ­aircraft deliveries in 2009, including regional aircraft, based on financed values. Before ­certain support measures, there will be an "undeniable, serious gap of around $23 ­billion", he say



Message par Xmaad Lun 26 Jan 2009 - 23:24

Mexicana Click remplacerait ses Fokker 100 par des B 717 auprès de Boeing Capital

Sur Flight, extraits :

Mexicana is negotiating leases for about 25 Boeing 717s that will be used to replace the 25 Fokker 100s now operated by its low-cost unit Click…..

...says if the contract with Boeing is finalised, all 25 of Click's Fokker 100s will be replaced with 717s over the next two to three years. But he adds Mexicana will only commit to five or six-year leases because it views the 717 as a "transitional aircraft".....

Most if not all of the aircraft being offered by Boeing Capital are likely to be the ex Midwest Airlines 717s
Whisky Quebec


Message par sevrien Mar 27 Jan 2009 - 10:21

pascal83 a écrit:Mexicana Click to lease ten former Midwest Boeing 717s

Pour skyliner Mexicana click prendrait en leasing 10 717
Bonjour, chers tous, ... bonjour pascal83 !
Lien plus "cossu" : SOURCE:Air Transport Intelligence
Mexicana poised to lease 25 717s
By Brendan Sobie

Extraits et commentaires :

Mexicana is negotiating leases for about 25 Boeing 717s that will be used to replace the 25 Fokker 100s now operated by its low-cost unit Click.
A Mexicana spokesman confirms the carrier has "been in negotiations with Boeing on the 717" and aims to start replacing Fokker 100s later this year.
He says if the contract with Boeing is finalised, all 25 of Click's Fokker 100s will be replaced with 717s over the next two to three years. But he adds Mexicana will only commit to five or six-year leases because it views the 717 as a "transitional aircraft".

Ben sûr ! Un avion de transition. Mais il s'agit d'un avion superbe ! Bien mieux que l'A318, ... mais l'avantage de l'A318 est que (a) il s'inscrit plus confortablement dans des flottes où il y a déjà d'autres membres de la famlle A320 ; (b) il offre un rayon d'action bien plus long ; (c) dans un tel flotte, les coûts de la formation -- PNC & PNT -- , et la souplesse de "cross-type rating" pour les pilotes , sont nettement plus avantageux que pour le B717 (dans un tel contexte, ... le B717 ne 'passe même pas la rampe dese questions de bon sens' ! C'est pour cet ensemble de raisons que BA ne' l'a pas pris comme "regional jet", .... préférant étoffer la composante A319 de sa flotte, notamment, aussi, avec plus de sièges, en raison de sa base à LHR, aérioport fortement "slot-restricted" / 'a forte restriction de créneaux horaires' !

