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BAE 146 conversion transport militaire


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BAE 146 conversion transport militaire

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Dim 13 Sep 2009 - 23:11

Bonsoir à tous,

DSEi: PICTURES: BAE pitches 146 for military airlift role
By Craig Hoyle

BAE Systems has launched a new bid to offer the BAe 146 regional airliner for military transport and airlift applications.

Announcing the proposal at the DSEi exhibition in London on 8 September, the company said its proposed military variants could carry between 80 and 109 passengers, or a cargo of between 11t and 12.5t in freighter configuration.

Dubbed the 146M, the type could be equipped with glass cockpit avionics, additional fuel tanks, steep approach and unpaved runway operating capability, plus defensive aids equipment, says BAE. However, the development would not include the addition of a rear cargo ramp.

“The 146M could serve as a complementary utility to support hard-stretched tactical assets, and support such fleets in a very effective manner,” says Andy Whelan, sales director for BAE Systems’ Asset Management business unit.

In addition to supplementing transports such as legacy Lockheed Martin C-130s amid delays to Europe’s replacement Airbus Military A400M, BAE believes that the 146M could also be used for tasks such as medical evacuation, paradrop, surveillance, or even in-flight refuelling.

Describing the 146 as “robust, rugged and reliable,” Whelan says: “We have the ability to supply and support the aircraft with the longevity that would justify the acquisition.”

BAE says an undisclosed number of Asset Management’s portfolio of 47 BAe 146s “are due back off lease from European airline customers over the next few years”. The -200 and -300-series aircraft were manufactured around 1990, and have around half of their service lives still ahead of them, it adds.

“Delivery timescales are very short, so the aircraft can be put into service relatively quickly to meet current airlift shortfalls,” says BAE, which cites an indicative price of around $2.5 million for a passenger version and around $5 million for a freighter.

The company has yet to approach any of the partners involved in the A400M programme with a proposal based on the 146M, but Whelan says “nations may have an interest”.

This is not the first time that the 146 has been offered for potential military service, with British Aerospace having first touted the idea more than 20 years ago. However, BAE officials believe that the low purchase price now being offered means that “the financials stack up”.

A mettre aussi dans les solutions intérimaires pour l'A400M

Le BAE146 version M proposerait une charge utile de 12.5 t maxi.
Environ 47 BAE146 doivent revenir de leasing les prochaines années formant une base potentielle de cellules à convertir.
L'avion commercialisé depuis les années 90 est en général à la moitié de son potentiel.

Les prix sont attractifs : 5 m$ pour la version fret (moitié moins pour la version passager uniquement).

Pour fixer les ordres de grandeurs, c'est environ 25 m$ pour un C27J (sur la base du marché contracté avec l'USAF) et 15-20 m$ pour le C295.
Intéressant non ?

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Re: BAE 146 conversion transport militaire

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Dim 13 Sep 2009 - 23:17

Un petit rappel

BAE146 STA présenté en 1989... au Bourget.

Une conversion, non BAE, semble avoir été réalisée pour l'armée Autrichienne.

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Re: BAE 146 conversion transport militaire

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Mer 16 Sep 2009 - 23:21

Quelques petits compléments sur le sujet

BAE 146 Airliners To Meet Airlift Shortfall, Budget Crunch?
By: Chris Pocock

September 15, 2009

With the delay to the A400M in mind, as well as tight defense budgets, BAE Systems Regional Aircraft is marketing surplus BAe 146 airliners to military customers as low-cost tactical transports. BAE owns 47 of the four-engine, high-wing jets, many of which are now coming off lease as carriers replace them with new regional airliners.

Although the 146 does not have a rear-loading ramp, “it could be a complementary utility aircraft to hard-pressed tactical airlift assets,” according to Andy Wheelon, BAE sales director. BAE will soon have two 146s available with side cargo doors, which the company converted speculatively but failed to find takers in the airfreight or express business.

They can carry 22,050 to 26,460 pounds of payload. The 146 is already certified for steep (meaning tactical) approaches into small airfields and can operate from unpaved runways with minimal modifications.

Other mods could include additional fuel tanks, and quick-change or combi configurations. Five air forces already operate 146s or the newer RJ version as VIP or staff transports.

Another 25 are in service as business jets. BAE gives an “indicative” price of $2.5 million for a passenger 146 and $5 million for a freighter, and says that “innovative commercial terms” are available to governments and Ministries of Defence.

BAE disposera bientôt de deux avions convertis avec une porte cargo
En tant qu'alternative "low cost" l'absence de rampe arrière est-elle pénalisante ?

BAE dispose d'une flotte totale de 47 avions... (actuellement en partie en location)

Les unités militaires ont des taux d'usages très significativement plus faibles que les unités civiles (c.F. les tankers de l'USAF qui s'ils sont vieux n'ont pas tant d'heures que ça...)

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Re: BAE 146 conversion transport militaire

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Jeu 11 Fév 2010 - 23:24

Bonjour à tous

On en avait déjà parlé...

BAE revient à la charge... (ils ont bcp d'avions sur les bras... et l'idée peut être séduisante au final).

BAe 146 'could be transport stopgap'
By Niall O’Keeffe

BAE Systems is offering its out-of-production regional aircraft as a bridging solution for armies and air forces affected by military transport delivery delays, and is looking to build on a breakthrough deal with a UK Ministry of Defence contractor.

In December, BAE revealed that Titan Airways had leased one of its BAe 146s to fulfil a six-month MoD contract in the Middle East.

Titan, a UK-based charter specialist, had been seeking an aircraft to fly "several times a week" between Bahrain, Muscat in Oman and Minhad in the United Arab Emirates, transporting "around 45 passengers" and freight on these sectors.

© BAE Systems

Now, BAE's regional aircraft division is seeking to expand its presence in military markets. "We're aware that a number of replacement programmes for transport aircraft are running significantly late, and that there may be some opportunities to provide interim capacity," says Steve Doughty, vice-president of sales and marketing at the division.

Deployment of an Avro RJ or BAe 146 could allow a military user to "get 50% of the capability of a specialist aeroplane at 10% of the price" when faced with budgetary constraints or technical delays, he argues.

BAE believes there is also straightforward replacement business to be won, estimating that, globally, over 1,700 ageing turboprop and jet airliners are used for transport and communication tasks by 150 air arms.

Additionally, regional aircraft could be used to free up high-value assets deployed on missions beneath their capability. "Burning up cycles on a [Lockheed Martin C-130] Hercules carrying passengers around, or carrying mail, does not sound like a good use of those assets," says Doughty.

"Use those assets at what they're good for: rear loading ramp capability and special mission operations."

BAE first outlined its so-called 146M passenger/freighter proposal at last September's DSEi exhibition in the UK.

Dans une double stratégie :

- complément à des avions à haute valeur (et fort coût d'acquisition et à l'heure de vol) notamment des C130J qui ne sont pas tjs employés au maximum de leur capacité...

- Remplacement des flottes hétérogènes de 1700 turboprop ou turbojet recensées dans le monde... (il y a encore des C47 en vol Wink )

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Re: BAE 146 conversion transport militaire

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