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Eclipse Aviation


Eclipse Aviation Empty Eclipse Aviation

Message par Invité Ven 27 Fév 2009 - 22:26

Harlow Aerostructure, Wichita, reprendrait Eclipse Aviation placé sous chapitre 7

Sur BizJournal :

Phil Friedman, CEO of Harlow Aerostructures in Wichita, has formed a new group with the intention on bidding for the assets of Eclipse Aviation Corp.

Friedman announced Thursday the creation of New Eclipse Acquisition LLC, which will be seeking to take over Eclipse’s assets following the New Mexico-based corporation’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings.

“It is sad that the company has ended up in bankruptcy, but I believe there is an excellent business opportunity going forward if managed correctly,” Friedman said in a written release. “Our plan is to take the first 24 months to stabilize the fleet of 259 aircraft and restore the brand.”

Friedman’s release says the acquisition company will look to keep as much of Eclipse’s existing structure in place as it could.

“We are actively exploring ways to hold the key talent together during the Chapter 7 process so we can re-employ them with the new company,” he says.

Earlier this week, the corporation announced it wouldn’t oppose the Chapter 7 filing by its
shareholders. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a liquidation of assets to be distributed to debt holders.

Eclipse Aviation Empty Re: Eclipse Aviation

Message par Invité Dim 28 Juin 2009 - 19:31


L'Agence Européenne de Sécurité Aérienne suspend le certificat de navigabilité de l'Eclipse 500

J'ai lu cet article sur Aviation Week :

" The European Aviation Safety Agency said Wednesday that it has notified Eclipse Aviation of its decision to suspend EASA Type Certificate IM.A. 171 covering the Eclipse 500 aircraft effective June 12, 2009.

EASA further requested Eclipse to notify any person to whom this could be of concern. Eclipse Aviation invested several million dollars and spent months of development time to achieve the EASA TC in November 2008 because it was viewed as essential to opening up the market for the aircraft in Europe, a source close to the program told AWIN.

Virtually all Eclipse 500 VLJs that have been delivered have U.S. registration certificates, so
the EASA ruling will have no immediate effect on aircraft in service. But the announcement does potentially have an adverse impact on the value of Eclipse Aviation's intellectual property that Jeoffrey Burtch, Eclipse's Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee, intends to sell at auction. Any potential buyer for Eclipse's assets would have to clear the EASA suspension to make new or existing EA 500 aircraft eligible for registration in any of 30 European nations.

Le Chapter 7 de la loi sur les faillites aux Etats-Unis, est-ce la liquidation ? chut

Eclipse Aviation Empty Re: Eclipse Aviation

Message par Invité Lun 29 Juin 2009 - 18:02

Bonjour Louise !

Le Chapitre 7 correspond bien à la faillite pour mise en liquidation.

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Eclipse Aviation Empty Re: Eclipse Aviation

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