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Actualités de Boeing

Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Actualités de Boeing - Page 3 Empty Re: Actualités de Boeing

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Ven 11 Sep 2009 - 10:53

Bonjour à tous !

BREAKING: Boeing Charleston votes in favor of IAM de-certification (Update2)

The machinists at Boeing Charleston have voted against continued representation by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, according to the employee hotline set up to notify the workforce of the result.

Employees voted 68 in favor of continued representation by the IAM and 199 against. A simple majority vote was required to continue the IAM's representation of the Boeing Charleston workforce.

In reaction to the preliminary vote that has yet to be certified by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), Boeing spokesman Tim Healy said in a statement it was happy with the outcome and suggested that process was a distraction from the work going on at the facility:

"We are pleased that hourly workers expressed their desire to deal directly with the company on employment matters without any intermediary. We're also pleased that Boeing Charleston can now move forward to focus on excellence and meeting commitments on the 787 program."

According to a report on, IAM spokesman Bob Wood indicated that Boeing involved itself in the vote:

"It's a democratic process. We certainly feel that workers would be better with union representation. It's too bad that Boeing did not stay neutral in the process and let the workers decide."

Healy maintained that the petition to de-certify was driven by employees alone and Boeing had no role in its initiation. Adding that per the rules laid out for a de-certification vote, after the election is scheduled "both sides have a right to communicate their point of view."

Healy said that the initial 2007 vote for representation by the IAM took place prior to Boeing's July acquistion of the Vought Aircraft Industries facility which is responsible for the fabrication and integration of the 787's aft fuselage sections.

The vote may clear the way for Boeing to select the North Charleston, South Carolina site as the location for the second 787 line. A final decision on the line has been based in large part on the relations between Boeing and the IAM, its largest union.

The IAM, which represents the company's more than 25,000 machinists and aerospace workers, went on strike halting production in Boeing's commercial aircraft factories for 57-days during September and October of 2008.

The the vote is expected to be certified by the NLRB within seven days.
Là on touche aux spécificités de l’organisation du travail aux Etats-Unis, dont je ne suis pas spécialiste…

Si je comprends bien, les machinistes de l’usine de Charleston étaient syndiqués et représenté par le syndicat IAM… responsable de la dernière grève de 57 jours à Boeing.
Ils ont votés pour ne plus être représentés par ce syndicat (par qui seront-ils représentés ? plus d’intermédiaires ?)
Ce qui a les implications suivantes :
1) par rapports aux usines de Boeing dans l’état de Washington, dont les machinistes sont syndiqués et représentés par l’IAM, l’usine de Charleston devient plus « simple » à gérer pour Boeing (plus de souplesse, moins de risque de grèves dures).
2) cette nouvelle peut influencer la localisation de la seconde ligne d’assemblage du 787.

J’espère ne pas ne tromper.
Si quelqu’un peut expliquer les choses plus clairement… il sera le bienvenu.

Bonne journée à tous

Whisky Quebec

Actualités de Boeing - Page 3 Empty Re: Actualités de Boeing

Message par Vector le Mer 16 Sep 2009 - 1:19

Très bon résumé Poncho,
Il s'agit des employés horaires et ils n'ont pas pris un gros risque car leurs conditions ne peuvent pas ne pas être alignées sur celles de Seattle. À plus long terme, Boeing pourra jouer un site contre l'autre dans les futures négociations.
Par contre, il reste encore à faire voler le bidule et surtout à l'industrialiser...

Whisky Charlie

Actualités de Boeing - Page 3 Empty Re: Actualités de Boeing

Message par jullienaline le Mer 16 Sep 2009 - 19:42

Bonsoir à tous,

Et le nouveau patron de la branche militaire de Boeing est... ?
Dennis Muilenburg, 45 ans.
Il remplace, bien sur, Jim Albaugh, 59 ans, nommé à la tête de la division des avions civils. Il a effectué toute sa carrière chez Boeing en y étant entré en 1985 comme ingénieur.
C'est un rajeunissement des cadres dirigeants.

Whisky Charlie

Actualités de Boeing - Page 3 Empty Re: Actualités de Boeing

Message par art_way le Mer 23 Sep 2009 - 16:31

Info ou Intox ?

Boeing ready to handle simultaneous first flights of 787 and 747-8

By Brendan Sobie

Boeing has decoupled the flight test programmes for the 787 and 747-8, allowing the two new aircraft to potentially take to the skies for the first time simultaneously.
The 787 and 747-8 are both now scheduled to have first flight during
the fourth quarter, most likely the second half of November or first
half of December. To avoid having to slow down one flight test
programme to keep another on schedule, Boeing has taken the
unprecedented step of entirely separating the two flight test
programmes and allocating each with a dedicated set of equipment and
"We have completely decoupled the flight test programme on the 747
from the 787," says 747 programme vice president and general manager Mo
Yahyavi. "Each programme [now] has its own allocated resources and
support equipment."

