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F35 JSF Actualité

Whisky Quebec

F35 JSF Actualité Empty Re: F35 JSF Actualité

Message par pascal83 Lun 26 Jan 2009 - 17:55

Roll-out du premier F-35 équipé de son avionique

F35 JSF Actualité Spacer
F35 JSF Actualité Spacer

publié le 26/01/2009 à 16:49, ED
F35 JSF Actualité B_rss
F35 JSF Actualité Spacer
F35 JSF Actualité Spacer
F35 JSF Actualité SpacerF35 JSF Actualité SpacerF35 JSF Actualité SpacerF35 JSF Actualité SpacerF35 JSF Actualité SpacerF35 JSF Actualité SpacerF35 JSF Actualité Spacer

Lockheed Martin a présenté le 23 janvier le premier F-35 Lightning II équipé de ses systèmes de mission.

Le constructeur américain va donc pouvoir entamer la phase d’essais embarqués de l’avionique.

Les systèmes ont été installés sur un F-35B (la version à décollage court et atterrissage vertical) qui devrait réaliser son premier vol ainsi équipé cet été.


F35 JSF Actualité Empty Re: F35 JSF Actualité

Message par cacahuette Lun 26 Jan 2009 - 18:07

Déjà ! Razz
Whisky Quebec

F35 JSF Actualité Empty Re: F35 JSF Actualité

Message par alain57 Jeu 19 Fév 2009 - 16:26

JSF (F-35): Délais et coûts s'envolent
Whisky Quebec

F35 JSF Actualité Empty Re: F35 JSF Actualité

Message par alain57 Mar 31 Mar 2009 - 22:57

GE-RR stoppent les test sur le moteur F136, des débris ont été trouvé dans le circuit d'huile.

GE-RR Halt F136 Tests for Debris Check
Whisky Quebec

F35 JSF Actualité Empty Re: F35 JSF Actualité

Message par sevrien Ven 24 Avr 2009 - 1:57

F-35 & P&W! Une affaire qui marche !

Lien :
STOVL F-35 beats vertical thrust target
By Stephen Trimble
The Pratt & Whitney F135 engine powering the Lockheed Martin F-35B short takeoff and vertical landing (STOVL) variant has exceeded the thrust requirement during hover pit tests leading up to airborne testing.

Lockheed’s first STOVL prototype – dubbed BF-1 – has demonstrated 41,100 pounds of thrust in vertical mode. The new benchmark represents a 1.3% improvement over the rebaselined thrust requirement, and a nearly 5.4% increase over the programme’s original requirement.
Impressionnant !
That extra margin still provides an “excellent” buffer in case the F-35B’s customers need an additional boost of vertical thrust above the current requirement, which is 40,550 pounds.

Significatif !
In 2004, Pratt & Whitney demonstrated an engine that could meet the original requirement of 39,000 pounds of vertical thrust. That requirement became outdated after the F-35B experience a major redesign to offset about 5,000 pounds of extra weight accumulated during the design phase.
A shaft-driven lift fan manufactured by Rolls-Royce powers the F135 engine in vertical mode.

Et cela donne à RR une part du marché / du programme de 40% !
The hover pit tests are among the last steps before BF-1 can attempt to return to flight after a nearly year-long hiatus and transition from conventional flight to vertical landing mode.

Lockheed says it has also demonstrated several key test points before the hover pit tests, including inlet pressure recovery, pitching moment, rolling and yawing moment, effective vector angles of the exhaust and control-input response time.

On dirait que les problèmes rencontrés sont maintenant résolus !
Whisky Quebec

F35 JSF Actualité Empty Re: F35 JSF Actualité

Message par alain57 Ven 24 Avr 2009 - 8:49

un article de plus a ce sujet....

Lockheed Martin F-35B Exceeds STOVL Thrust Requirement
Whisky Quebec

F35 JSF Actualité Empty Re: F35 JSF Actualité

Message par alain57 Ven 24 Avr 2009 - 12:45

Netherlands to buy one JSF

Decision on the F-16 replacement postponed until 2010-2012

07:25 GMT, April 24, 2009
The clash in the Dutch Cabinet on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter seems to be provisionally calmed. After an intense debate on Wednesday and Thursday, the three coalition parties have found a compromise.

The compromise is based on a commitment to go ahead with the purchase of the first of two test aircraft
worth €113.2 million. It is now expected that a Deputy Defence Minister Jack de Vries will sign the relevant contract within this month, while the possible purchase of the second aircraft is to be decided upon in 2010.

The coalition agreement, however, calls for the contract now to be signed to include a clause, under which should the Dutch government decide next year not to proceed with the purchase of the second aircraft due to financial difficulties, it would reserve the right to cancel the first aircraft as well, with financial penalties not to exceed a maximum figure of €20 million. It remains to be seen whether Lockheed Martin would be prepared to accept these conditions.

Be this as it may, by far the most important aspect of the aspect of the compromise is that a final decision of continued Dutch participation to the JSF program will not be made until 2012. This means that the next Dutch government will have to take the decision whether the Lockheed Martin-built aircraft should replace
the F-16 fleet. The entire order is expected to include 85 new aircraft and be worth some €6 billion.