Motorisation excellente du B717 : RR BR715
Early last year Mexicana studied possible replacements for Click's Fokker 100's, including the Bombardier CRJ900 and Embraer E-195. But Mexicana CEO Manuel Borja told Flightglobal sister publication ATI in November its evaluation of new 100-seat aircraft had been put on hold for at least six months due to poor economic conditions.
Du bon sens ! Perspective de retour sur investissement difficile,...voire 'illisible' pour le niveu d'investissement / d'immobilisations de fonds à envisager.
The spokesman says that since November "some of the suppliers came back with better offers," prompting Mexicana to accelerate replacing Click's Fokker 100s. He says Mexicana continues to evaluate the CRJ900 and E-195 and "we haven't signed anything". But he adds "the 717 is the ideal aircraft for the mission we are flying".
Question de "horses for courses" / 'chevaux adaptés au terrain'.
Borja told ATI in November only 100-seat aircraft were being considered because Click's routes are too thin for Airbus or Boeing narrowbodies and Mexicana's unions would likely oppose larger aircraft at lower-cost Click.
L'affaire est bien réfléchié !
The spokesman says Mexicana prefers the 717 over the CRJ900 and E-195 because the 717 has a wider fuselage, allowing Click to preserve its current five-seat abreast configuration. Aussi, avec les portes à l'avant et à l'arrière , qui fonctionnent régulièrement,... tout le temps ....l'avion peut assurer des "'turn-aropund" / 'rotations' de 20 minutes !
The 717s, the spokesman says, "are relatively new airplanes and help us maintain the product we have". He adds Boeing Capital has offered aircraft that were manufactured in 2003 and 2006.
Oui, les avions sont de fabrication récente, et, de toutes façons, très robustes, & à motorisation très fiables et eficace (même en terme de consommation) !
Most if not all of the aircraft being offered by Boeing Capital are likely to be the ex Midwest Airlines 717s. Midwest took delivery of 25 717s from 2003 to 2006, including the last aircraft to roll off the 717 production line. But last September Midwest, as part of a massive fleet and network restructuring, concluded a deal with Boeing Capital covering the return of 16 717s.
Le malheur de Midwest fait le bonheur de Mexicana ! Bel exemple de bonne gestion des actifs / "good asset management " !
A Boeing Capital spokesman says ..."We're talking to a large number of customers. We're not talking about the particulars," he says. "They [the 16 airplanes] are in the remarketing process."
Discrétion !
The Mexicana spokesman says the 717 and Fokker 100 burn about the same amount of fuel and cost about the same to operate but the carrier believes the 717 will be easier to support.
Daux ! Le BE715, qui est l'évolution du RR Tay du Fokker, a une meilleure efficacité de consommation. Mais coût gmobal de l'entretien du BR715 est plus avantageux.
"With the Fokker 100 we don't have problems now but we believe in future we'll have problems getting parts," the spokesman says.
Oui ! Problème de "airframe" plutôt que de moteur, d'ailleurs !
He adds while the 717 is no longer in production Mexicana is confident Boeing will continue to support the aircraft with an adequate pool of parts.
Click launched in 2005, initially operating 10 Fokker 100s which were formerly with Mexicana mainline. As Mexicana has handed Click more domestic routes in response to increased competition from local low-cost carriers, Click took on leases for 16 additional Fokker 100s.
The last six of Click's Fokker 100s were only delivered last year but the spokesman says these are on short-term leases. He says the first batch of Fokker 100 leases expire this year and the plan would be to begin taking 717s as these leases expire.
La vision stratégique est cohérente.
Click's strategy is to operate a single aircraft type on thinner routes. Mexicana, which operates Airbus A318s and A319s in two-class configuration, plans to maintain its presence on denser domestic routes such as Mexico City to Guadalajara, Monterrey, Cancun and Tijauana.
Voir remarques ci-dessus. Les flottes seront gérées & opérées indépendamment l'une de l'autre. Cohérent.
The spokesman says a decision has not yet been made on how to configure the 717s or on exactly how many 717s will be acquired. But he says Click, which now only offers economy class on its Fokker 100s, could opt to keep the two-class configuration currently on the Midwest 717s.
Oui, question de rechercher une part, même modeste, de revenus à plus forte contribution, pour optimioser le "yield management" !
He adds "we're thinking of a number like 25" and in a few years "we will take a look at what product is available" before selecting a long-term solution for Click's fleet.
Très bon article, ... car il fait bien le tour de la question !

Et il est clair que la formule "Leasing" est la bonne pour Mexicana ! Affaire à potentiel très intéressant pour RR, aussi !
Whisky Charlie


Message par Beochien Mar 27 Jan 2009 - 11:13

Bonjour !

Downgrade de ILFC à la catégorie A2 par S&P !
Reflet de l'instabilité du portefeuille clients !
Celà va leur coûter cher, et rendre l'accessibilité aux prêts govt problématique !
Et la vente de ILFC plus compliquée, et peut être ... moins chère !
Adieu les 8 milliards espérés ??
Et peut être une opportunité pour SUH, si le prix baisse ???
GE / Gecas, ne vont guère mieux d'ailleurs !

Au secours Airbus et Boeing ???