He says first flight for both the 787 and 747-8 could "absolutely"
occur the same day now that the two aren't sharing flight test
resources. But whether that happens purely depends on both aircraft
becoming ready for first flight at the same time.
Yahyavi says separating the two flight test programmes has required
additional investment as typically all of Boeing's commercial aircraft
programmes share flight test resources and equipment. "We've had to do
some extra efforts out of the ordinary because we have two major flight
test programmes going on. We needed to make sure our equipment was
reinforced and our resources reallocated properly to get the job done,"
he explained during an interview with Flight International at his
office adjacent to the 747 assembly line.
Yahyavi says the 747-8 programme on its own now has the resources to
fly all three test aircraft before the end of this year. This includes
having sufficient test pilots, engineers, data analysts and "supporting
team members for operation of the airplane during the flight tests".
"We're ready and go and fly the aircraft," he adds.

Poncho (Admin)
Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Actualités de Boeing - Page 3 Empty Re: Actualités de Boeing

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Ven 16 Oct 2009 - 8:55

Bonjour à tous

Une nouvelle qui semble assez surprenant et contradictoire avec les gros moyens que boeing va devoir déployer pour la certif du 747-8 et du 787...

Boeing to cut flight test staff by 200-300 (Update1)
By Jon Ostrower on October 15, 2009 10:18 AM | Permalink | Comments (10) | TrackBacks (0) |ShareThis

Amid the almost unprecedented upcoming demand for flight test resources, Boeing plans to reduce its flight test unit by 200-300.

The cuts will impact the Flight Operations Test and Validation Team responsible for for laboratory and flight test operations, in support of validation and certification of Boeing commercial and defense products.

The reduction is part the the 4,500 cuts already announced by the company's commercial airplane unit, 10,000 company-wide.

Boeing announced the planned layoffs internally this summer, but the company says that 60-day layoff notices have yet to be distributed to the flight test unit.

Boeing says it is closely managing the reduction to avoid any disruption to the flight test schedules for the 747-8 or 787 programs, but emphasizes that it does not expect any disruption occur. The company says it will primarily focus the reductions on the overhead functions of the business, with the intent to limit staff cuts working directly with the aircraft.

The 200-300 cuts will come from the FOT&V team which currently employs 3,500 engineers, pilots, mechanics, and technicians, according to Boeing.

On December 18th, the FOT&V unit, formerly responsible for BCA flight test operations, will be consolidated into a single unit that will combine both commercial and defense flight testing into Test & Evaluations, which is part of Boeing's Engineering, Operations & Technology (EO&T) organization. The Test & Evaluations organization will employ roughly 8,000 following the consolidation.

In an October 8th message to 747-8 program employees, Dennis O'Donoghue, vice president of Boeing test & evaluation and Mo Yahyavi, 747 vice-president and general manager, de-coupled the 787 and 747-8 flight test programs citing the lack of available capacity at the company's Puget Sound airport locations to support the concurrent certification programs.

As a result, the 747-8 will conduct initial airworthiness testing at Moses Lake, Washington and then move to Palmdale, California for the remainder of the flight test program. The company adds that the of planning simultaneous flight test programs for the Boeing 787 and 747-8 has not caused the company to reconsider the decision to reduce FOT&V staffing.

Boeing has not run large-scale concurrent commercial flight test programs since 1982 when the 767 and 757 were being certified.

Boeing revamped its flight test methodology in 2008 to consolidate independent ad hoc units assigned to individual test aircraft to more effectively manage maintenance and support operations. The changes were initiated to support the flight test program for the 787, but was first put into operation in July 2008 with the 777F certification campaign.

Etonnant donc
Décision prise cette été, et non remise en cause par le glissement du planning des deux certifications...

Cela dit 200-300 sur 4500 représente une baisse relativement faible en pourcentage.

A noter, le test du 747-8F qui aura lieu en californie pour des pb de places sur la Puget Sound Area

Bonne journée

Poncho (Admin)
Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Actualités de Boeing - Page 3 Empty Re: Actualités de Boeing

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Mer 21 Oct 2009 - 17:45

Bonjour à tous

les résultats T3 de boeing

Boeing plunges into the red in 3Q, reiterates 787 will fly by year-end
By Mary Kirby

Costs and charges associated with Boeing's delayed 787 and 747-8 programmes pushed the airframer deep into the red for the third quarter.

For the three months ended 30 September, the manufacturer incurred a net loss of $1.6 billion compared to a $695 million profit in the year-earlier period.

Boeing says the results reflect the $2.5 billion reclassification to research and development (R&D) of costs incurred through July for the first three 787 flight-test airplanes and $138 million of spending on those airplanes in August and September.

