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MOD du RU & Défense européenne


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MOD du RU & Défense européenne

Message par sevrien le Jeu 8 Jan 2009 - 4:50

Le MoD (Minsitrey of Defence) du RU distribue les cadeaux de fin 2008, pour donner un petit coup de fouet pour le début de l'année 2009 !

Lien :
Rolls-Royce awarded £258 million UK helicopter support contract
22 December 2008
Rolls-Royce has been awarded a £258 million contract by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to provide engine support to the UK's Sea King helicopter fleet.

The 10-year full availability-based agreement is the first of its type for helicopter engines between Rolls-Royce and the MOD and offers a guaranteed 24/7 delivery of engines for the fleet. It covers all marks of Gnome engines that power the 96 Sea Kings in service with the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy, including the UK's search and rescue fleet......

Autre lien :
DATE:22/12/08. SOURCE:Flight International
UK signs new support deals for Gazelle, Puma and Sea King helicopters
By Craig Hoyle
Rolls-Royce has secured a new, 10-year contract to support the Gnome engines which power the UK Ministry of Defence's Westland Sea King transport, surveillance and search and rescue helicopters.

Worth £258 million ($380 million), the availability-based deal will support a total of 96 Sea Kings currently in service with the UK Royal Air Force and Royal Navy, says R-R........

Enfin ! Et le MoD n'a pas oublié Eurocopter !
Meanwhile, Eurocopter has received a contract to provide through-life support services for the RAF's SA330/Puma HC1 transports (above) and the British Army's Gazelle AH1 observation helicopters until March 2013, with its deal replacing four previous arrangements. The company also expects to sign a service life-extension deal in 2009 to upgrade some of the RAF's Puma fleet to an enhanced HC2 configuration.

Bravo ! Voilà un petit coup de fouet pour la Defense européenne !

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