---------------------- L'article de Bloomberg Extrait --------------------

Jan. 22 (Bloomberg) -- International Lease Finance Corp., the plane-leasing unit being sold by insurer American International Group Inc., may be shut out of the federal commercial paper program after a downgrade by Standard & Poor’s.

The subsidiary, the world’s largest aircraft lessor by value of planes, had its short-term credit ratings lowered yesterday to A2 from A1 because of cooling demand for airplanes. ILFC got approval in October for as much as $5.7 billion from the government program intended to unclog the market for commercial paper, a short-term financing that drives commerce.

“Under the terms of that program, they have to maintain top tier short-term credit ratings,” Philip Baggaley, analyst at Standards & Poor’s, said today in a conference call. “With our lowering their short-term rating to A2, we expect they would no longer have access to that facility.”

The downgrades yesterday of ILFC’s short- and long-term ratings may hinder AIG Chief Executive Officer Edward Liddy’s sale of the Los Angeles-based unit, part of an auction of dozens of businesses to raise cash to repay a $60 billion U.S. loan. ILFC funds itself mostly by issuing public debt, and the cost of borrowing rises as the rating falls.

The loss of access to the government program shouldn’t be a “near-term problem” for ILFC, Baggaley said. “As part of their overall funding strategy, we’d see them pursuing other forms of financing, most likely secured financing, during the remainder of this year,” he said.

Christina Pretto, a spokeswoman for AIG, and Andrew Williams of the New York Federal Reserve declined to comment.

Credit-Default Swaps

The cost to protect against a default by ILFC increased. Credit-default swaps traders are demanding $1.4 million upfront, or 14 percent of face value, and $500,000 a year to protect $10 million of ILFC bonds for five years, according to CMA DataVision in London. That’s up from an initial cost of $1.1 million yesterday.

AIG shares slipped 14 cents to $1.31 at 4:15 p.m. in New York Stock Exchange composite trading.

Genworth Financial Inc., the insurer spun off by General Electric Co., plunged in New York trading in November after being cut from the U.S. commercial paper program because of rating firm downgrades.

ILFC and General Electric Co.’s GE Commercial Aviation Services are the biggest customers for aircraft makers including Airbus SAS and Boeing Co. ILFC, founded 36 years ago, has a fleet of more than 1,000 planes valued at more than $50 billion, according to its Web site.



Message par Invité Mar 10 Fév 2009 - 23:23

Aercap et sa filiale moteur Aeroturbine ( US ) s'entend avec le canadien Aveos sur la gestion et le support moteurs A320 et B737

Aviation Week :

Two agreements inked this week between Aveos and AerCap subsidiary AeroTurbine will see engine MRO and leased components passing from AeroTurbine to the Canadian MRO. The values of the contracts were not disclosed.

Miami-based AeroTurbine will acquire and lease Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 rotable components to Aveos under a new five-year non-exclusive contract announced Feb. 5. The rotables
included make up "a very long list," said AerCap representative Frauke Oberdieck, who added that the list contains about 90% A320 rotables and 10% 737 rotables.

Engine MRO work also will travel from AeroTurbine to Aveos, per a Feb. 4 deal. Oberdieck
said the non-exclusive deal will make it easier for AeroTurbine to send CFM56-2, -3 and -5 engines to Aveos' shops for repair and overhaul.,%20%20Aveos%20Exchange%20Parts,%20Engine%20MRO&channel=mro

Les transactions du dernier trimestre 2008 annoncées par Aercap
-3 A 330 à Air China
-3 A 330 à Sichuan Airlines
-3 A 320 à Air One

-1 B767-300 à North American Airlines
-1 B767-300 à Aeromexico

Dernière édition par Xmad le Mar 10 Fév 2009 - 23:50, édité 2 fois (Raison : Ajout)


Message par bluesky Mer 11 Fév 2009 - 1:13


Pour ceux qui l'ignore, Aveos est le nouveau nom d'ACTS (Air Canada Technical Service), récemment vendu et qui a du changer de nom.
Whisky Quebec