The previously announced 747 forward-loss of $1 billion is due to increased production costs and difficult market conditions.

Third quarter revenue grew 9% year-over-year to $16.7 billion. Of this amount, Boeing Commercial Airplanes saw an increase of 13% to $7.9 billion on higher deliveries partially offset by lower services volume, while Boeing Integrated Defense Systems saw a 3% rise to $8.7 billion on increased military aircraft deliveries and higher volume in services

Boeing notes that last year's strike and supplier production problems reduced year-ago revenue by an estimated $2.1 billion.

Company chairman, president and CEO Jim McNerney says the 787 cost reclassification and 747 charge "clearly overshadowed what continues to be otherwise solid performance across our commercial production programs and defense business".

He adds: "We look forward to getting the 787 and 747-8 in the air soon and moving forward with flight test and certification for these two important programs."

Boeing has reaffirmed that first flight of the 787 remains on track to occur by the end of 2009, with first delivery scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2010.

The company has also reaffirmed its 2009 revenue guidance at $68 billion to $69 billion. It will issue financial guidance for 2010 with its fourth quarter results.

Pris sur flight global.

Boeing plonge dans le rouge compte tenu des charges sur le 787 et le 747.

Le rythme de livraison reste bon.

3.7 mds de charges supplémentaire ce trimestre
1.6 mds de pertes.

Boeing réaffirme que le 787 volera cette année

Bonne journée

Poncho (Admin)
Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Actualités de Boeing - Page 3 Empty Re: Actualités de Boeing

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Mer 21 Oct 2009 - 17:48

Plus de détails


Actualités de Boeing - Page 3 Empty Re: Actualités de Boeing

Message par 87_Arnac le Ven 30 Oct 2009 - 9:22


Je m'enhardis

Un lien édifiant

5.1 Mds de dollards de pénalités de retard estimé.
L'important pour Boeing c'est qu'une partie de ces pénalités ne sont pas en espèces sonnantes et trébuchantes mais en compensations.

Ai-je bien tout compris ?

Je sais qu'il y a des pros de la question ici

Poncho (Admin)
Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Actualités de Boeing - Page 3 Empty Re: Actualités de Boeing

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Sam 14 Nov 2009 - 22:47


Shareholder files class action suit against Boeing over 787
By Lori Ranson

A class action suit against Boeing has been filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois on behalf of purchasers of the company's stock between 4 May and 22 June of this year.

The complaint charges that Boeing and certain company officers and directors violated the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 by making false and misleading statements about its ability to meet first flight of the 787. Boeing on 23 June announced a delay in first flight of the aircraft, which had been scheduled to occur before the end of June.

Specifically, the complaint alleges Boeing made false and misleading statements in an effort to forestall further cancellation of orders, conceal from the market that the 787 had a structural problem that would prevent first flight by 30 June and first delivery during the first quarter of 2010. The complaint also alleges that Boeing made misleading statements in order to make a positive presentation concerning test results for the 787 and the schedule for first flight and delivery during the Paris Air Show held 15-18 June. "At which Boeing hoped to receive additional orders for the 787 and beat out the showing made by Airbus for the A380", says law firm Coughlin Stoia Geller Rudman & Robbins LLP in a statement.

The more direct competitor to the 787, the A350, secured 10 firm orders from Air Asia X during the show.

The firm says that once the delay in first flight was made on 23 June, Boeing's stock price fell 6.5%, and dropped another 6% the next day.

In the complaint submitted to the court the plaintiff is listed as The City Livonia [Michigan] Employees' retirement system, represented by Coughlin Stoia. The plaintiff is seeking to cover damages on behalf of all purchasers of Boeing common stock during that time period. A copy o the complaint can be found here.

Plus de détail

En liaison avec l'annonce très tardive du report du premier vol du Boeing 787 durant le Bourget.

Bonne soirée

Poncho (Admin)
Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Actualités de Boeing - Page 3 Empty Re: Actualités de Boeing

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Mar 17 Nov 2009 - 13:25

Bonjour à tous

Boeing would finish Tanker in Wichita

The Wichita Eagle
In a departure from previous comments, a Boeing official said finishing work on U.S. Air Force aerial refueling tankers will be done in Wichita if the company wins the contract.

"The finishing work will be there," spokesman William Barksdale said. "Absolutely."

It's too soon to say, however, what the scope of the work would be, he said.

"I don't know what that looks like or how much will be there," Barksdale said. But "it's absolutely an important part of the plan."

Boeing is bidding against a Northrop Grumman/EADS proposal. The Air Force has issued a draft request for proposals for the contract. A final request is expected soon. A decision is expected next year.

In September, Boeing KC-X program manager Rick Lemaster told Flight International that Wichita would be part of a Boeing tanker program. But he said the company could shift finishing work from Wichita to another location to lower costs.

