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Airbus Perlan II : planeur aux limites de l'espace

Poncho (Admin)
Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Airbus Perlan II : planeur aux limites de l'espace Empty Airbus Perlan II : planeur aux limites de l'espace

Message par Poncho (Admin) Lun 27 Aoû 2018 - 17:54


Je le mets là
Il doit bien y avoir des bouts de perlan II planqués un peu partout dans le forum

Vol à 62 000 feet hier avec un planneur

L'objectif c'est 90 000 pieds aux limites de l'espace

Airbus Perlan Mission II, the world’s first initiative to pilot an engineless aircraft to the edge of space, made history again yesterday in El Calafate, Argentina, by soaring in the stratosphere to a pressure altitude of over 62,000 feet (60,669 feet GPS altitude). This set a new gliding altitude world record, pending official validation.
The pressurized Perlan 2 glider, which is designed to soar up to 90,000 feet, passed the Armstrong Line, the point in the atmosphere above which an unprotected human’s blood will boil if an aircraft loses pressurization.

Et l'intérêt ?

This season, Perlan 2 is flying with experiments developed by The Perlan Project’s science and research committee, as well as projects created in collaboration with organizations and schools in the U.S. and Argentina. Perlan 2 research projects currently include:

-       An experiment measuring radiation effects at high altitudes, designed by students from Cazenovia Central School & Ashford School in Connecticut. This project is in coordination with Teachers in Space, Inc., a nonprofit educational organization that stimulates student interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics;
-       A flight data recorder, developed by Argentina’s Instituto de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas para la Defensa (CITEDEF);
-       A second flight data recorder, designed by students at Argentina’s La Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN);
-       A space weather (radiation) instrument;
-       An experiment titled “Marshmallows in Space,” developed by the Oregon Museum of Science & Discovery to teach the scientific process to preschoolers.
-       Two new environmental sensors, developed by The Perlan Project.

Whisky Charlie

Airbus Perlan II : planeur aux limites de l'espace Empty Re: Airbus Perlan II : planeur aux limites de l'espace

Message par Beochien Lun 27 Aoû 2018 - 21:26

Comment ça monte ... A lire !

Er gare aux accidents de pressurisation ...

These conditions are likely to occur in the southern region of Patagonia three to four times per year between mid-August and mid-October. They probably occur in New Zealand, but less frequently; over the Antarctic Peninsula more frequently; and at several locations in the northern hemisphere, but closer to the North Pole at latitudes above 60° north.[citation needed]

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