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Boeing 757 Conversion Fret

Poncho (Admin)
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Boeing 757 Conversion Fret

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Dim 13 Sep 2009 - 23:39

Bonsoir à tous

On connait la nouvelle jeunesse du 757 à Winglets (qu'on pouvait voir à Lyon...)

Voici un second souffle pour la version fret issue de cellules passager

Precision Conversions and Leth & Associates Announce Supplemental Type Certificate Amendment for Maximum Zero Fuel Weight Increase on all 757-200PCFs

PORTLAND, Ore.--(Business Wire)--
Precision Conversions, LLC and Leth & Associates, LLC proudly announce that the
Federal Aviation Administration has approved an amendment to Supplemental Type
Certificate (STO1857SE) for a Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW) increase on the
Precision Conversions 757-200PCF freighter. In short, the STC now allows for an
additional 8,000 lbs (3,628 kg) payload increase for both Rolls-Royce and Pratt
& Whitney powered 757-200PCFs above line number 210 and also allows for an
additional 4,000 lbs (1,814 kg) payload increase for both Rolls-Royce and Pratt
& Whitney powered 757-200PCFs below line number 210. The amended weight upgrade
STC, developed by Leth & Associates, approves the MZFW increase on the Precision
Conversions passenger-to-freighter conversion STC (ST01529SE).

Steven Thomas, Precision Conversions President said, "Due to the significant
effort and expertise provided by Leth and Associates, we are now able to offer
our customers a full spectrum of weight upgrades that address all of the
B757-200 aircraft." He went on to say, "As a company we are committed to
continuous product improvement and now with the expanded weight upgrade program,
we are once again demonstrating our commitment."

Currently, there are twenty-one 757-200PCF conversions being operated around the
world. Precision Conversions expects that the majority of current and future
customers will want the weight upgraded version of the 757-200PCF because it
allows operators to fully capitalize on their revenue generating ability. Due to
the specifics of individual aircraft configurations, please contact Precision
Conversions to determine if your B757-200 is eligible for the weight upgrade

About Precision Conversions, LLC

Precision Conversions, LLC ( maximizes the utility,
service life, revenue potential and residual value of the B757-200 as a
freighter for its aircraft Owners and Operators. The company maintains its
executive offices and operations in Portland, Oregon with an additional
marketing and sales office in North Carolina.

About Leth & Associates, LLC

Leth & Associates, LLC is an engineering company engaged in aircraft
certification and modifications. The firm began a relationship with Precision
Conversions in 2000 and was instrumental in the loads development, flutter
clearance, load-survey testing and certification in support of the Precision
Conversions 757-200PCF conversion. The company has been involved in a series of
programs, ranging from noise-improvement, to engine conversions, to major
structural modifications. The company was founded by Ole Leth in 1981 and has
specialized in conversion of passenger aircraft to freighters and weight
upgrades, and most notably supported the conversion of the A300-B4, sponsored by
Aviation Services, a subsidiary of BAE Systems of the UK. The firm is based in
Sammamish, Washington.

Precision Conversions
Brian C. McCarthy, Vice President, Marketing and Sales

Copyright Business Wire 2009

+3628 kg de charge utile ce n'est pas rien. La version -200F (freighter d'origine) a une CU de 39 780 kg.
L'augmentation proposée se situe donc dans les +10%.

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