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Turbomeca (groupe SAFRAN)

Whisky Quebec

Turbomeca  (groupe SAFRAN) Empty Turbomeca (groupe SAFRAN)

Message par alain57 Jeu 30 Avr 2009 - 21:28

Makila: the super engine of the Super Puma

12:58 GMT, April 29, 2009 Almost thirty years since first being certified, the Makila helicopter engine
remains the faithful travelling companion of the Super Puma and its successors. It goes on from strength to strength.
In early 2009, the Makila engine from Turbomeca (SAFRAN group) was in the headlines again, as fifty EC725
helicopters equipped with the Makila 2A1 engine were acquired by the Brazilian army. Next, a maintenance center was created for the Makila 1A1 engines equipping the 50 Cougar helicopters of the Turkish armed forces.
Originally developed to power the Super Puma Mk I and its military version, the Cougar, the Makila has kept pace with the evolution of this family of aircraft with its subsequent versions, in particular, the Super Puma Mk II then, more recently, the EC225 and its EC725 military version. The Makila also powers the Rookvalk
attack helicopter of the South African manufacturer, Denel Aviation. Over 2000 of these engines have come off the production line, and today they are in service with 96 operators spread across 52 nations. It is invariably life in the fast lane for aircraft fitted with this engine, often used for troop transport
or medevacking operations. These helicopters also grace the fleets of many civil operators, especially for shuttle operations to and from offshore oil and gas platforms or for transporting VIPs.

Performance and robustness
The Makila has over 7.5 million flying hours to its credit, on the strength of which Turbomeca can boast unparalleled experience and perspective, all feeding into the company’s capacity to offer regular technological enhancements. Hence, over time, this engine has had its power increased from 1200 kW to over 1600 kW. When it comes to the latest arrival in the Makila range: “It is equipped with dual channel FADEC offering the latest in digital engine control,” says Bich-Châu Ho Quang Vincent, Makila program manager at Turbomeca: “The control and monitoring features offer enhanced ease of handling and facilitate maintenance operations,
bearing in mind that, on this model, the Time Between Overhaul objective is 3750 hours, compared to 3000 on the previous generations. Improved performance and endurance: this Makila 2 guarantees even higher levels of security. In addition to the electronic protection provided by the FADEC, the blade shedding function
implemented in the power turbine reduces the risk of damage and provides the ultimate protection in the event of a critical overspeed situation.”
Poncho (Admin)
Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

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Message par Poncho (Admin) Mer 26 Oct 2011 - 17:01

Certification EASA du Arrius 2G1
Pour le Kamov KA226T


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