"We are looking at alternatives," Lemaster said then. "If we can find cheaper places to do the (finishing center) work, we will consider that."

The company "came off of that comment and tried to be clear that Wichita is an important part of the modifications and will be part of the modification work," Barksdale said.

He was careful, however, not to say that Wichita would become a "finishing center" for refuelers, something Boeing said would have occurred had Boeing won in a previous round of bidding.

In the last round, the Northrop Grumman proposal beat out Boeing for a $35 billion contract to replace the Air Force's aging fleet of aerial refuelers. Boeing offered a tanker derivative of its 767 airliner.

Boeing successfully protested the award to the Northrop Grumman team. The Government Accountability Office report said the Air Force failed to evaluate both proposals on the same merits.

A Boeing win would have meant 300 to 500 jobs at Boeing Wichita and another 500 jobs for Wichita suppliers, Boeing has said.

Spirit AeroSystems builds part of every Boeing airliner.

This time, Boeing isn't saying how many jobs a tanker contract would mean for Wichita.

In the new round of bidding, Boeing isn't releasing details on which aircraft it will propose, or how they would be built, Barksdale said.

"That's pretty competitive in nature — how you build the plane, what you do in-line, how you modify things," he said.

Wichita has expertise on tanker work. It is modifying 767 commercial aircraft into tankers for Japan and Italy.

C'est probablement aller un peu vite en besogne

Simplement pour rappeler que le Kansas, et Wichita, est déjà une importante base pour Boeing. Des craintes qu'elle soit délaissée pour le sud dans le cadre de ce contrat ont été formulée. Sans fondement donc à priori

Bonne journée

Whisky Charlie

Actualités de Boeing - Page 3 Empty Re: Actualités de Boeing

Message par art_way le Mar 22 Déc 2009 - 13:39

Boeing : prend les 50% d'Alenia dans Global Aeronautica.

( - Boeing a acquis la participation de 50% d'Alenia
North America au capital de Global Aeronautica, unité de
sous-assemblage de fuselage située en Caroline du Sud. Les termes
financiers de la transaction ne sont pas précisés.

L'avionneur américain devient ainsi propriétaire à 100% de cette entité qui
travaille sur le programme du 787 Dreamliner. En 2008, Boeing avait
pris les 50% de Vought Aircraft Industries au capital de Global

Ce dernier avait en effet été constitué en 2004
par la création d'une coentreprise à parité de Vought Aircraft et
Alenia North America, filiale du groupe industriel diversifié italien

Poncho (Admin)
Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Actualités de Boeing - Page 3 Empty Re: Actualités de Boeing

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Mar 22 Déc 2009 - 14:28

Comme dirait Devos... le flux et le reflux...

Vou voyez ce que je veux dire.

De fait, il va y avoir à Charleston une très grosse implantation en très peu de temps.

Poncho (Admin)
Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Actualités de Boeing - Page 3 Empty Re: Actualités de Boeing

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Jeu 28 Jan 2010 - 8:08

Bonjour à tous

Boeing seeks to firm investment for likely 737 and 777 upgrades
By [url=mailto://]Jon Ostrower[/url]

While Boeing expects an overall decrease in research and development funds available in 2011, the company is taking steps to ensure that future 737 and 777 investments are supported.
During the company's fourth quarter 2009 earnings call on 27 January, Boeing CEO James McNerney said he expects the 2011 research and development budget to be a "substantial reduction" from the $3.9 billion to $4.1 billion forecast for 2010 as the flight test programmes for the 747 and 787 wind down. However, he says the remaining budget would continue to allow the company to "pursue potential investments in 737 and 777".
Specifically those investments include potential re-engining of the 737, a study that is currently "under active consideration from a product requirement standpoint", says McNerney.
"We're beginning to harden up alternatives, maturing the technologies with the right amount of R&D spending, and have a wedge in our budget to quickly move on both as the market requires," he says.
Boeing rival Airbus expects to make a decision on re-engining the A320 family during 2010.
Additionally, McNerney acknowledged that an open question remains regarding potential deferrals by existing 737 customers to take advantage of a re-engined airframe later in the decade, putting pressure on existing production rates which have remained at a steady 31 aircraft per month throughout the recession.
"I think there is always this tension when new technology is introduced," says McNerney. Adding that "It's that customer base that is pushing us to consider re-engining, or in some cases, a completely new airplane."
While not offering insight into Boeing's preferred option, McNerney says airlines appear to be focused more on increasing productivity of existing models rather than showing concern about product obsolescence. "That's a change in the behaviour out there. Many of the operators are anxious for us to move," he says.
For the 777, Boeing revealed at the 2009 Paris air show that it was studying a potential re-winging of the large twin-engine aircraft.
McNerney maintains that a decision on the future of the 777 programme would come after more details are available regarding the Airbus A350-1000, and after 737 decision is made.