According to Labour Party the agreement will thus allow for a final decision to be taken at a more appropriate time, and based on detailed and credible data as regards the aircraft’s price and performance as
well as the impact of the national industry.

The compromise could be described as an interesting exercise in having your cake and eating it, too. The
politically-charged decision as to whether or not to place a large order for a F-35 fleet is conveniently unloaded onto the next government (whatever it will be), while at the same time Dutch participation to be program is being maintained and Dutch industries stand to obtain further benefits in terms of
workload and R&D opportunities.

As regards Lockheed Martin, the Dutch compromise decision looks very much like the last nail in the coffin of their tentative plan for the European members of the JSF programme to place large orders, while the aircraft is still being developed and its real cost and performance are largely unknown.
Whisky Quebec

F35 JSF Actualité Empty Re: F35 JSF Actualité

Message par alain57 Mar 28 Avr 2009 - 8:19

JSF arrives in the UK for static testing

19:08 GMT, April 27, 2009 After a three-week ocean voyage, the first structural test airframe for the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, also known as the Joint Strike Fighter, has arrived in the United Kingdom. The F-35A conventional takeoff and landing (CTOL) variant static test airframe (referred to as AG-1) , will undergo
testing in the Structural and Dynamic Test facility at BAE Systems’ site in Brough, East Yorkshire, England.

Mick Ord, BAE Systems’ managing director of the F-35 Lightning II business said, “This is another major milestone in the F-35 programme and we’re delighted to take delivery of the full-scale static testing airframe. BAE Systems is a principal sub-contractor to Lockheed Martin on the F-35 programme and brings military aircraft expertise that is critical to the F-35 Lightning II airframe and systems. We lead on several work share areas, of which structural testing is one.”
AG-1 began its travels on March 27 at Lockheed Martin’s Fort Worth, Texas, plant. It was shipped overland to the Texas coast, where it was placed aboard a U.K-bound cargo ship. AG-1 is one of six static test airframes constructed for the System Development and Demonstration phase of the F-35 Lightning II programme, which is developing and validating all of the aircraft’s systems and manufacturing techniques. Another 13 F-35s are dedicated to flight testing.
“The work BAE Systems is performing on AG-1 highlights just one of the United Kingdom’s many indigenous
industrial capabilities that this programme relies upon,” said Tom Burbage, Lockheed Martin executive vice president and general manager of F-35 Programme Integration. “We are conducting the largest-ever test programme for a fighter, and the BAE Systems structural test facilities expand our bandwidth and help us
maintain our schedule.”
Mick Ord added, “BAE Systems is responsible for carrying out a large percentage of the structural and fatigue testing required to qualify all three of the F-35 variants. Some testing has been carried out on smaller components, but this will be among the first of the full airframe tests to be carried out.”

The Structural and Dynamic Test Facility at Brough is BAE Systems’ centre of excellence for structural testing, responsible for providing evidence that airframes meet the design requirements for structural
strength and durability.
The F-35 airframe will be connected to a highly complex test rig in which 165 hydraulic actuators will replicate the loads the aircraft would see in flight. The data from the test will be captured by 4,000
sensors bonded to the airframe.
The test rig itself weighs around 365 tons and has approximately 53 miles (85km) of wiring spread around it to connect all the systems and sensors. The computing power available to control the load applications is roughly the equivalent of 25 high-specification personal computers.

Testing is planned to begin in late July and will take about 15 months, certifying the strength of the airframe and its components and contributing to the aircraft’s flight envelope expansion requirements. Upon
completion of its static testing programme, AG-1 will be shipped back to the U.S.

The F-35 is being built in three variants: conventional takeoff and landing (CTOL), short takeoff/ vertical landing (STOVL) and carrier variant (CV). CTOL and CV durability airframe tests will also be undertaken at BAE
Systems Brough site. Static testing of other F-35 airframes is under way at Lockheed Martin’s Fort Worth facility.
In March, the U.K. Ministry of Defence announced it intends to order three instrumented STOVL F-35 Lightning II test aircraft and associated support equipment for Operational Test and Evaluation purposes.
Whisky Quebec

F35 JSF Actualité Empty Re: F35 JSF Actualité

Message par alain57 Mar 28 Avr 2009 - 19:35

F-35 test plane flies over Eglin

12:47 GMT, April 28, 2009 EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. (AFNS) -- The F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter
test aircraft arrived here April 21 to educate the base and local community about the Department of Defense and world's newest fighter.
The arrival of the test F-35, called AA-1, kicked off a week full of events to showcase the aircraft at Eglin Air Force Base.
"We are very proud to host these JSF events," said Col. Arnold Bunch, the Air Armament Center vice commander. "We hope everyone has a chance to see the aircraft, ask questions and get a better
understanding of its importance. This is the future of Eglin and of the Air Force."