Message par sevrien Mer 11 Fév 2009 - 1:43

bluesky a écrit:Bonjour,

Pour ceux qui l'ignore, Aveos est le nouveau nom d'ACTS (Air Canada Technical Service), récemment vendu et qui a du changer de nom.
Salut, bluesky ! Merci pour la précision !
Whisky Quebec


Message par pascal83 Jeu 12 Fév 2009 - 12:54

Lien Air et Cosmos

AirAsia X veut louer cinq Airbus long courrier A340-300

SINGAPOUR, 12 fév 2009 (AFP)La compagnie aérienne AirAsia X, spécialiste des vols long courrier à bas coûts a indiqué jeudi qu'elle voulait louer jusqu'à cinq appareils Airbus A340-300 pour pouvoir desservir l'Europe et la Nouvelle Zélande.

Ou va t'elle les trouver?
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Message par Beochien Jeu 12 Fév 2009 - 13:44

Ben ... suffit qu'un loueur les cde à Airbus ! Laughing Un peu risqué peut être ...

A part celà de nombreuses compagnies (Ou loueurs ?) commencent à les retirer de service !
Mais quel potentiel leur reste t'il Question
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Message par elmer Jeu 12 Fév 2009 - 14:21

Il semble qu'Air Asia X recherche des avions dispos à court terme, donc une nouvelle commande (avec un délai de livraison de 2 ans) semble peu probable.

Le premier A340-300 d'Air Asia X est loué chez Air Canada. De ce côté, il en reste un disponible, à moins qu'une autre compagnie l'ai pris récemment.

Sinon, il y a ceux d'Air Comet qui se libèrent au fur et à mesure des livraisons d'A330. Mais ceux-là ne sont pas récents (MSN 7, 13 et 15, tous de 1993).

Le seul -300 d'Etihad, ex-SQ repris par Boeing, est aussi dispo.

A défaut, il y a les -500 de Thai Airways.

(Source : Speednews)


Message par Invité Lun 16 Fév 2009 - 22:20

La Cie indienne Jet Airways va louer deux de ses A 330 à Oman Air

Indiatimes :

The carrier has entered into agreements with Oman Air for the lease out of two Airbus A 330-200 aircraft for a period of six months with effect from May, it said in a filing to the Bombay Stock Exchange today.

The airplanes would be given on a wet-lease basis. Under such an arrangement, operational control and maintenance responsibility would be remain with the Indian carrier. The aircraft would continue to be registered in India and would be operated with Jet's crew.

Jet Airways has already discontinued Mumbai-Shanghai-San Francisco flight as part of its route rationalisation exercise.

The airline has also decided to phase out some foreign pilots and not replace other vacancies which arise due to attrition.
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Message par pascal83 Mar 17 Fév 2009 - 12:52

ILFC serait sur le point d'etre racheté par un fond d'investisssement Chinois qui chercherai un autre actionnaire pour faire l'offre d'achat.


Message par Poncho Mar 17 Fév 2009 - 13:02

En complément :

"CIC has the money but it will be happier to team up with a Chinese bank that knows the business, making the deal more likely a strategic investment to ILFC," he added.

Initial bidders for ILFC included private equity firms Carlyle Group [CYL.UL] and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co [KKR.UL], as well as sovereign wealth funds Temasek Holdings [TEM.UL], Istithmar World, Kuwait Investment Authority and CIC, Reuters reported last month. [ID:nN29548526]


In 2006, Bank of China acquired Singapore Aircraft Leasing Enterprise for about $1 billion. The renamed BOC Aviation is a major client of Airbus (EAD.PA), Boeing's main competitor.

Il y a d'autres concurrents en lice...
2nd tour pour la fin du mois...

ILFC pourrait être racheté par CIC... mais ce n'est manifestemment pas la seule piste Wink
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Message par pascal83 Ven 20 Fév 2009 - 21:03

AIG recoit deux offre pour le rachat ILFC, laquelle est soutenue par le grand SUH

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