Baisse des investissements RD prévus en 2011 du fait de la fin des efforts sur le 787-8 et le 747-8.
Les budgets alloués permettent néanmoins de travailler sur le remplacement du 777 et du 737... et pour ce dernier un éventuelle remotorisation... dont l'opportunité d'étude est activement considérée.

Au passage :

Cadences pour 2010 sur le 737 maintenue..

Bonne journée

Poncho (Admin)
Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Actualités de Boeing - Page 3 Empty Re: Actualités de Boeing

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Mer 10 Mar 2010 - 8:48


Un point d'Albaugh de Boeing chez JP Morgan Transportation

Un petit lien avec quelques points clés de l'intervention

A summary of the call can be found below:

· Aim to achieve BCA/DSS balance

· Well into flight test programs (FTP) of 787-8 and 747-8F

· 787 will change the way people travel

· Focus on execution, functional excellence and growth

· Engineer leadership for better program oversight

· Aim to avoid issues seen on 787 in future

· Brought back icons of Boeing company

· Focus on business development

· Backlog circa 3,400 airplanes

· Traffic growth continues to climb

· Airlines back in the marketplace by 2012

· 787 gonna be a challenge (for 2010)

· Aggressive FTP in front of us

· Aim to fly 787s for 90hrs/week

· Ramp up to 2.5 787s by Aug 2010

· Ramp up to 10/month by 2013

· Gonna make darn sure we meet commitments

· 787 not profitable enough for the investment made into it

· Improving productivity will help profitability

· Decoupled FTP for 787 and 747-8F

· Staffed for both programs

· Didn’t feel it got enough value for potential orders in 2009

· 737 & 777 foundation of BCA

· 737: soon be crowded marketplace – no longer a duopoly

· Do we re-engine, do we go with all new airplane?

· Do not want a “me-too” airplane (in 737)

· Focus on value, not price

· Talking with all engine makers

· 787 technology scaled down & applied to 737

· No 737 decision at Farnborough

· Want to be in first place

· Have to deliver airplane that delivers more value

· Guarantee that wont happen (i.e. exiting the single aisle market)

· Need to address ageing workforce

· Good variety in model mix

· 737 Sky Interior debuts with FlyDubai in October

· 777 – looking to improve fuel burn, MZFW

· Looking at options for engine capability for Rolls-Royce/General Electric (on 777)

· 787 – strong market demand

· More confidence to meet guarantees for customers

· Good info flow between 787-8 and 787-9

· Working to take weight out of 787-9, further block point improvements on 787-9 to cut weight

· 40% of flutter tests completed

· Achieved Mach 0.97 in a dive – “solid as a rock”

· Remained pressurised at 6,000ft when at 40,000ft

· Month-and-a-half of contingency in FTP

· ZA003 flies this Sunday (March 14th 2010)

· 747-8F – three weeks late into FTP

· First flight of third 747-9F on March 15th, 2010

· First flight of third 747-9F on March 17th, 2010

· 747-8F got both range and payload

· Decision on 747 production rate this summer

· Remains sold out through 2012

· 777 rate decision due next month

· Execution on 787 and 747-8F

· Retired risks, lots of risk still ahead

· Solid teams in place

· Both 737/777 gonna be under attack

· Looking to expand margins on 787 and 747-8F

· Rebuilding market leadership

· Aim to deliver more airplanes in FY11 than Airbus

· Anticipate 777 orders in near term

· Rate change effective in 2011

· Need to be able to stay at higher rates

· A350 will be a good airplane

· Lots of good years of 777-300ER production

· Better turnarounds on 787 in FTP

· Type certification due to allow engineers/FAA on board during certification

· Not many customers want to defer orders

787 : cadence : 2.5 par mois en août et 10 par mois en 2013
787 : pas assez rentable pour les investissements engagé ! (???)

Et pas mal d'autres choses...

Bonne lecture

Whisky Charlie

Actualités de Boeing - Page 3 Empty Re: Actualités de Boeing

Message par Beochien le Mar 27 Avr 2010 - 8:43

Je poste cette méga info Bloomberg sur les activités Boeing, et leurs implications boursières!

Intéressant et à lire pour les courageux, ca part un peu dans tous les sens .... !

-------------------- Les premières lignes de Bloomberg -----------------

Boeing Rally Raises Doubt Dreamliner Justifies Profit Estimate
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By John Lippert and Susanna Ray

April 26 (Bloomberg) -- As Boeing Co. Chief Executive Officer Jim McNerney held court in Airbus SAS’s backyard at the Paris Air Show last June, he made a promise: He told Wall Street analysts he’d be throwing a party in two weeks -- after the 787 Dreamliner’s first test flight.

The plane, which is so radical that its fuselage is formed by wrapping composite-plastic tape around a mold and then baking it, was already two years late for its trial. The delays had crushed Boeing’s credibility and helped drive shares down to $51.44 as the show opened from a record $107.83 in 2007.