Along with the aircraft, Lockheed Martin brought a cockpit demo, simulators and subject matter experts to give the base and community leaders a firsthand look at the cockpit and what it would feel like to fly the fifth
generation fighter.
"What starts at Eglin, will change the world," said Dan Crowley, a senior Lockheed Martin.
Those in attendance here had an opportunity to see the $44 million fighter take flight over the base and local
area during a sortie April 23. It cruised in the sky with two F-16 Fighting Falcon chase aircraft before passing over the runway for some touch-and-go maneuvers. Afterward, it was parked by the McKinley Climatic Lab for viewing on base.
Marine Brig. Gen. David Heinz, the program executive officer for the JSF program, stressed the importance of the aircraft to troops on the ground.

"The warfighters, the best and brightest of all our nations called to duty and asked to stand out on the very edge -- the pointy edge -- they are relying on us to deliver a safe, effective and affordable product," the
general said.
Nine countries and three U.S. services have orders for the new aircraft and they all will pass through Eglin AFB to learn to fly the F-35.
The 33rd Fighter Wing will transition from an operational fighter unit into a joint training unit in October to educate and train the pilots. The first of the new fighters are scheduled to arrive here in March 2010.
Whisky Quebec

F35 JSF Actualité Empty Re: F35 JSF Actualité

Message par sevrien Sam 2 Mai 2009 - 23:01

Article à lire !

Lien :
Australia commits to 100 F-35s in defence white paper
By Siva Govindasamy
Australia plans to buy up to 100 Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighters (below) as part of a comprehensive plan to revamp its defence force capabilities and prepare for a changing security environment in the Asia Pacific over the next 20 years.

Il faut espérer que les Adeptes du parti pris en Europe, et en France, notamment, commencent à intégrer ce genre de position, ...... qui ne souffre aucune réaction chauvine destinée à faire l'éloge des Rafale et Eurofighter / Typhoon, coiffée par exemple, par une déclaration tendant à montrer à quel point les Aurstraliens "mettent à côté" !

L'appartenance à l'OTAN a des contraintes, et des "logiques", autres que cartésiennes ! Wink
The Royal Australian Air Force, he adds, will be “far more versatile and far more capable” with a “wider range of advanced surveillance, transport and air combat options” as a result. Much of this hinges on the acquisition of the F-35s, which have been confirmed as the backbone of the RAAF’s air strike capability in the future.
A noter !
Canberra is likely to go ahead with the procurement of no fewer than 72 F-35s in the third quarter of 2009, when the aircraft’s delivery schedule will become clearer. A fourth squadron will bought later based on the timing of the withdrawal of the country’s fleet of 24 Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornets that will enter into service from later this year. Australia could convert half of the Super Hornets into E/A-18G Growlers depending on future strategic imperatives.
Les Australiens savent très bien ce qu'ils font !
Il convient de prendre note des 'petites phrases' (réalistes & significatives ici, pas comme les âneries auxquelles la plupart des Hommes Politiques nous ont habitués, sous certains cieux ! ) sur des équiprments tels que :
.....airlift capability with Australia buying another two Lockheed Martin C-130Js,.....

.....troubled EADS KC-30A multi-role tanker transport programme is on track and that the first of five aircraft will be in service soon.
Eight new maritime patrol aircraft provide advanced antisubmarine, anti-surface warfare, and sophisticated maritime search capabilities. These will be supplemented by seven new high-altitude, long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicles to replace the Lockheed Martin AP-3C Orions.
Despite ongoing problems with the platform, Australia reaffirmed its commitment to the Boeing 737-based Wedgetail airborne early warning & control (AEW&C) aircraft.

The navy will get another six new NH Industries NH-90 multi-role helicopters to replace its Westland Sea King fleet, and there will be “added urgency” to buy at least 24 new naval combat helicopters.

Additional emphasis will be placed on increasing the army’s unmanned aerial vehicle capabilities, and the service will also replace its fleet of six Boeing CH-47D Chinook helicopters with a new fleet of seven Boeing CH-47F aircraft. “With a lift capacity of about three times that of a [Sikorsky] Blackhawk, the Chinook is a critical component of the Army Aviation fleet, providing support ranging from tactical and intra-theatre battlefield lift for our soldiers to regional humanitarian assistance” Mr Fitzgibbon said.
Excellente décision !
Il faut vraiment que le parti-pris soit vaincu & évincé ! Very Happy
Whisky Quebec

F35 JSF Actualité Empty Re: F35 JSF Actualité

Message par alain57 Jeu 21 Mai 2009 - 0:12

Pratt & Whitney F135 STOVL completes hover testing and exceeds requirements

18:02 GMT, May 18, 2009 EAST HARTFORD, Conn. | The Pratt & Whitney F135 short takeoff/vertical
landing (STOVL) variant propulsion system, which includes the Rolls-Royce LiftSystem(R), has exceeded thrust performance expectations in recently completed tests, providing more vertical power than required by the F-35
Lightning II STOVL aircraft. The testing was conducted on a specially instrumented "hover pit" at Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth, Texas. Pratt & Whitney is a United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX) company.

"The F135 engine continues to exceed performance expectations to deliver the most advanced, capable fifth generation fighter engine for the F-35," said Warren Boley, vice president, Pratt & Whitney F135/F119 Programs. "The engine demonstrated 41,100 pounds of vertical thrust against our requirement of 40,550
pounds. This means we will deliver excellent margin for the vertical landing and short takeoff performance for our STOVL customers."