The celebration wasn’t to be, Bloomberg Markets magazine reports in its June issue. Back in the U.S., as McNerney was driving home from Waukegan Regional Airport in Illinois, he got a call from Scott Carson, who was then president of Boeing’s commercial aircraft division. Engineers had found separations in layers of plastic where the 787 fuselage meets the wing.

The only option was another delay. News of the postponed flight sent shares tumbling a further 6.5 percent on June 23.

Boeing reinforced the wing joint with titanium, and the Dreamliner flew its much-anticipated three-hour test over Washington state on Dec. 15, almost six months later.

‘Tough Day’

Seated in a Boeing conference room 36 floors above the Chicago River on a blustery March afternoon, McNerney, 60, recalls the June delay.

Whisky Charlie

Actualités de Boeing - Page 3 Empty Re: Actualités de Boeing

Message par Beochien le Mar 27 Avr 2010 - 9:03


Inspections, et ré-inspections, sur les 737 NG ... Un roulement des gouvernes de profondeur qui làche et provoque des vibrations !
Un premier round d'inspections n'a pas été suffisant !
Un 2nd round, serré dans les délais, pour 200 avions, surtout ceux qui volent en ETOPS !
Ca semble assez sérieux !

------------------- Du Seattle PI Extrait ----------

FAA orders new Boeing 737 inspections

The Federal Aviation Administration Monday ordered a new round of inspections for some Boeing 737s after a previously ordered inspection failed to prevent potentially dangerous vibration in the tail.

The directive, which takes effect Thursday, requires new inspections to detect and correct a loose bearing in the aft lug of the elevator tab control mechanism, which could result in unwanted elevator and tab vibration, the FAA said. "Consequent structural failure of the elevator or horizontal stabilizer could result in loss of structural integrity and aircraft control."

The FAA originally ordered inspection attach lugs of elevator control tab mechanisms March 18. Since then, the FAA said, it has received a report of a failure of lugs that were inspected in accordance with the original directive.

Boeing spokeswoman Sandy Angers said that, on April 2, an operator experienced an in-flight vibration event associated with the elevator tab control mechanism issue on a 737 that had gone through the previously mandated inspection.
Airlines must inspect 200 Next-Generation 737 within 12 days -- six days for those that fly extended twin-engine operations (ETOPS) routes. As a precaution, more ETOPs 737s built after this batch must be inspected within 30 days.

Poncho (Admin)
Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Actualités de Boeing - Page 3 Empty Re: Actualités de Boeing

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Mar 27 Avr 2010 - 9:32

Salut Boechien

Y a une section en bas "Accident Sécurité" avec une catégorie "AD"...

Cette news est reprise dans le fil AD Cellule , 737
Actualités de Boeing - Page 3 662529

Y en a partout des fils (plus de 900)... difficile d'avoir un classement efficace


Bonne journée

Whisky Charlie

Actualités de Boeing - Page 3 Empty Re: Actualités de Boeing

Message par Beochien le Mar 27 Avr 2010 - 10:59

Vu !
Merci, et désolé ! Embarassed
Poncho (Admin)
Poncho (Admin)
Whisky Charlie

Actualités de Boeing - Page 3 Empty Re: Actualités de Boeing

Message par Poncho (Admin) le Mar 27 Avr 2010 - 11:26

Aucun problème

Bien au contraire !

Whisky Charlie

Actualités de Boeing - Page 3 Empty Re: Actualités de Boeing

Message par Beochien le Mar 27 Avr 2010 - 12:39

Bonjour !

Ref l'info Bloomberg, postée ce matin !
Je ressort ce paragraphe ...
Significatif, et, si cela s'avère vrai (Pas de l'intox)
Cela permets pas mal de spéculations.

----------------- Extrait de Bloomberg ---------------------


Boeing leaders forgot basic plane-making rules, McNerney says.

“We stretched for volume to respond to a very real Airbus threat,” he says. “The 787 was characterized by making promises to the marketplace before you’d satisfied yourself you had the engineering in bed to get it done. That’s bass- ackwards.”

McNerney is also defending the rest of his lineup. Boeing is redesigning both the 737, the world’s most widely flown plane, and the 777, Boeing’s most profitable jet.

“Airbus is responding to the 787,” he says. “They’ll again be forced to respond to what we do with the 777.”

McNerney will unveil plans for the 777 by March 2011. “You look at the engine,” he says. “You look at the wings.”

Both companies will decide this year whether to offer new engines for their 737-style planes by 2013 to boost fuel efficiency or to introduce a new jet after 2020. Boeing’s preference is to wait, CFO Bell says.

C'est quand même un fort avis, d'une modernisation du 777, qui serait annoncée en 2011 ... pour une EIS peut être de 2015-2016 ... suivez mon regard !