During hover-pit testing, the aircraft is anchored to a metal grate 14 feet above a sloped concrete floor, separating the jet from ground effect and enabling it to simulate free-air flight. Sensors measure thrust and the aircraft's response to pilot inputs. This is a highly integrated software driven airplane where the
testing also demonstrates functional operation of all systems required for vertical flight. This includes control of the doors associated with the STOVL propulsion system: engine auxiliary inlet, LiftFan inlet, LiftFan exit, roll
posts, and doors that open to enable the Rolls-Royce three-bearing swivel duct to articulate and vector engine thrust. The hover-pit tests are the final series of ground tests before airborne STOVL testing begins. The F135 STOVL propulsion system includes the Pratt & Whitney main engine and the Rolls-Royce
LiftSystem components.
Whisky Quebec

F35 JSF Actualité Empty Re: F35 JSF Actualité

Message par sevrien Mar 2 Juin 2009 - 13:09

Intéressant ! Qui a dit que les USA étaient en train de s'éloigner d'Israel ?

Lien :
DATE:02/06/09. SOURCE:Flight International
Lockheed makes F-35 assembly offer to Israel
By [url=mailto://]Arie Egozi[/url]
Lockheed Martin has made what is being described by sources as a "very general" offer to have Israel Aerospace Industries manufacture fuselage parts for it F-35 Joint Strike Fighter as part of its effort to encourage Israel to buy the aircraft as early as 2014.
The Israeli air force has expressed its intention to purchase 25 F-35s with options for another 50, but the $135 million unit price for aircraft in its configuration has put the timing of the acquisition in question.
In February 2002 Israel joined the JSF programme as a security co-operation participant, a relatively low status giving it some programme information.
The air force and Israeli defence and aerospace industries are attempting through a special liaison office in Washington to influence the final configuration of F-35s for Israel, but their efforts have so far had little effect.
Israel, s'équipera-t-il de F-35 ?
Whisky Quebec

F35 JSF Actualité Empty Re: F35 JSF Actualité

Message par alain57 Mar 2 Juin 2009 - 15:11

a défaut de F-22 que les USA refuse pour le moment de leurs vendre...!!
le prix unitaire du F-35 fait grincer des dents chez les Israéliens...qui aimerais bien avoir ce qui se fait de mieux dans l'aviation de chasse histoire de garder une bonne longueur d'avance, question de supériorité aérienne régional...
Whisky Quebec

F35 JSF Actualité Empty Re: F35 JSF Actualité

Message par alain57 Jeu 4 Juin 2009 - 21:25

Lockheed Martin details Third Lot Of F-35 Low-Rate Production

05:49 GMT, June 4, 2009 FORT WORTH, Texas | As published yesterdaythe United States
Department of Defense has awarded Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] a $2.1 billion contract modification to produce 17 F-35 Lightning II stealth fighters in the third lot of low-rate initial production (LRIP) (see:

The buy also includes the first international orders – two F-35 operational test aircraft for the United Kingdom and one for the Netherlands.
The contract adds to a May 2008 award of $197 million to fund LRIP 3 long-lead materials, and to a March 2009 contract modification award of $320 million for tooling and test equipment, also beginning in LRIP 3.
Assembly of 14 aircraft in the first two LRIP lots is already under way, with initial F-35 deliveries to the U.S. Air Force scheduled to begin in 2010. Eight development aircraft have entered testing, and the remaining 11 are planned to roll out by year's end.
"As we move more deeply into F-35 production, we are seeing the steady increases in quality and efficiency that track to our target production rate of one aircraft per working day in the 2015 time frame," said Dan Crowley, Lockheed Martin executive vice president and F-35 program general manager.

In March and April, Lockheed Martin received additional contracts totaling $306 million to prepare for the production of 32 additional F-35 Lightning II fighters in LRIP 4. The U.S. and eight nations partnering in the project plan to acquire 3,173 F-35 fighters.
The F-35 is maturing and retiring technical risk rapidly, with 70 percent of system software complete and on schedule, early production processes delivering aircraft with quality levels that surpass those of mature
fighter programs, and flight-test aircraft that have recorded zero technical discrepancies in more than 80 percent of their missions.
The F-35 is a supersonic, multi-role, 5th generation stealth fighter. Three F-35 variants derived from a common design, developed together and using the same sustainment infrastructure worldwide, will replace at least 13 types of aircraft for nine nations initially, making the Lightning II the most cost-effective fighter
program in history.
Lockheed Martin is developing the F-35 with its principal industrial partners, Northrop Grumman and BAE Systems. Two separate, interchangeable F-35 engines are under development: the Pratt & Whitney F135
and the GE Rolls-Royce Fighter Engine Team F136.
Whisky Quebec

F35 JSF Actualité Empty Re: F35 JSF Actualité

Message par sevrien Jeu 4 Juin 2009 - 21:31

Merci, alain!

On se rend compte que "defpro" est une source intéressante !

Les informations sont intéressantes, denses et riches !