Bon, en extrapolant ... et pour moi .... Boeing ne partira sur une feuille blanche que d'un côté , Big Bi ou Mono ! avec un lancement pour dés qu'ils en terminent avec le gros du 787-9 ! Disons dans 2 Ans !

Donc, J'ai tendance à croire que Boeing ne fera pas grand chose, côté 737 NG/Remotorisation, le minimum syndical peut être, et un effort sur les prix, pendant 2-3 ans, pour maintenir ses clients pressés !
Boeing pourrait bien lancer un nouvel avion, dans cette catégorie, et pour EIS bien avant 2020, 2018 peut être, et en full barrel, mini bi couloir peut être, et avec la meilleure motorisation NG classique possible, mais pas unducted!
Avec l'expérience B787, ils ne devraient pas le louper celui là !

Pure DOP bien sûr, et je le reconnais !
Suis pas visionnaire, ni magicien, désolé !

Le risque de pure intox de Boeing existe quand même, à ce stade !

Whisky Charlie

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Message par Beochien le Jeu 20 Mai 2010 - 18:27

Bon, je la mets ici ...
Encore un résumé Twitterisé, de la conférence de Boeing, pour leurs :
General Aviation Day Chez Boeing !


Par le Seattle PI !

A ouvrir et lire ! C'est un peu en vrac !
Whisky Charlie

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Message par Beochien le Dim 23 Mai 2010 - 13:40

Bonjour !

Au milieu des rumeurs, concernant les projets, et les nouvelles générations à venir, Michelle Dunlop, du Evertt Harald, soulève ces problèmes de Ressources Humaines, à Everett, comme aux Etats Unis, Image détériorée pour cause d'externalisation, manque de vocations, clearance pour les ingénieurs étrangers , et sauts de générations, le tout, devant une vague de retraites qui se profile !

Des inconvénients sérieux, qui peuvent expliquer les déboires du B787, et expliquer le peu d'enthousiasme de Jim Albraugh, à se lancer si vite dans une NG de 737 !

--------------------- L'article du Herald, Extrait -----------------

Brain drain among Boeing's biggest challenges

By Michelle Dunlop, Herald Writer
Will it be enough?

It’s a question that likely goes through the minds of Boeing Co. executives as well as state and local governmental leaders.

Will their efforts to combat the upcoming slew of aerospace worker retirements be enough? Will there be enough engineers and skilled Machinists to design and build the next all-new aircraft?

Over the next decade, the state anticipates a need for 21,000 aerospace workers to replace the tide of Baby Boomers getting ready to retire.

Twenty-two percent of Boeing workers could retire at any moment. They’ve already reached the company’s eligible retirement age of 55.

But the shortage of skilled aerospace workers doesn’t stop with Boeing and Washington state. Nationwide, aerospace companies anticipate a need of 129,350 workers over five years. Over the decade, aerospace giant Lockheed Martin alone said it would need 140,000 workers, according to a study published in late 2008 by the Aerospace Industries Association.

Jim Albaugh, president of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, considers the wave of retirements as “the intellectual disarmament” of this country. “We don’t have enough young people getting interested in math and science,” he said.

Boeing’s challenge is to build the depth and breadth of engineering resources it needs to sustain a variety of aircraft programs. While the company puts its 787-8 and 747-8 Freighter through flight testing this year, Boeing has a lot more on its engineering plate with the 777 and 737 replacement or re-engined jets.

But those opportunities are the ones that will enable Boeing to attract new talent, even if a shortage of workers occurs, said Mike Delaney, vice president for engineering at Boeing Commercial Airplanes.


Chilling effect of economy

The economic downturn has discouraged some aerospace workers from retiring.

Robin Johnston, a composite repair mechanic, has worked at the Boeing Co. for 25 years. Johnston turns 65 this November and plans to retire next year. He’s waiting to turn 65 to retire for the health benefits. But the economy didn’t help matters. The Machinists’ strike, which coincided with the downturn in the economy in 2008, meant Johnston’s Voluntary Investment Plan with Boeing took a hit.

With older workers holding out longer for retirement, aerospace companies aren’t hiring and training young workers, a move that potentially will create an even worse gap in skilled and unskilled workers. The state’s new apprenticeship program can’t find enough companies willing to hire even at the apprentice level.

At Boeing, Johnston worries about having time to bring new workers up to speed. Eight to 10 years ago, experienced Machinists like Johnston were ready to train new employees.

“Now, we really don’t have the time,” Johnson said. “It’s really hard to keep up with your job and train these kids, too.”

The Machinists and Boeing, however, have an apprenticeship program that is managed jointly. The two also coordinate a peer-to-peer mentoring program that is gaining traction on the shop floor.

The economy is taking a toll on the engineering side, too.