Je me demande si la double source (moteurs) va résister à l'épreuve du temps ! Wink
Whisky Quebec

F35 JSF Actualité Empty Re: F35 JSF Actualité

Message par alain57 Mar 9 Juin 2009 - 12:38

Joint Strike Fighter receives its Heart

Kongsberg and Lockheed Martin sign agreement to integrate the Joint Strike
Missile on the F-35 JSF

10:05 GMT, June 9, 2009 FORT WORTH, Texas | Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace and Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] have entered into a cooperative agreement with the objective of integrating the Joint Strike Missile on the F-35 Lightning II, also known as the Joint Strike Fighter. Following integration and certification, the Joint Strike Missile (JSM), could be carried internally and externally on the F-35.

The JSM is a new missile that builds on the mature Naval Strike Missile technology, which is currently in production for the Royal Norwegian Navy and the Polish Navy. The Norwegian MoD awarded a contract to KONGSBERG in April 2009 for the first phase of the JSM development.

The agreement signed today follows on to the Joint Marketing Agreement from 2007. The Joint Marketing
Agreement resulted in the development contract for the first phase of the JSM program and U.S. Government decision to include the JSM as a candidate in its future efforts to provide the F-35 with air-to-surface warfare capability.
Steve O’Bryan, Vice President of Business Development for Lockheed Martin, said, “The JSM will fulfill the advanced air-to-surface warfare mission capability with a missile that can be carried in each weapons bay of the F-35 A/C. Through this agreement, we at Lockheed Martin are committing ourselves to bring the JSM’s crucial capabilities to F-35 operators.”
Harald Ånnestad, President of Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace noted that this agreement “is a joint commitment of Lockheed Martin and KONGSBERG to provide the F-35 partner countries with the required capabilities.”
The agreement will carry this effort further as the two companies coordinate their business development and engineering efforts to offer a high-performance, low-risk defence capability that takes full advantage of the F-35’s attributes.
The 1,000-pound, stealthy and highly maneuverable anti-ship missile has the capability to strike sea and land targets. It employs Global Positioning System/Inertial Navigation System (GPS/INS) guidance with a unique imaging infrared seeker, in-flight data link and an automatic target recognizer (ATR).
The missile has a range in excess of 150 nautical miles.
The agreement will benefit the warfighter by combining the strength and experience of Lockheed
Martin and KONGSBERG to develop and market a new capability. KONGSBERG has strong experience in anti-ship missiles, weapons integration, target recognition software and mission planning systems. The stealthy F-35 is a supersonic, multi-role 5th Generation fighter designed to replace a wide range of existing aircraft, including the AV-8B Harrier, A-10, F-16, F/A-18 Hornet and United Kingdom Harrier GR.7 and Sea Harrier.
Whisky Quebec

F35 JSF Actualité Empty Re: F35 JSF Actualité

Message par alain57 Mar 9 Juin 2009 - 20:46

La stratégie anti-JSF de Boeing se développe
Whisky Quebec

F35 JSF Actualité Empty Re: F35 JSF Actualité

Message par alain57 Lun 22 Juin 2009 - 12:42

New potential export markets for the F-35 JSF

certains se vois déjà seul sur le marché, ...!!!! pas bon du tout, le monopole n'a jamais était LA solution......
visiblement les leçons du passé récent ou lointain sont oubliés.....

09:57 GMT, June 22, 2009 Brigadier General David R. Heinz, Programme Executive Officer for the F-35
Lightning II Programme in Arlington, VA., said on Friday that the sales numbers of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) could be doubled. By now the US together with eight partners already plan to buy more than 3,000 of the fifth-generation fighter. Additionally, the aircraft has high potential for export in countries such as Israel, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Finland and Spain, Brigadier General David R. Heinz said to Bloomberg Press. With this nation the total production could reach some 6,000 and more.

Israel and Singapore have begun talks with the US government that could lead them to join the programme.
Government talks have also begun on possible JSF sales with Finland, Spain, South Korea and Japan.

“It’s entirely possible that by 2020 there will be only one surviving western fighter plane,” Richard Aboulafia, an analyst with Fairfax, Virginia-based Teal. “The F-35 is designed to do what the F-16 almost did: drive competing manufacturers out of the market.”
Lockheed has held 31 percent of the global fighter jet market over two decades with the F-16 Fighting
Falcon, exceeding Boeing’s 24 percent share, according to Teal. The Bethesda, Maryland-based company shipped more than 4,400 F-16s over 35 years, including some 2,200 to international customers.

F35 JSF Actualité Empty Re: F35 JSF Actualité

Message par Invité Ven 26 Juin 2009 - 10:36

Une analyse à lire sur GL Group, le JSF a besoin de deux motorisations


Would you single-source a fundamental component (the engine, no less) of the largest military-aircraft acquisition program in history on the basis of a spreadsheet
rather than a fail-safe approach? Pennies before pragmatism? Especially when
there are slight concerns in some quarters about your main source?


What happens if an engine "performs well" but the manufacturer gets into trouble? Is Pratt & Whitney, lead engine supplier with its F135 on the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter, guaranteed to be around in its current shape 10 or so years from now, when JSF production is expceted to be running in the low-200s per year?

200 airframes without engines is a horrifying prospect and couldn't happen, of
course. Or could it?
The Defense Department's Fiscal 2010 budget request calls for procurement of
513 F-35s over five years, an increase of 25 over previous plans, with another
180 expected to be built for international partners over the same period, according
to Aviation Week.
What would happen then, in 2015, if now, in the 2010 Defense Budget, the
White House gets its way and succeeds in cancelling the alternate General
Electric/Rolls F136 powerplant?

Congress is of course against the White House and Pentagon desire to nix the F136 (lot of vested interests, lot of GE political clout out there), but think for a second of the absurdity of this White House/DOD position. The official line runs something like this: "second-source engines are usually funded by filching allocations from the production-aircraft budget, so no second-source equals more airplanes in the air".

The same logic would advocate cutting off your arm as a part of a weight-reduction exercise. There's posturing and there's posturing, but this is nuts.

Irrespective of one-off votes, Congress has to prevail long-term here, and so
prevent a dangerous new precedent. Single-sourcing the JSF engine would only
work if Pratt & Whitney, GE and Rolls were all in on the program together, a sort of military equivalent of the P&W/GE Engine Alliance which produces the GP7200 for the farcical Airbus A380, the first of Airbus’ new batch of failed commercial and military aircraft and one which continues to hamstring Airbus’ finances while Boeing gets ready to monetize its $150-billion 787 backlog.

This is one of the many differences between free-enterprise aerospace companies
like Boeing and national dog-and-pony show job clubs like Airbus, so beloved of
limbo-IQ Daily Mail readers who just know “European is Best”,
because Mrs Crotchett’s son’s girlfriend’s manicurist’s dad once worked at the British Aircraft Corporation down Hatfield way, so of course they understand everything
about aerospace…

The difference is there for all to see: so many blinkered little-Englanders believe anything their joke newspapers tell them while in the US, it’s balance-sheets not broad-sheets that matter.

And in the US, pragmatism will prevail over knee-jerk short-term reactionary
political posturing. Pratt & Whitney faces an increasingly uncertain future due to its do-or-die positioning with the commercial Geared Turbofan (GTF/PurePower
PW1000G). If the GTF doesn’t perform and isn’t chosen for the new narrowbodies
a decade hence, the company will be marginalised and on the way to being sunk.

Still want to go single-source on the JSF engine, Mister President?
Whisky Quebec

F35 JSF Actualité Empty Re: F35 JSF Actualité

Message par alain57 Ven 26 Juin 2009 - 11:26

First Production HMDS Orders for F-35 Pilots

STAR WAR arrive, a lire + photos sous le lien....!!!
Poncho (Admin)
Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

F35 JSF Actualité Empty Re: F35 JSF Actualité

Message par Poncho (Admin) Lun 20 Juil 2009 - 13:42

Bonjour à tous,

En continuité de Satoru, les deux motorisations du F35 sont encore dans l'actualité of Words Erupts Over F-35 Engines&channel=defense

War of Words Erupts Over F-35 Engines

Jul 17, 2009

Guy Norris/Los Angeles

The future of the Joint Strike Fighter alternate engine program reaches a critical juncture this week when the U.S. Senate is expected to vote on whether to follow through on its earmarking for the General Electric Rolls-Royce F136 in the 2010 defense budget. The second F135-powered F-35B flew for a second time on July 13. If it survives, the first F136-powered F-35 will not fly for at least two years.Credit: STEVE SHANK

It is a vote engine industry insiders say is too close to call, and which could finally make or break the long-running alternate F136 engine campaign. Although losing the full Senate vote would not directly end the program, both sides of the engine debate recognize that coming back from a "no vote" this time would not be easy.

Pratt & Whitney--stung by the loss of two F135 engines in the program cuts this year and facing a similar outcome in 2010 as a result of funding for the F136--is posturing to defend its corner more aggressively than ever before. The company, which also faces the simultaneous threat of losing funding for the final batch of F119-powered Lockheed Martin F-22s, is being bullish over its latest F135 program achievements to date and positive over its cost-cutting plans for the engine.

Pratt's position is strongly backed by the White House, which last week threatened to veto the defense bill if it includes spending on the F136 that Defense Secretary Robert Gates earlier identified as wasteful. A bluntly worded White House statement says "the administration strongly objects to the addition of $438.9 million for development of the alternative engine program. The administration also objects to provisions of the bill that mandate an alternative engine program for the JSF."

Facing its hardest fight for survival yet, the embattled General Electric/Rolls-Royce Fighter Engine Team was buoyed by figures presented by the House Armed Services Committee, which appears to support one of the F136 team's principal arguments that competition will help keep costs in check.

In a statement, the committee says "the F-35 program manager has reported an increase of approximately 38-43% in F135 engine procurement cost estimates between December 2005 and December 2008, in the annual selected acquisition reports for the F-35C and F-35A variants. Between December 2005 and December 2008, engine procurement cost estimates for the F-35B have grown approximately 47%, but the F-35B engine procurement cost growth is attributable to both the F135 engine and the F-35B's lift fan."