The state’s budget crunch meant that last year the University of Washington turned away four out of every 10 qualified engineering students at a time when a shortage of engineers is expected.

During tough economic years like the one the state is experiencing, “sacrifices are going to have to be made. But the last place they should cut funding is education,” Boeing’s Albaugh said.

“Ultimately, what drives an economy is a skilled work force,” he said.

Nationwide, the United States isn’t graduating enough engineers for aerospace, especially given that some projects at companies like Boeing require employees to have security clearance.

Albaugh has changed the company’s recruiting strategy to make hiring new engineering graduates smoother. He believes the company grew complacent in its recruiting.

“We’ve downsized over the years. We forgot how to recruit aggressively,” he said.

But Boeing’s Delaney remains confident the company will find the talent it needs.

“It becomes incumbent on Boeing to become a preferred employer,” he said. “If there are 100 engineering graduates and we need 10, we need to be out there making sure we get the top grads.”

The younger generation

Young people across the nation are either not interested in aerospace careers or don’t have the math and science skills for it. The problem doesn’t just start in college. Only about 8 percent of Washington high school students expressed an interest in engineering as a career when they took the SAT in 2008.

Nationally, “there really isn’t that visionary statement” to get the younger generation interested in engineering and science the way there was when Albaugh was growing up.

“It was hard not to be excited by going to the moon,” he said of the space program.

The lack of interest also could be tied to a bad image of the aerospace industry, according to the Interagency Aerospace Revitalization Task Force. Layoffs, labor strife and outsourcing have tarnished aerospace’s reputation over the years. Eighty percent of aerospace workers who responded to a 2002 study said they wouldn’t encourage their children to pursue careers in the industry.

On the outsourcing subject, Albaugh believes the company has done too much off-loading of engineering. He’s asked Delaney to assess which functions should be pulled back in.

“Once you outsource (a core competency) to someone else, you decide that’s something you aren’t going to compete on,” Delaney said.

Going forward, Boeing will retain engineering in the areas that really give the company an edge, he said.

In all levels of Boeing, from Albaugh to Delaney to Duane Schireman, a human resources director, managers are promoting a better company image.



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Message par Vortex le Dim 23 Mai 2010 - 15:28

Salut Beochien!
Ras le bol de tes copiés-collés.
Je me lève avec les poules. Si si, j'en ai 15. Et à 06:30, j'ai déjà lu la presse anglo-saxonne. Alors, "ta production" et bien...
Il ne faut pas discréditer ce forum par cette médiocrité.
Whisky Charlie

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Message par Beochien le Dim 23 Mai 2010 - 16:03

Dernière édition par Beochien le Lun 24 Mai 2010 - 12:07, édité 4 fois
Whisky Quebec

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Message par macintosh le Dim 23 Mai 2010 - 16:15

Cela fait effectivement quelques années que je lis ici ou là des articles faisant référence à une sous-formation de main d'oeuvre qualifiée aux USA, et plus particulièrement dans le domaine aéronautique. Les ingrédients sont nombreux, avec par exemple, une moindre attractivité de certains secteurs scientifiques et technologiques par rapport à d'autres (secteurs juridiques et financiers par exemple).
Whisky Charlie

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Message par Beochien le Dim 23 Mai 2010 - 16:42

Oui MacIntosh !

j'ai le fils d'un Ami, ingénieur, qui a fait 2 Ans d'université en Chine ..;
Ils forment 1 million d'ingénieurs par an là bas ... Je ne sais pas si ils sont tous au top ..;
Mais il va falloir compter avec ....


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Message par Rasta' le Lun 24 Mai 2010 - 19:15

Salut, les amis

C'est là une sérieuse bombe à retardement: les Chinois forment des milliers d'ingénieurs tandis que chez nous on rabiote de plus en plus sur ce qui n'offre pas de bénéfice à très court terme.

Ils ne sont peut-être pas encore au top, les Chinois mais ils apprennent vite.
Whisky Quebec

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Message par macintosh le Lun 24 Mai 2010 - 20:36


Disons, que nous formons beaucoup d'ingénieurs très qualifiés, mais une grande partie d'entre eux quitte le milieu technique/scientifique/technologique, au profit d'autres secteurs (conseil, finance, banques, assurances, management) mieux valorisés, et mieux rémunérés. Aux USA, la situation est différente, mais aboutit à un même problème.

Concernant la situation chez Boeing, cela fait quelques années que la pyramide des âges actuelles laisse présager de nombreux départs en retraite de personnels qualifiés, et potentiellement difficile à remplacer. Je pense toutefois que le modèle de développement faisant plus de place à des sous traitants (à la 787) peut partiellement réduire ces difficultés (mais en créer d'autres comme nous avons pu le voir).

Je ne sais pas ce qu'il en est chez Airbus ou chez les motoristes.

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