But Warren Boley, Pratt & Whitney vice president for F135 programs, says "the numbers referenced represent future cost projections over the total program (30 years) if we do not achieve 'learned-out' cost. However, with the aggressive steps we are currently taking, and our experience in significantly reducing the cost of the F119 as it was learned out, we believe we have the same opportunities for cost reduction with the F135."

Cost savings on the F135, Boley says, will include lessons learned from the test program, lean production initiatives, production changes in the assembly shop and reductions in rework and scrap. "We know what the F-35 Joint Program Office needs, and we know we can get it because we did it on the F119."

The learned-out cost reduction on the F119 was 30%, and "we see those opportunities" for the F135, Boley notes. The projected costs are targeted for the 250th production engine scheduled for 2014, and will hold for the bulk of the program. "That's a significant cost saving on 1,500-3,000 engines," he says. Pratt is currently assembling the initial production configuration units and will deliver the first seven to Lockheed Martin in the fourth quarter of this year.

Despite the House committee's main focus on F135 costs, the F136 team also received a significant boost from the panel for keeping its costs stable. Saying the F136 "has not experienced any cost growth since its inception," it notes the $411-million pre-EMD [equal to system development and demonstration, or SDD] contract cost remained steady, while the main $2.48-billion EMD deal signed in 2005 "has been stable since contract award." In a hard-hitting summary, it adds that, "given the F135 development and procurement cost increases, the committee is perplexed by the department's decisions over the past three years to not include an F-35 competitive propulsion system program in its budget requests."

However, Pratt proponents point out that cost and schedule are easier to maintain in a limited development effort such as the early pre-SDD phases of the F136, and cite indications of growing slippages in the alternate engine schedule. The F136 team acknowledged at the recent Paris air show that the date for the first flight-test engine has slid to early 2011 from 2010, but says this reflects schedule adjustments by Lockheed Martin rather than any engine development issues.

The F136 team does confirm, however, that funding shortages and shifting program schedules have forced it to reprioritize initial service release (ISR) targets. "We've moved it up for CTOL [conventional takeoff and landing] to March 2012, and Stovl [short takeoff and vertical landing] has gone out to the right to around March 2013," says the team. The change to the Stovl target reflects the fact that no F136-powered F-35s are earmarked for the earlier production Lot 4 batch around that time. "They didn't need it until 2013, and we didn't have the money anyway," it adds.

The GE-Rolls team also says budget shortfalls have forced it to push back the initial flight readiness (IFR) milestones for the CTOL engine by three months, and IFR for Stovl by four months. The F136 team first met for IFR reviews in May. The meetings coincided with the resumption of tests on F136 Engine 004 following modifications to the bearing system.

Despite the hold-up, the F136 team insists that the schedule remains on track. Unlike the Pratt test schedule on the first SDD F135, which encompassed some 420 hr. of runs, it says the requirement for the GE-Rolls engine was smaller because the 700 hr. of runs during the pre-SDD phase included many aspects of the later configuration. Engine 004, the first SDD F136 to test, was never intended to exceed 100 hr. before the rebuild, it adds.

Photo credit: USAF

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Un nouveau sujet identifiable dédié au seul JSF

Dans l'actualité : Restart STOVL Tests&channel=defense

Lockheed Martin has restarted the countdown to the first vertical landing by the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter, with aircraft BF-1 returning to flight on Sept. 4 with an hour-long test sortie.

The first short takeoff and vertical landing (STOVL) test aircraft, BF-1 had been on the ground for an extended period to incorporate modifications following earlier flight and hover-pit tests.

Return to flight following modification was delayed by a number of glitches including wiring issues, fixed by rerigging the weapons-bay doors, and problems with the integrated power package, overcome by installing a newer unit.

BF-1 will conduct a series of flights in the Fort Worth, Texas, area, opening the STOVL doors and engaging the lift fan in flight to check out flight-control software changes resulting from earlier doors-open test flights.

Plans then call for BF-1 to ferry to the U.S. Navy test center at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md., to continue powered-lift STOVL “build-down” testing until the first vertical landing, now expected in October.

The second STOVL aircraft, BF-2, completed probe-and-drogue aerial refueling flight-testing to clear the way for ferry flights and has been down for final finishes. The aircraft is due on the hover pit this week as a prelude to returning to flight.

BF-3, the third STOVL aircraft, is in extended ground testing, so the next F-35s scheduled to fly are the first production-representative conventional takeoff and landing aircraft, AF-1, and BF-04, the fourth and final STOVL test aircraft.

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Pratt & Whitney investigates new fan blade glitch for F135
By Stephen Trimble

Pratt & Whitney is investigating how a "handful" of fan blade tips damaged an F135 engine during a ground test simulating the Lockheed Martin F-35's engine performance at supersonic speeds.

The programme's latest technical issue comes amidst a heated debate between the White House and Congress about continuing to fund the F135's rival engine - the General Electric/Rolls-Royce F136.

The new problem also comes amidst a Pentagon-directed cost review for the F135 and the return-to-flight of Lockheed's first short-take-off-and-vertical-landing (STOVL) prototype, which was grounded a year ago to fix a blade fatigue issue discovered in P&W's design.

The F-35 Joint Programme Office estimates it will take five days to identify the cause and corrective action for the F135's latest glitch, says a P&W programme expert who asked to remain anonymous.

Flight tests for the Lockheed F-35 fleet are continuing on schedule despite the investigation, the expert says. The cost to fix the problem is unknown until the root cause is identified, the expert adds.

Engineers discovered the problem when they noticed parts flying out of the tail pipe for a convetional-takeoff-and-landing (CTOL) version of the F135 engine, the expert says.

Upon inspection, the errant parts were traced to several missing fan blade tips that somehow broke off. The parts were ingested into the compressor, which also sustained damaged in the first and second stages, P&W's expert says. The combustor and turbine stages escaped harm from the flying debris.

Besides the fan blades, P&W also intends to retrieve an unidentified part found on the bottom of the engine bay between the fan and compressor stages, the expert says.

The blade problem occurred during the fifth hour of an 11hr series of ground tests simulating the F-35's engine performance at supersonic speed, the expert says. Although the investigation is ongoing, the supersonic acceleration is not considered to be a direct cause of the blade problem.

"The testing that was actually being done is not thought to be primarily contributory," the expert says. P&W is considering other possible causes such as foreign object debris and the structural design of the blades.

P&W officials emphasized that the incident occurred after the engine completed 2,455 cycles, simulating 8 years of operational service life. That should give P&W several years to develop and install a fix for the problem, the expert adds.

The Department of Defense wants to cancel the F136 and make P&W the sole engine supplier for the F-35 programme, arguing that the costs to develop an alternate engine out weight certain benefits such as supplier competition and reducing the risk of dependence on the F135 to power thousands of tactical fighters.

But some in Congress have pushed to overturn the DOD's decision. The House of Representatives has approved a version of the defence spending bill that restores full funding for the F136, but Senate appropriators have agreed to cancel the programme. The two houses decide the issue during upcoming conference negotiations on a final spending bill.

Petit problème sur les aubes de fan du F135 PW motorisant le F35 JSF.
Cette rupture c'est produite sur un moteur présentant plus de 2400 cycles (8 années de vies) ce qui laisse à penser que PW dispose de temps pour trouver la cause et la solution.

Ceci remet en selle l'alternative au F135 PW, sous la forme du F136 RR/GE dont le sénat a gelé le financement... mais dont le congré les a finalement restauré.
Les deux chambres doivent se mettre d'accord sur la suite à donner pour le F136.

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Un petit retour sur la motorisation alternative F136 pour le F35 JSF

Fate Of Second F-35 Engine Nears
Sep 11, 2009

Graham Warwick

The fate of the F136 alternate engine for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter will be the central issue of debate when House and Senate negotiators meet in conference late this month or early in October to finalize the fiscal 2010 U.S. defense budget.

The Senate appropriations committee set the stage for the showdown on Sept. 10 when it approved the defense subcommittee's mark-up of the bill, which omits money for the General Electric/Rolls-Royce F136 engine but fully funds F-35 procurement.

The House appropriations committee had previously added $560 million to their mark-up to fund continued development and initial procurement of the F136, while cutting two aircraft from the Pentagon's request for 30 F-35s to save $538 million.

The standoff has sparked a frenzy of lobbying from both sides, with Pratt & Whitney striving to defend its position as primary and only supplier of JSF engines. With the House firmly backing a second engine, the focus is on the Senate, which has so far heeded threats from the Obama administration to veto the defense budget if it funds the second engine at the expense of the baseline F-35 program.

The JSF engine is not the only area of disagreement conferees face, providing plenty of room for horse-trading. Both sides bowed to administration demands that F-22 procurement be terminated, but they defied the Pentagon in providing funds for more C-17s to keep the line open: the Senate adding 10 and House just three.

The House also added $400 million to make five already-built VH-71 Increment 1 presidential helicopters operational, while the Senate supported the administration's decision to terminate the program and provided money to begin a new competition.

Both sides supported the Pentagon's cancellation of the CSAR-X combat search-and-rescue helicopter program, and added money to procure new HH-60Ms for the U.S. Air Force, with the House adding five and Senate two.

While the Senate funded the administration's requests for procurement of nine F/A-18E/Fs, 22 EA-18Gs and two E-2Ds for the U.S. Navy, the House added money for an additional nine F/A-18E/Fs and one more E-2D. Both cut procurement of UH-1Ys and AH-1Zs for the U.S. Marine Corps -- the House by four and Senate by six -- citing operational readiness concerns.

Additionally, the House trimmed the number of CH-47s for the U.S. Army, citing earlier overprocurement, and cut funding of RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned aircraft for the Air Force to just two, from five, where the Senate fully funded the Pentagon's requests.

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Un article sur les essais de ravitaillement avec le système perche-panier (Probe-And-Drogue).

Lockheed Martin STOVL F-35 Accomplishes Successful First Probe-And-Drogue Aerial Refueling

FORT WORTH, Texas | A short takeoff/vertical landing (STOVL) variant of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter has become the first F-35 to complete an aerial refueling test using the Navy- and Marine Corps-style probe-and-drogue refueling system. Thursday's successful mission is the first in a short series of tests that will clear the STOVL F-35B variant for extended-range flights, particularly to its primary test site at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md.
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